Stampin Up Halloween Cards 2018 (Eclipse Technique)

Halloween is a time filled with lots of tricks
and treats, and today I have a fun little Halloween trick to share with you, a card
making trick. Hi, it’s Lynn Dunn from Stamptastic Designs. Thanks so much for joining me today. In this episode of Stamptastic TV, I will
share three fun Halloween card ideas featuring different variations of the eclipse technique. Not sure what the eclipse technique is? Well, stick around, because you won’t want
to miss this simple and fun card making technique. By the end of this video, you will have three
spooky, fun ways to make Halloween cards with your patterned papers using this eclipse technique. For the latest card making ideas, be sure
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I upload a new video. Learning new techniques can be a lot of fun. If you enjoy learning new card making techniques,
then give me a thumbs up in the comments below. So by now, you are wondering, “What is the
eclipse technique?” This technique enables you to use different
shapes, letters, or numbers to give the appearance of a shadow around your stamped images, or
in this case, around some words that we cut from our spooky designer paper. Let’s talk about the supplies that you will
need to create this card, and to create this effect. First, you will need a 5 1/2 inch by 8 1/2
inch piece of basic black card stock. You will score the 8 1/2 inch side at 4 1/4
inches to create the base of your card. Next, you will cut a 5 1/4 by 4 inch piece
of highland heather cardstock. This is like a light purple cardstock. Next, you will cut a 5 by 3 3/4 inch piece
of the ghost pattern paper from the Toil and Trouble designer series paper pack. Next, you will need some type of ribbon. I am using the 3/8 inch black organdy ribbon. You will also need some type of shape, whether
it’s letters, numbers, or some other shape. In this case, since we’re creating the word
“boo” across the card, I will be using two of the large letter framelets, the B and the
O. We’re going to use the O twice to create the
“boo.” You will also need an embossing machine such
as the Big Shot or the Cuttlebug, whatever embossing machine you have on hand. You will also need a bone folder and a scissors. And that’s it, so let’s get started. Okay, so the first thing we’re going to do
is we’re going to start by cutting out these letters in our designer paper. To do that, you are simply going to take your
embossing machine, whatever embossing machine you have, you’re going to add your cutting
plate, and then you’re going to put your designer paper right on top of the first cutting plate. You’re going to take your dies, so in this
case we’re going to start in the middle. I’m going to put the O right in the middle
where I want it, and then I’m going to put the B directly next to it. I want it up just a little bit so that I have
enough room on the bottom to tie that pretty ribbon once we get the card created. I’m just going to add my other piece on top. Once your letters are exactly the way you
want them, then you just crank this through the machine and it will cut out the letters
for you. And now I’m going to cut the other O. As you
can see, you are limited on the length of the word you can use on a regular size card
front. Typically, it’s four letters or less. That’s probably about all you can get on a
regular 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inch card front. That’s why the “boo” works well on this card. But you can use this eclipse technique to
create cards for any occasion. Leave a comment below and let me know what
words you are going to use when you create an eclipse card. Okay, we’re ready to assemble our card. The first thing we’re going to do is we’re
going to take our designer paper and we are going to adhere it to the purple cardstock. So the next thing we’re going to do is tie
the pretty glittered ribbon around the bottom of the card, and now we will adhere this to
our card front. The last thing we want to do is adhere our
words right back in the center of this negative space. So, you want to make sure, since you are using
two different O’s that you line them up correctly, because you can see, this one lines up with
the pattern on my paper, but if I were to use it here, it doesn’t line up with the other
pattern. So you want to make sure that your letters
are in the correct spots. All we’re going to do is put a few dimensionals
on the back of each of the letters and adhere them right in the negative space. There you go. That’s it. Now, by popping up the letters, you can tell
that we’ve created a little shadow with the word “boo,” and that little shadow is the
eclipse effect. Okay, so let me share a few more card ideas
inspired by the eclipse technique. This is one of my favorite ways to create
an eclipse, because I’m able to create two cards simply by cutting out one word. Let me show you how to do it. So, we’re going to start the same way that
we did before, we’re going to cut the word “boo” right out of our designer paper, just
like I just shared with you. Except you’ll notice here that I have saved
all of the pieces. I’ve saved the word “boo” and I’ve saved each
of the pieces that came from the inside of all the letters. And that’s how I’m going to create two different
cards. The first card that I want to share with you
is this “boo” card. I used these letters to create the “boo” across
the card. Now, the second card actually uses the negative. So this is the negative that we created when
we cut out the word “boo.” You’ll notice that I have these additional
pieces here that were left over from cutting out that word “boo” from this card. So these additional pieces that are left over
are actually the pieces that I adhered right here in the center to create just a little
different type of eclipse card. So now you have some spooktacular Halloween
card ideas that you can make with any patterned papers that you have on hand. You also have learned the fun eclipse technique
that you can use to create cards really for any occasion, not just Halloween. If you enjoyed these projects, be sure to
download the PDF file, which contains a list of all the supplies, measurements, and instructions
to create all three of these spooky, fun cards. You can find the link for the tutorial in
the description below this video. Thanks so much for joining me today. If you enjoyed this video, please let me know
by liking it, sharing it with your friends, and leave a comment below to let me know what
you enjoyed most about the video and the tips shared here today. Have fun getting creative. Take care, and I’ll see you soon.

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  1. The eclipse technique can be use to create cards for any occasion.Let’s start a list of eclipse technique words, 4 letters or less, that we could use on greetings cards. Share your ideas below!

  2. Love the techniques of using the eclipse, the positive with embossed mat, and the negative DSP cutouts!! Thx for sharing!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Another fun cards. Every person would love to receive this card! Not to many supplies which is great. We can make a lot of cards to give away to nursing homes, etc! Thanks for sharing your videos. Many Blessings!

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