Stuff We Love: Briggs & Stratton Q6500 QuietPower Portable Inverter Generator

– Welcome back! Today Josh and I are talking about this big hunking generator right here. – Actually, Mark. – Yes? – This is not that big of a
generator for 6,500 watts. – Actually, you’re right. This isn’t that big because
I have a 55 at home, and now that you mention it, it’s considerably bigger than this. A lot bigger, actually. – Yeah, no, it is. So, this is the Q65. – So, 65, that’s big. – So 6,500 watt generator,
this is the Quiet Power Series of the Briggs and Stratton,
we got an opportunity to test this out on a whole bunch of locations. – Yep. – We build a shed every year. – I didn’t but he did. I
don’t do that kind of work. – Of course. I do. – They don’t let me do any real work. – I let Mark sometimes. So we get an opportunity to test this on a lotta applications, and one of ’em is we build a shed every year. We did it down in another state this year, and we shipped this bad boy down there. This thing powered all
the equipment there. It was really cool. It was really cool to see because this has the inverter in it. – So it’s clean. – Yeah – So it’s got the clean – Yeah so it does the sensitive tech – Right – You know the sensitive tech tablets, ipads, iphones computers – So a regular generator, if
you don’t have an inverter a regular generator the whatever, the waves, it’s really not
– Sine waves power. they call it, it’s not clean energy and if you have to hook
up your smart phone or something to it it can actually damage it. – Yeah – But with an inverter you
don’t have that problem. – Yeah it can run your refrigerator so you can use this thing for a house. – And that’s a good point too because yeah nowadays sometimes people are hooking up their old generators to their house while almost
every appliance in your house has electronics in it. I don’t know if you can buy something without electronics. – Yeah and with all the high
electronics we use these days and these compressors an everything this will not damage it because you can use
this for a back up unit. – Right. Exactly. – Which is really nice. This one is 60% quieter
than your standard generator in this size out there. It’s 30% lighter. This thing is pretty crazy weighted down only 128 pounds. I mean that’s pretty light
– It is. without fuel. – That is pretty cheap,
or cheap, that’s light because I know mine has gotta be 150 I think as least. – At the least – Because I still have a
disc I think that’s blown – They keep fluffing it a little bit. – Because I tried to
throw it in my truck twice and it was not easy. – I was over like helping him. So the other thing is they
use steel on the frame. Which is really nice [Mark] Plastic you mean? – The actual frame body is steel and then they use the
plastic which is really nice. It doesn’t rust, but they
get that light weight down. – It’s rather quieter too. – Yeah, it is quieter. So this runs at 66 decibels at 25%.
– Okay. – So this is suitably a lot better. – I take it this is the handle? – Yep, it’s got a collapsible handle on it which is really nice.
It’s like the luggage run through the airport which
is with the 8 inch castor wheels that they run on it to
get over that rugged terrain which is really nice. This
does not have electric start it has the easy pull on it. It’s one pull maybe two pulls and it starts
– Right. – And it pulls over pretty easy? – Yeah it pulls over beautifully. The thing is that you have to lose the weight somewhere. – Right. – And for me that somewhere – So maybe that’s why it’s a lot less – That’s part of the weight and I would lose electric
start to have that. – Yes. – For a wave band so it does
have the the 120 / 240 volt 30 amp twist socket that
you guys can run in here. It also has four outlets
the 120 20 amps on gfi – Okay so it’s got 20s and 30s? – They’re both 20s – Okay. – When you go to the 30 you got to go – Yeah. – You can do 120 or 240 on
the 30 which is really nice and they also got the USB
ports. Let’s say you’re power does go out in the house, now obviously you don’t
put this I the garage. This is an outdoor generator.
You put it outside. – Right. – But you could at lease
plug in your electronics to keep things going.
Charge your phone whatever. In fact we lost power at Mark, we live sort of by each other. We lost power the other night – Yeah. – And my wife was having a little bit of – He lives on the good side of the street. – My wife was having a little bit of a – Yeah you watched the tree – I watched the tree hit
it. Watched the sparks and I didn’t
– Did you have this at your house? – I didn’t have it with me! I almost thought about coming to get it, but my wife’s phone was at 10%. She’s like oh my gosh
I don’t know, my phone so that would have been
nice to have to charge it. – Sure. – It’s got the LED lights
too which is really cool for the power use. This is something that I really love. – So why would you need to know that? – When you start it the green
light, the light will come on the LED. It’ll let you
know that they unit is running it’s got power and then this
is the percentage 50, 75, 100% This will actually tell you the load. – Right. – So let’s say you’re just running it, says it’s running it’s okay and you plug two items, 3 items and then the 50% comes on. – So if you’re running a big compressor like two compressors or something big – Yeah that’s what you would do – If you’re running appliances. – if the power were out.
I’d be running the TV – Right. [Josh] Let’s just say it had a 50% draw that would let you know that you still have 50% going. If you had a 75% draw you’d have 25% left. – Sure. – Just so that you guys do understand too this is a 65 starting watts. It’s a consistently running
5000 watt generator. It starts up at the, because
everything has a draw on it has a large draw tablesaw, saws, – Compressor. – Compressor. – Any kind of compressor especially. – Fridges anything like that.
It’s got the overload reset so if you do overload it you
can come back out, figure out. – What’s QPT? – So the QPT that’s the
quiet power technology and you actually turn it on and that sort of works
as a variable speed. – Sure – It will actually ramp up and
down with what you’re using – So if there’s very little draw on it, it’s not going to be blasting. – It’s going to stay as low as it can – Right. – As quiet as it can when it runs. – But there’s multiple levels of that? – Yeah. – It’s not just low or – No. – Because mine does low or
high, but it’s just one. It’s like it’s either
like idling or blasting. – Yeah, I know, it’s
got that variable speed so it’ll let you know.
– That’s nice. Very nice. – Yep, so there’s different
stages that it will ramp up to. – Okay. That’s great. – Yeah. – How big’s the tank? – 5 gallon tank, that’s pretty big. – That’s really big – It’s actually bigger than Mark’s Fiesta. Isn’t it? [Mark] Yeah. – Close? [Mark] It’s close. – It’s about what you use in gas in two weeks coming to work. Also it has the 14 hours it’ll actually run 14 hours at 25% load. It’s all you know what I mean. – 14 hours that’s a long time. – Yeah I know. I mean you can
use these things these days because it has the inverter. You can use it for RVs, job sites, food trucks I’ve seen them on. In fact we got a food
truck running around town that has this same exact generator and I talked to her and
she absolutely loves it. Yeah, Briggs did an awesome
job. We got to tour the plant. – Yeah we last It was this summer?
– A couple months ago. Oh yeah it was this summer. – Yeah – Yeah, very impressive.
– Impressive. It was a great tour and they spent a lot I mean talking about the quite
they spent tons of energy. They have this just
huge sound system booth with all the sound room I
guess, sound proof room. – Yeah – We talked to that sound
engineer for like an hour. – Yeah and this things has
state of the art technology they measure at different areas coming from the sound they
measure at different distances. It’s really, really cool we got to see it. [Mark] Briggs has been making engines for about a hundred years pretty much. – Yeah – It might be a hundred years. – Pretty close to your age. – Oh, great. Alright.
We’ll see you next time.

7 thoughts on “Stuff We Love: Briggs & Stratton Q6500 QuietPower Portable Inverter Generator

  1. Wow. Did they ever find two guys who not only interrupt each other but know nothing about generators. "Clean Power"??? Seriously? Sine waves? Because square waves will damage smartphones? OMG I can't stop laughing. Sorry, guys, but your 110VAC square waves will go into the USB charger and be converted to 5VDC which is not a sine wave or a square wave. It won't damage a smartphone. Please… please… stop making stuff up.

  2. Knock knock…Who's there?Interrupting cow…The guy on the left can finish the joke if you don't know it. I hope Briggs and Stratton didn't pay too much for this commercial because it was very hard to watch.

  3. I bought this gen 1 year ago and have not really used it other than to start it every 3 months. I just went out and started it with 1 pull, but when I pushed the choke back in it started to die. then I noticed that gasoline was dripping very fast from the clear tube running down from the carb. is the Choke stuck or what would cause this and How do i correct it? Thanks Keith

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