Swimming technique Tuesday #4 – Streamline

Hello and welcome to Technique Tuesday Tips. Today we will focus on a good streamline. With a good streamline you can swim faster
all of the swimming strokes. New swimmers tend to waste a lot of energy
with unnecessary movements, but with the right body position you can move fast and far with
just a few movements. For example, watch how I almost get to the
middle of the pool with just a push and in just a few seconds. You don’t have to have super strong legs
to do this either. Try pushing from the wall several times. The first do it with your hands locked and
elbows straight. Your biceps should be crushing your ears. Next time, do the same but with a tight core
and glutes. The third time do step one and two plus having
your knees tight and straight and your feet pointing to the wall also tight. If you are thinking, “wait a minute, so
almost every muscle in my body must be tight or what?” Yeah pretty much. Give it a try and let me know how it goes! Here are more videos that could be of interest
to you! See you there! Swim fast!

10 thoughts on “Swimming technique Tuesday #4 – Streamline

  1. Great, video, as always, just one question, do you tighten your core and gluts while still standing or after you are streamline and push off the wall. In the shallows end, its kind of difficult for me to engage my core and gluts

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