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♪ We are on the bleeding edge of technology, there’s no doubt about it. Staying up to date on the latest technology is very important. It’s a constantly moving target. The culture at Sypris is great. We have great teams that work cross functionally. I’m grateful that I do what I do because at the end of the day it helps protect our soldiers. I’m John Walsh, I’m President of Sypris Electronics. Sypris Electronics is in Tampa, Florida. We’ve got a 350,000 foot modern facility. We have about 400 employees there. Sypris Electronics has two value streams. We manufacture electronics that go into all of Americas primary weapon systems. We are a dominant player in the cyber security arena in that we are one of the leading suppliers of type one secure communication products. My name is Jay and I’m Sales Manager for Sypris Electronics. We provide mission critical, electronic, products and services that secure Americas interests. We can help you think of a product, design it better and build it for you and give our customers a competitive advantage in their market. Companies want to partner with us because we help them win more business. My name is Adam, I’m an Information Assurance Engineer. You’ve got all these networks and data bases out there. You’ve got all these places that are storing secure information. You have a lot of challenges in making sure that the entire infrastructure is secure. If you have one hole and you might let the attacker in. My name is Shelli. I’m an Information Assurance Engineer. The best part about working here actually is that it is a small company. Everyone sort of knows each other. We all work hard. At the end of the day, you know that you have done a great job and you can feel proud about that. My name is Chris, I am an Information Systems Security Manager. Another benefit of working in a small company is that I do have multiple jobs. If I was in a bigger company I’m not sure how easy it would be for me to cross train. I’ve been here for a short period of time. I just feel like I have learn so much because there is so much for me to do. My name is Maria. I am the Principal Quality Engineer here at Sypris. Our main goal as a quality department is to ensure that we exceed our customer’s expectations on our products. Lean is when we have a process map and we try to reduce the waste in the process. Six Sigma is a set of tools that we use to reduce the variation in the process to be able to have steady output. The Sypris Enterprise System is our vision for achieving business excellence. And this house is our way to communicate the vision. We create value for stakeholders. We pursue perfection and we respect people and act with integrity. Anytime I have a suggestion or I have a need or I have an idea, management is supportive of considering that and giving you the tools that you need. They’ll provide tuition reimbursement. If you are pursuing a certification. They are willing to pay for your training. The advantage of working in a smaller company allows you to make more of an impact as an individual. It also gives the opportunity to interact with leadership that you wouldn’t have in a larger company. We have a very collaborative open environment. Because we’re small we’re able to react quickly to customer’s needs. It’s a very exciting place to be if you want to be able to contribute in a significant way to the growth of a company. Florida is excellent to live in. You’re close to beaches. You’re close to St. Petersburg, Clearwater. Jet skiing, canoeing, kayaking, campsites, Sea World & Aquatica, Busch Gardens is right across the street. We have no state tax. Taxes are lower living here in Tampa. Sypris is very competitive in the pay that they offer. We know that some the products and services that we do and make here, make sure that America’s interests are secure overseas and that we bring the war fighter home safely.

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  1. How cool is this I make Printed circuit Boards for Sypris Electronics at TTM I will continue to handle them with love lol

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