TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster on Bass: Best Clean Boost Pedal Ever?

fhey everyone today we’re taking a look
at the spark mini by TC electronic the TC electronic spark mini boost is a
sweet level boost for any pedal board you can use it in front of your amp to
send it into overdrive or even just use it as a clean boost for a subtle volume
increase during solos or during certain parts of songs kick it on and off like
any other pedal or just hold your foot down on it for a quick boost what’s
really nice is that it provides up to 20 DB of clean transparent boost into my
ears it actually adds a little nice something to it I might even try this on
vocals one day or something else let’s hear it in action the first sample is
going to be without the boost and you’ll see there’s much less gain when I kick
it in and I got it set at about 12 o’clock you’ll see exactly what it does
check it out okay sighs you could see this paddle
basically does exactly what it says it does and that’s all fine and dandy but I
recently got a comment from “Andyuf2” asking me what exactly is it doing is it
adding anything to the tone hmm so I asked Andy and I said hey would you like
me to make a video about this so what I did was I took my sansamp and I used the
little boost function on it and I made sure that on my DAW
it was coming in exactly the same DB as the spark mini let’s check out the
results now don’t worry
I used a “Loopah” to make sure that I was getting the same exact signal on both
takes I was very surprised to see how transparent the TC electronic Sparkman
really is when you take a look at my spectrum analyzer and you realize that
there really is no difference you’ve got a tip you add to TC electronic for this
one they say it’s transparent and it is in
conclusion if you’re looking for a smart pedal board solution the compact TC
electronic spark mini is just that I hope you enjoyed this video and please
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6 thoughts on “TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster on Bass: Best Clean Boost Pedal Ever?

  1. I use this pedal for guitar and I agree totally with this.  It gives you a volume/level boost but adds some other thing that I can't really put my finger on, a little extra "oomph" !

  2. Hi Philly, can you review the more expensive Bright-Eye by Fire-Eye. It’s the same kind of boost with Spark but double the price. Not sure if it technically does the same thing?

  3. After watching some reviews on this pedal I keep hearing that its being used a lot for solo parts. Can this pedal just be left on?

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