The 2015 J3 Back Hardware Enhancements

In 2007, suppliers, clinicians, and users
came to JAY requesting a new backrest portfolio that could accommodate everyone from highly
active users with low level spinal injuries all the way to those requiring total support.
JAY responded with the J3 Back, a comprehensive backrest system with over 150 different back
shell configurations. But with such an extensive range came the need for an equally flexible
set of hardware options. Our suppliers and clinicians tried them all. They shared their
experiences, their successes, and their feedback, which inspired the design team to create the
2015 Enhanced J3 Back Hardware portfolio. Let’s take a look: The first addition is a lightweight version
of the current 2-point SH hardware. People love the ease with which our current 2-point
SH hardware removes and reattaches to the wheelchair, and they like its extensive adjustability.
But, active users desire lighter weight. So the design team removed non-critical areas
in the adjustment range and optimized the construction materials. The result: the new
super lightweight 2- point RH hardware. The second addition is two-point hardware
similar in strength and rigidity to the current 4-point FS mounting hardware. Our engineers
designed this hardware with longer mounting pins for increased stability and greater load
bearing capacity. They also removed the lower mounting location, making it easier to install,
remove, and reattach the back, and reducing interference with other components. A perfect
solution when navigating the mechanical obstacles often found on tilt and recline wheelchairs
without sacrificing strength. The result: the new 2- point TH hardware. JAY’s 2015 hardware portfolio supports our
standard 2-point SH hardware and our traditional 4-point FS hardware. But it also responds
to the call for lighter weight with adjustability, and a more robust 2-point mounting system
for complex wheelchair configurations. You spoke, we listened. JAY, dedicated to creating Superior Clinical

2 thoughts on “The 2015 J3 Back Hardware Enhancements

  1. My Quickie qm710 was delivered about two weeks ago. The J3 6" deep contour backrest was a factory add-on based on my ATP's provided measurements of me, provided a medical description (I assumed) of 'where' my Back is broken with a herniated disk (lumbar). This injury is a post-injury incident as in 1980 my neck was broken (C4,5,6). My broken Back has developed into the curvature of my spine that is quite obvious. My heart sank when the chair was delivered – wrong footplates, color, backrest, programming issues; the ATP denies such a problem exists. After sharing the Code that flashes upon abrupt stops with Tech Support, I'm confident the hazardous code/ sudden stops will be addressed by Sunrise Medical's Region Representative. It takes a computer programmer, not a hand-held, to correct the problem. I'm very, very happy with the ride comfort and quality of my qm710. The people at Sunrise Medical in Fresno, CA, are working to resolve all issues. This is my 5th Quickie. Because of the quality of their products and excellent Service, I'm certain 'they' will resolve all issues. The vendors who sell their products, no matter how infrequent, must be trained in all aspects on Sunrise Medical products. I was sitting in my '14 C500 Permobil at the wheelchair evaluation. We left the Rehab together where he stated he will not sell me a Permobil because he makes no money through insurance. He recommended 'what' he preferred to sell me; a Quantum or Invacare. I asked if he dealt with Sunrise Medical and he said he'd sold one a few years ago. These Vendor's who seek higher profit margins at the consumers' expense should be dropped by Sunrise Medical and other quality power chair manufacturers.

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