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[REVVING ENGINE] [PHONE RINGING] NIK SARAN: Hi, Matt. How’s it going? MATT FARAH: Good, dude. Well, not good, exactly. We’re doing this tuner show
for the Drive Network, and we’re supposed to film this
Lotus, but it broke, and it needs a motor rebuild. NIK SARAN: Oh, dear. MATT FARAH: And I know
you’ve always got something cool around. I was wondering if you have
anything you’d like to show off on our show? NIK SARAN: Yeah. We actually just finished a 2011
M3 that we supercharged. It’s like the wide body car that
we had that you drove at [INAUDIBLE]. It’s like a standard body but
pretty stealthy looking, and we just finished supercharging
it. MATT FARAH: What kind of
power does it make? NIK SARAN: It’s making a little
more than what we normally make. We normally make around
620 horse. But this thing’s putting
out closer to 700. MATT FARAH: I think we could
probably do that. This is going to be an
interesting episode. Obviously, it kind of came
together last minute. And for those of you who know
the Smoking Tire, I have driven a VF Engineering
supercharged M3 before. The difference between that car
and this car, of course, was the wide-bodied kit. So that car had 345 rear tires
with seven inches wider stance than a stock M3. That made 620 horsepower. This car make 690 horsepower,
and only has 295 rear tires on a stock body. So, basically, more power
and what I will expect is less grip. What is very interesting
about it is– and let me get geeky on
you for a second. The Stillen 370Z that we drove
last week has the same Vortec S3 supercharger, the same KW
coilovers, and the same AP racing brakes that
this car has. So we’re going to actually find
out two things today. Compared to the other
VF M3, how does this handle that much power? And compared to the Stillen
370Z, how does a different car handle the same upgrades? So let’s take if for
a ride, shall we? Maximum shift speed. And let’s see what it does. [REVVING ENGINE] MATT FARAH: M3, as we all
know, is an extremely confident chassis. Nik at VF tends to choose to
modify cars whose chassis outperform the stock engine. So the Gallardos, the R8s, all
feel kind of tame from the factory, if you can
even believe that. And the M3 is no question. NIK SARAN: Typically, we find
that a car such as an M3 has a tremendous chassis so it feels
a little underwhelming. So adding our supercharger
system, which equates to around 30% to 40% more
horsepower, you bring the power up to the level
of the handling. So the car now feels like it’s
alive and it’s awake, where the power and the actual
chassis, the handling, of the car, are on par with
each other. In addition to the VF
Engineering supercharger system, this car has been
modified by EAS in Anaheim. They have added a series of
components to complete the well-roundedness of the car. So they chose to add AP racing
brakes, KW V3 suspension, and an Akrapovic exhaust system. Combined with the supercharger,
the car becomes a complete monster. This particular car dynoed at
approximately 350 horsepower at the wheels. With the supercharger system
and the exhaust, the final output was 575 horsepower
at the wheels. MATT FARAH: 575 at the tires in
this car, 10-second quarter mile is no problem. The turn-ins really good. Every single time I give it gas
out of a corner, though, even in third gear– oops, right
there– the traction control light does come on. As I look over the cliff,
there are about 400 foot drop-offs to your death if you
lose it, so forgive me if I don’t shut that off. The car feels good, though. I mean, it absolutely over
powers the tires. Now, this has Yokohama’s
on it. And frankly, I don’t know how
they performed when they were new, but I know how they’re
performing now, and they are pretty shot. So wheel spin, that’s
pretty much a given. The throttle response
is great, though. It’s immediate, progressive. The boost comes on
the linear way. I like that it doesn’t just kick
you in the ass all the way to the top. You can use the power– whoop. A little loose on the
turn-in there. You can use the power without
it kicking you too hard. Even if it does come a little
loose on you, it does it in a progressive way so you
don’t freak out. Even a regular M3 is fast,
but it’s totally– it’s muted a little bit. This car, on an otherwise stock
engine, all it’s got is an exhaust plus the
supercharger. Leave the internals alone, and
it just wakes it right up. It’s amazing how much seven
pounds of boost can do for a car. This thing– normally the M3 is a total
balanced package, and while this does retain some
of that, it’s also a total freaking animal. NIK SARAN: When a customer adds
a supercharger to their car, they don’t really want
to reduce or affect its smoothness or its usability. So adding a supercharger system
to a car that’s already running really very well
shouldn’t be a negative experience. It should be very positive
in all ways. So it should start
up very smoothly. It should part throttle or full
throttle, just like a stock vehicle, but just only
have a lot more power. A 700 horsepower is a lot of
power for most people. A lot of guys want to know the
power is there, but not necessarily fully exploit
it on an everyday basis. So just having it on tap is
the key thing in most enthusiasts’ mind. MATT FARAH: Dual clutch
transmission, shifted nice and quick. These AP racing brakes
are great. They got really good feel,
great initial bite. Watch. Here we go. Jam on them. Can I get in? Yeah. Whoop. See? The traction control. The speeds you could sustain
on this car. The last time I drove one of
these I was on a track and had a lot more tire. Everything kind of slows
down at the track. Here, on a very tight canyon
road, you really know how fast you can go. How about I shut up for a minute
and let you guys hear one of the best V8 sounds
this side of Italy. [ROARING ENGINE] MATT FARAH: Got a real
nice sound to it. Sounds a lot like the
competition package car we drove on the Smoking Tire– nice low rumble, no drone. NIK SARAN: I’d like to think
this car is a sleeper. It’s like a wolf in
sheep’s clothing. Aside from the wheels and a
slightly modified trunk lid, it looks basically stock, except
when you pop the hood or go side by side with it at
the strip or at the lights. MATT FARAH: Definitely have to
say that VF Engineering has properly tuned this M3 because
it is an animal. It’s been a day of rather
obvious lessons for us. For one, if you have a 700
horsepower M3, I might recommend a sticky
set of tires. Number two, it’s not just how
you tune a car, but which car you choose to tune. Both these cars have very
similar parts, this and the Stillen 370Z. But because I think the M3
is a much better platform overall, this thing
is way faster. And three, VF Engineering’s
awesome. Just because the Lotus we were
supposed to film today broke, and they gave us this with
12 hours notice. So, thank you very much,
and check them out at if you want
a supercharger for your M3. And by the way, for $14,000 for
the supercharger package, I don’t think there’s any other
way to add that much power to this car for
that little money. And we’ve just learned the
chassis can handle it. So until next week,
I’m Matt Farah. Check us out on our other videos
at as well as our writing. And we’ll see you guys next week
on TUNED right here on the Drive Network. All right. Should I go drive some more? Yeah. Yeah, let’s do that. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  2. That is one nice car..minus the sleeper look. I would want other cars to shiver when they look at this beast and not force my hand in proving myself on public roads.

  3. That is one nice car..minus the sleeper look. I would want other cars to shiver when they look at this beast and not force my hand in proving myself on public roads.

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    If you know how to tune and weld you can make more power from turbo (Haltech ECU + Garret T25, a turbo manifold and all the other bits like new injectors costs less than $14k) for less or the same money and you can fine tune it better for power when you need it

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