41 thoughts on “The Automation Effect At Ports Of LA And Long Beach

  1. How come the news story doesn't mention the human impact, the hundreds of family breadwinners who will lose their jobs? Or the trickle down effect on the port community businesses losing all the income from those families? Or that humans doing the same work are almost twice as productive? Or that humans continue to work even in adverse weather conditions? Or that humans can't be hacked and hijacked, or cyber ransomed like one of the major shipping companies was in 2017?

  2. Amazing how you can spin something – another video about this same idea was about making Long Beach greener and more efficient.

  3. Lol. Where are all these union workers gonna go now? The way they treat drivers im glad theyll be gone! At least robots wont have attitudes and actually work!

  4. Of course they get a professor from an elitist bourgeois school like usc, of for and by elitists, to talk about automation. Let’s automate his unskilled position as a useless professor of regurgitated nonsense.

  5. We really need to evaluate whether we want an economy that is for US, or for an elite few. These terminals have always been VERY PROFITABLE, EVEN WHILE PAYING WORKERS A DECEBT WAGE AND BENEFITS. This isn’t about efficiency, human manned terminals are 10x more productive than automated…it’s about greed, pure and simple.

  6. And the problem is that a lot of these people that work at these port, have nothing more than a high school education.

  7. AOC demands the jobs and millions more be eliminated to meet her green new deal standards…and most Democraps running for President agree.
    To name a few.
    Good luck socialists.

  8. It takes of minimum of 3,hours just to get a load on these ports.Since Automated only takes 30 minutes or less to drop and pick up a load.

  9. More people born every minute, over 7 billion. We are losing jobs daily, do the math. Someday something is going to happen, and it will be ugly. No jobs for people, whose left to buy anything? The only winners are the Bezos of the world, while the rest fight and kill each other for what's left.

  10. Anyone else notice that this guy walks in at 00:42… without shoes, only with gray socks on his feet???

    Dude, did you forget to turn on the "Shoes Selector Robot" when you dressed up for this interview XD?

  11. Shameful how people applauding at all these jobs getting cut due to automation, one must realize that your degree won’t make you immune to this , soon they’ll replace surgeons, teachers, bankers, dentists etc… you’re better off saving and starting your own business before it’s too late

  12. Its time ILWU gets out of the ports of LA & LB im a truck driver working at these ports and we get treated like shit by these lazy arrogant union dock workers!!!! So i support 100% automation!!!! It can take up to 9 hrs just to get one load out of the port and dealing with lazy dockworkers, at LBCT which is automated it only takes 30 mins to terminate the empty container and get the loaded one out!!! Its time for a change and 100% automation is the future!!!!!

  13. Long shoremen need to look for other work. Union folks don’t go to school that’s why they go to unions…good luck at learning tech…old dogs can’t learn new tricks easily.

  14. Now you losers can follow your dreams and be full time gangbangers. You get to have back all that welfare that you paid into and complained the entire time about!!

  15. There is a serious issue of every company expecting every other company to provide the consumers with income to spend. What is taught in business school is to be greedy, there is no teaching of responsibility to society. A casino has zero output of product and nothing physical is created that benefits society, it is a mathematical model to strip as much income away from a community as possible, as legally allowable, with no resulting transferable asset having been created from lesser materials into something of higher value. Emotion and misconception of statistical odds, feelings of dependence on luck and chance for a happy life. Thats all it outputs to society. Nice leadership we have.

  16. Well ILWU is worried about losing jobs. I was at LBCT Pier E last night and I saw a lot of roadability techs which are also part of ILWU sitting on their asses playing on their phones and not working. Chassis that needed inspection were just waved through without these lazy fucks even turning their heads to look at them.

  17. You're taking bread off people's table horrible
    . How are these workers are supposed to support their family in this day and age

  18. Its became you sorry no back bone clowns voted YES on the 2002 , 2008 , 2014 , 2018 extension ! Working check to check ..,no backbone you guys killed the union ! Automation was in them contracts

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