The Best Poshmark Automation Tool [Like, Comment, Follow, & Share Automatically for More Sales]

so today I want to bring you a really
really really valuable tool that has helped me increase my Poshmark sales
obviously make more money on the site without investing any more time on my
end personally and that is going to be the best automation tool for Poshmark or
the best park automation tool that I have found out there currently you can
get a free trial for it and it’s super super cheap so we’re not talking about
like any like monthly payments of like 50 to 100 bucks like some of the other
softwares you’re not talking about buying licenses and having to keep you
know buying them over and over again like some of the other software’s out
there and I’ve tested these personally all of them except for two of them so
I’ve tested I think like three of the five that are main out there I wasn’t
even aware of this one until recently so I’m gonna break it all down for you here
and show you exactly how you can utilize this Poshmark automation tool to your
advantage to basically like comment follow and share automatically without
you investing any more time right the tool is gonna do all that for you and
obviously if you’ve sold on Poshmark before you understand that it’s an
e-commerce platform that mainly focuses on clothes and you know i like the flip
clothes and kind of do arbitrage and drop shipping on Poshmark a little bit
to kind of make some excess side money it really doesn’t take a lot of time
investment on my part i let the tool do its work overnight and you know
throughout the day and then in the morning when I come and I go work out
wear all the clothes that I store you know at my parents house in the basement
I literally package them up and I ship them out and then I come back to my
apartment to work right super super easy doesn’t take anymore time investment on
my part and I make some extra money every single month so regardless of
whether you’re taking Poshmark as like a serious business and investing all your
effort into it or if you’re just doing it on the side this tool can help you
and I’m gonna show you how so two of the best ways that I’ve taught in the past
to you know get more likes get more shares get more engagement and get more
sales on your Poshmark closet in your posh mart clothes would obviously be to
would be to you know follow basically on the app and share but it’s really really
easy to say that you have to understand when to follow and when to share and who
to follow and who to share with and at what times into what parties so
basically speaking one of the best ways that you can basically get more eyes on
your content is for me exam for it for example right if you go to my closet a
lot of the stuff that I’m listing is stuff that I either bought
very cheap arbitrage wise or stuffed and I’m listing drop shipping wise now I
sell sold a number of different things I’ve sold like women’s purses I’ve sold
like women’s bathing suits I sold men’s clothes that I have that are the yoke
that I don’t use anymore that I’m just trying to get rid of I’ve also sold
men’s clothes that I know firsthand because I have to have men’s knowledge
because I’m a man and I’ve you know bought men’s clothes in the past I’ve
also bought very very cheap men’s clothes that I know is a really really
good deal and then flip them on Poshmark for a higher profit margin right so
depending on what I’m selling at the current time and you’ll see at the top
of my closet right here we’ve got some men’s clothes that I’m basically pushing
that I have currently some of them are drop ship some of them I already have
and check the next video so – two days from now if you want to learn how to
drop ship on Poshmark i’ll run you through the entire process it’s very
very easy but put simply at the top of my closet right now there’s men’s
clothes right so typically speaking what I would teach to do is you go to a past
party a men’s party right because in a men’s party clearly there’s a lot of men
sharing their clothes right so what you’d want to do to get eyes on your
potential content is you want to share these people’s you know clothing right
because they’re men and what that’s gonna do just like Instagram is it’s
gonna give you a little read on you know news thing up here that says so-and-so
shared your item right and then that person’s gonna come to your closet and
potentially share back the whole idea behind this is to get men to look at
your men’s clothes and then they potentially might be interested they
might like them to you know basically save them for later in case you drop
your price or they might go ahead and be interested in some of your clothes
because obviously they’re men and they’re interested in men’s clothes
right makes a lot of sense the only issue with this is you’d have to go
through and each share manually unless you were willing to pay you know a
hundred bucks for a software that I used to recommend now that software is great
don’t get me wrong but a lot of people don’t have a hundred bucks to spend
every month and the software I’m gonna show you today is only $9.99 a month and
you can get a free 7-day trial and the best part about it is you can just keep
like cycling through the free 7-day trial so stick with me I’m gonna break
the software down for you in a second it’s a very very cool and very very
valuable and I honestly it’s been a revelation this week for me so like I
said the only problem is you’d have to share all these manually to get some
eyes on your content and as you see the the notifications start popping up as
we’ll see that they’re starting to share back right so that’s one of the best
ways to do it now if you have specifically had like you know you know
women’s bathing suits or women’s purses or you know kids clothes or something
like that right then you’d want to go to a party and there’s obviously a lot of
parties or there’s other ways to do it but I’m just teaching you one of the
methods in my in my Poshmark course I go over this in depth and if you guys want
the possum our course or my retail dropshipping course which is basically
100 cent new I created this week it will be both of those will be on my
entrepreneurship Academy the retail dropshipping course should be on there
in like a day or two and the Poshmark one it’s already on there do you guys
want the entrepreneurship Academy it’s linked in the description so like I said
if you’re selling like women’s clothes right well then you’re gonna go to a
women’s party which the best part about it is the majority these other ones that
aren’t men’s parties are all women’s parties because about 80 percent of the
traffic and people that are on Poshmark are women so you could go to instil chic
party you could go to best in jeans party you could go to this one this one
this one whatever if you’re selling kids clothes and that’s at the top of your
closet right or maybe you’re selling a bunch of different things but you’ve
organized the top of your closet to be kids clothes guess what you’re gonna go
to the kids party right then you’re gonna share the kids stuff so that you
can potentially get people that have kids or art because if they are selling
kids clothes generally speaking they have kids and they might be more
inclined and more interested in buying your kids clothes right so that’s what
you’re gonna what you do in the past that’s what I would teach and it works
very very well the only issues you have to invest your time when you have some
down time to you know basically share clothes but not anymore so let’s go to
the google chrome store and it’s a google chrome app and i’ll show you how
to get it right so you’re gonna type in simple posture in the google chrome
store and that’s the app right and then you’re gonna come to the simple posture
and you’re gonna download it now you’ll see here that it says $9.99 a month
which if you know anything about automation and you understand anything
about Poshmark automation you should be able to make $9.99 back with an auto
share Auto like auto follow tool like within your first like couple days if
you have you know listings obviously and if you don’t then you can dropship them
come back to the next video that I’m gonna drop on this actual channel that
will teach you how to drop ship to make money if you don’t have any inventory
right so $9.99 a month is a complete steal the one that I used to recommend
was a dollars a month and that was with like
the truck that was like like the lowest payment it was crazy
also very very worth it but this one does everything that that one does it’s
not as good but it’s almost as good and it’s a tenth of the price so you can get
a free trial for this you see I’m not paying for it right now I have a free
7-day trial and and you can keep cycling through all you need is a different
Google account and then you sign up with a different Google account boom you get
another seven day trial it’s super super easy but what you’re basically gonna do
is let’s let me go to since I have men’s clothes at my party and you’ll see here
the simple posture app is installed I’ve actually downloaded the free trial
and it’s it gives you seven days and then obviously when the seven days up
its gonna start to you know it’s not gonna work and it’s gonna start to tell
you that you need to put your your payment information in right but then
you can just cycle through sign out of your Google account and sign into a new
one and boom you have another seven days so let me demonstrate the power of this
app right I’m gonna go to immense party and like I said in the beginning of this
actual video you typically have to share all these manually right but instead I’m
gonna use the the simple posture to actually demonstrate all the different
capabilities that this has and the best one in my opinion is sharing from
parties to get more eyes and more targeted eyes and more potential
customers that want to buy your stuff to you know see your content and see your
clothing and your listings right now before we’re actually show this for the
people out there that are like and I know that they’re gonna be here and I’m
sure they’ll be down in the comment section for the people out there that
are like oh my god you’re using a Poshmark automation tool that’s against
Terms of Service you know it’s it’s unfair for the people that aren’t using
it stop okay I have no sympathy for that if you know if you it’s just like
anything out there right so if you’re not using utilizing these tools to your
advantage other people are right and you there’s
two types of people out there right there’s the person that that’s gonna get
upset about it and then you know this video is not for you and that’s totally
fine if you’re just kind of doing it on the side but for the people that watch
this channel the majority of them wants to make money online right they’re
interested in e-commerce so they’re interested in marketing or they’re
interested in creating content or online arbitrage or whatever right and I’m here
to give you the best tools and the best methods to make money and take your time
out of the equation and obviously automation is one so if this isn’t for
you maybe this video isn’t for you maybe this channel isn’t for you because this
is what I teach but if it is stick around because I’m gonna show you so
like I said the bed thing about this automation tool is that
Auto is the item share so just like any automation if you know if you’re
familiar with like Instagram automation or any other automation tools you always
want to make it look like you’re you’re a human being right and this does which
is a great part about it all the automations that I’ve ever used
especially for Poshmark have an auto CAPTCHA which if you don’t know what an
auto caption is basically if the website Flags you Poshmark in this specific
example Flags you for potentially being a bot something ticked off their
algorithm and it looks shady then what’s gonna happen is this is gonna
automatically stop and it’s gonna come up with a CAPTCHA and all you have to do
is when you see it you hit yes I’m a human being and then boom you’re done
then once you hit you if you get Auto capsules like that I recommend just
letting just not doin anything for like five to ten minutes then you can go back
to it it’s very very easy to use very very simple and beginner friendly so I’m
gonna do you see the settings I put in here you don’t want to go to like one
second because then it’s gonna be like boom boom boom boom boom boom boom
shared that’s gonna look shady so I would recommend staying on the
conservative side because it’s all about consistency in long term right if you’re
sharing all day long or you know the majority of your day and you’re not
actually physically sharing you’re gonna get a lot more shares than if you tried
to just do it you know manually or you try to you know you kept getting Auto
captured so I’d say say on this conservative side I’m gonna go for
seconds just to kind of show you how how fast it shares and I’ll drop this down
to like 13 seconds to show you how fast it shares and how well it works right
but normally I might even go all the way up to like 21 and like 5 so that’s gonna
basically tell the the app and the the the Chrome extension that share an item
from this party right here and I’m gonna show you how to set that up in a second
every 5 to 21 seconds and that’s gonna share that randomly right and then you
can set the because that then it might share it out like 7 seconds so we’re
like 18 seconds and then like 6 seconds and then like 21 seconds right so it’s
not gonna look like you’re a bot it’s gonna be completely you know masked 4
black of a better word right so I’m gonna drop this down like 4 in like in
like 14 just to kind of show you for this specific thing and usually I’ll go
to like a hundred share like a hundred items and then stop I’d never do share
indefinitely because if you leave it on share indefinitely eventually you’re
gonna get auto caption I what I like to do is I’ll like I’ll set it up to share
a hunter and then I’ll like I’ll go do something and I’ll come back see if it’s
done set it up to share like 80 go do something come back and
Don you’ll have to do this all day long but it’s really really really gonna help
you out because in the past you might have shared like you know 200 things if
you’re really really really on the ball and that’s a lot of time invested
sharing with this you can do it like that and it’s all Otto and I share
probably thousands of things every single you know day now just because
it’s on automation so I’m gonna go like 50 just for the sake of showing you I’m
also gonna hit randomize sharing order and then share to the party right
because we are not shared of the party sorry because we’re not sharing to the
party we’re sharing from the party so share all items on page to party that’s
not what you want to do what you want the only reason you’re gonna do this is
if a party’s currently happening and that’s something I can make a video on
in the future if you guys want to learn more about this let me know down in the
comments section if you want to see more Poshmark videos like this and then I
maybe go through how to actually share the parties automatically and all sorts
of stuff like that but for this specifically all you’re really gonna
have is you’re gonna set up your limit to how many you’re gonna share you’re
gonna set up your numbers here so it looks like you’re you’re a human being
and you’re gonna hit random my sharing order right and then it’s boom just
start and you can see it’s gonna start sharing and then you can go about your
life and go about your business and this is gonna start sharing all the items
here in this party randomly to your followers right and what that’s gonna do
is obviously your you might gain you know you might know a file followers
potentially with you know all the things that you’re sharing but what it’s really
gonna do and the main reason you’re gonna do this right is because every
item that you share here has a person behind it that’s that’s shared that item
to the closet or to the to the party and what you’re doing is you’re really
getting their attention by giving them a notification and then you’re basically
bringing them back to your your potential closet to like share or you
know potentially buy any of your clothing in the future and this has been
the most effective to this date and I’ve been you know probably selling on
Poshmark now for like two years this is the most effective method that I know of
to make sales so I highly recommend that you use this to your advantage you’ll
see as I’m talking about even doing anything and just sharing automatically
but if we stop this for a second this will just continue to go until 50 items
I’m gonna clear the console I want to touch on this is the like I said the
most valuable thing that you can potentially do now you can do this with
your followers as well you don’t have to do it on a party you can do with your
if you go to feed obviously then you’re gonna see all your followers and then
you’re simply going to you know just hit start again and boom it’s gonna start
sharing again as well I’m not gonna sit here and wait for it but that’s really
how much you do or that’s how you do it right so then the next thing that you
can potentially do with this is you can edit share which in my opinion I’m not
really sure why people do this but I guess it’s kind of just a feature that
they built into the service so that it looks more human and basically all edit
share is is if you’re in like your closet right we go to my closet really
fast all edit chair is gonna do is instead of hitting the actual share
button it’s gonna open the thing up first and then it’s gonna share it right
from down here or wherever the share button is right right here and I guess
that that just makes it look more human so I’m not sure why they actually added
it in there but you can do that if you want to be a little bit more on the safe
side then auto follower that basically goes without saying so with on Poshmark
it’s kind of like share for share so you share somebody’s typically speaking the
majority people are gonna share yours back and then you’re gonna share
followers so that your content gets out there to more people or not your content
your your keep wanting to stay content because I’m so used to you know talking
about content then your your closet and your items will get more eyes right then
you auto follow you know basically follow for follow so that’s how you can
gain more followers then you can feed follow so that’s basically going to you
know for feed or home pages you’re going to basically follow people in the feed
and then unfollow them it’s very very helpful because you know like I said
it’s just gonna bring more eyes and kind of give that notification at the top in
the red so it’s gonna bring more eyes to your closet to potentially make more
sales and then your auto commoner I don’t ever recommend and this is
something I touched on in the last software that I recommended you know
you’ve probably been seen it cuz I don’t think I’d be YouTube video on it it’s
just in my past remark course which is also in the entrepreneurship Academy in
the description and you know I never recommend doing commenting either
whether you’re doing automation on Poshmark or automation on Instagram
the reason being I’ve found personally that the algorithms take that more
seriously they don’t necessarily care that much about following they don’t
necessarily care that much about sharing specifically on Poshmark obviously that
helps but the auto comment there’s something about when you comment you
always get captured more frequently and I’ve noticed that on Poshmark and I’ve
noticed that on Instagram automation as well so I hope you guys like this video
this tool is incredible I’m just gonna let it sit here we’ll go back to the men
party and I’ll get a couple more shares in while I’m sitting here ending this
video I hope you guys use this like I said you can keep cycling through
seven-day trials or you can just pay the $9.99 it’s very very cheap and you will
get that return on your investment super super easy so this takes your time out
of the equation it’s gonna like I said Auto share Auto comment auto alike and
auto follow for you without investing your time on Poshmark and that will
ultimately help you make more sales on the app and the website and make more
money so hope you guys like this video give it a like if you do appreciate the
value in it and come back to the next video that I’ll drop in two days from
now it’ll teach you how to drop ship on Poshmark
if you don’t have any inventory so I’ll see you then

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