The Best Study and Learning Technique – The Feynman Technique (animated)

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t
understand it well enough.” The Feynman technique is a mental model named
after Richard Feynman. He was a Nobel Prize winning physicist who
was also called “The Great Explainer” for his ability to explain complex ideas to
others in a simple way. The Feynman technique is designed to help
you learn pretty much learn anything – to understand concepts you don’t really get,
remember stuff you have already learnt, or study more efficiently. The basis of his technique is to explain a
concept in plain, simple language. You can read something and hope that it will
all stick into your brain for future application. Or you can read it and write down what you
just learned, as if you were teaching it to someone else and actually retain it. In other words, implement a more “active”
way of learning, which takes slightly more work, but is very efficient for remembering
information. With this method, you discover all the areas
that need improvement and can go back to focus on those weak points. Once you can explain an idea in simple language,
you have deeply understood it, and will remember it for a long time. Let’s walk through the technique together:
Step 1 Write the name of the concept at the top of
a blank piece of paper. Step 2 Write down an explanation of the concept on
the page in plain English. Pretend you are teaching it to someone else,
for example to a student. Ideally write and speak at the same time just
as a teacher does it at the blackboard. This should highlight what you understand,
but more importantly pinpoint what you don’t quite know. Step 3 Review what you have pinpointed you can’t
explain and repeat step 2. Go back to the source material, re-read, and
re-learn it. Repeat that process until you have explained
the whole topic from start to end. Step 4 If you are using overly wordy or confusing
language try again so you filter the content. Simplify your language, and where possible
use simple analogy. If your explanation ends up being confusing,
you probably don’t understand it well enough and should start again. You should make it so simple a 5 year old
could understand it. That’s it. A simple and powerful technique to ensure
you can rapidly learn and retain new concepts and information. Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed the video
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7 thoughts on “The Best Study and Learning Technique – The Feynman Technique (animated)

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