100 thoughts on “The HABIT Breaking Device | “You Will Never Experience Laziness Again!”

  1. The game on humans has began.danger is real.is about to begin.i feel very sorry for stupid technology that human call it smart.What is more smarter than humans.don't let tech tricks You humans.

  2. AI: Input, Input, Input, Input I Need IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIInnnnnnnnppppppppppuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttt Human Input
    My Brain Is my BRAIN no need for AI Don't fall for the TRICK of the devil, honestly it all balls down to the devil all this AI shit ask Elon Musk and Geordie Rose
    Who is with HUMAN ME?

  3. Your brain is only a transponder, your pineal gland is a transceiver. Everything is frequency and information, those who control the frequency, that is to say control the transmission, and those who can interrupt the signal, distort the information by way of chirality or viruses and then continue the signal to its intended receiver, those individuals will inevitably control the Human Experiment. Those individuals have already convinced most of society on many layers by infiltrating and corrupting the sacred and by disseminating propaganda in, religions, politics, sports, entertainment and the Rockefeller public learning curriculum. The only way to break free of this control matrix is be outside it, to have Gnosis. To do this you must first understand what Aristotle meant when he said "Know thyself".

  4. Sounds like the future slave project to me. Not too far away since money is going digital so now someone can dictate weather or noth you are entitled to spend on what you want or how you want. Or whether you worked enough to earn your living.

  5. Wow. The first sentence was a bomb dropper. Total surveillance. Even within the human brain and body. Scary shit right here!

  6. I suffer from oppressed by the Jewish Oligarchy syndrome.
    I for one WILL NOT enter their herd of cyborgs and accept their chip branding.

  7. So they'll be able to force our worn torn bodies to keep going until it stops functioning at all? Coming soon to a government ruling over you.

  8. How about no! Don't people realize that people have different brain chemistry and neural pathways? Not to mention your cognitive functions will be different from person to person. If your trying to change the behavior that doesn't mach up with the individuals cognitive functions it could do more harm than good.

  9. A hey guys plug into the matrix and become what they want BRAIN DEAD is what this demon possessed woman is tricking you into one of greers agents…

  10. It's really sad to read these responses to a new technology. I reminds me of the flat earthers and witch burners era. Technology is not evil, its just a tool, its people who use it for evil deeds. It's like the dark ages all over again, or did we ever really get out of it? My dream is that we do and become rational beings.

  11. Every benifit not necessary for us to personally have to survive. Many are inate in us already. The people that fund these technologies are the ones that create an environment where we can't function to our full potential. The goal is for other people to have the data for complete control and domination of us all.

  12. You weirdos cant spell basic words let alone comprehend something broken down bite size for your tiny brains. Right now, this is just a self help device, it gives you feedback on your brain, it doesn't control you.

    People have been controlled for a long time, this is just another tool. Is psychology and neuroscience inherently evil, because that's basically what you're saying you frothing plebs. You people don't think for yourselves and that's the evil right there, not satan or the government or whatever. The title is bait.

  13. Like wh they expect everyone to do this. This world and its leaders don't care about us.They will try everything to control us

  14. She said it herself. Our brain has the ability to adapt or we have the ability to change. But we have this ability with out this bullshit technology. These people that control schools intentionally made you stupid so you can be dumb enough to believe you need this technology to be better. This is the kind of shit Nikola Tesla got killed for which is why we hardly know him. He wanted to share free knowledge that would literally help and save resources for much much cheaper cost and still hand free electricity. I wouldn't hand my freedom just to be able to see my brain on screen that is the dumbest shit ever. Only thing this leads to is movies like Aeon flux which hardly anyone knows about. Or the Giver which are both movies showing how one can break this technology. Those are just two off the top of my head but there are several. All talking of this. Just say no and avoid the fucking years of trouble later. Get off your ass and start doing something before someone does it for you. You don't believe. They even show a similar concept in Disney's Wall-e. But you dont really gotta believe till it's too late. Just remember I told you so. I'm out. Have a good one.

  15. The human soul is more dynamic, creative, loving and inspiring than any AI device. We should be concentrating on that rather than this additional method of control over the human species.

  16. Does anyone consider the dark side of all this? This (the sparkly neurological and biometric enhancements) is the candy that the Cabal are offering to the masses to seduce and brainwash them into voluntarily becoming cyborgs. Easily monitored cyborgs. Controllable cyborgs.
    Clearly they don't advertise their ulterior motive, much less the truth, behind this. It is all about control. Has been so for the history of our species.
    Don't take my, or anyones' word for it. Do your own research. Freedom of will is yours.

    Post Script: Oh my God! I just read the comments. People truly are awakening and seeing through the B.S. Bless the ascension! Our ascension. Our birthright. These times are now! Thank my/your/our God/Deity/Messiah/Prophet/Universal Consciousness/Higher Selves/Source Energy for this transition to light, truth and compassion. It is actually happening. Thank you so much. I am so grateful to you all and the Universe.

    Post Script II: I got to 1:25 and had to stop the video there for the racket of my internal B S. alarm! Didn't waste any more time watching the rest of this toxic sales promo.

  17. If YOU don't use it WE lose it. Yet I(eye) will ALWAYS pick it up. There is No THING to fear. WE are everywhere. IN everything and every ONE. Enternal Joy.

  18. So this is what they have been developing from studying mice with wires coming out of their little skulls! Fucking Sick!

  19. Yo in this video basically the lady just explained that we can change anybody brain 😂 what is that mind control 🤔 give mind control to the wrong hands oh wait we already did, "music industry", new to the civilians but true to the government you get it the saying "Im not new to this I'm true to this"🧐😯

  20. "Wear this device and We are in full control of your life. We will make your decisions for you and those We breed you with, and the results of that action. You will enjoy any task We assign to you without complaining. You will work as hard as you can as long as We want without asking for a break. You will eat what ever We feed you, thinking it is the best thing you have ever had to eat. We will decide when you are no longer useful to Us and turn you into food or fertilizer, and use your children the same way. WE ARE YOUR GODS, YOU WILL OBEY US."

  21. Those that do not embrace this evil will not be able to transact in society. They will instantly be like mute neanderthals.

  22. We have the power to change our brains without technology. We do it by thinking for ourselves and learning from each other .weve been doing it for ever. Its worked pretty good . Were at a pivotal point in our evolution. It wasnt until we started comparing ourselves to machines that we started acting like them.

  23. Aaron Russo was correct. They want us chipped. He said they will make it look cool. They will get us to beg for it. RIP oh great whistleblower.

    I am ok with not being a machine.

    I accept my imperfections.

    Thank you.

  24. I have had one of these for years. I believe this is by the same company, Emotiv. Reading the comments it seems like people are confused about its function. It is a biofeedback instrument. It allows you to see the effects of your actions, environment, stimuli, thought processes. The model I have can even be used to control your computer or fly a drone. This is esentially the same as an eeg at the hospital except for it sounds like they have created the software to make the data more easily digestible. You can see real time effects on the brain and make adjustments to your routines to improve yourself. Brainwave entrainment is truly amazing. Biofeedback instruments pose concerns, but it shouldn't be any more concerning than the privacy policies you all blindly agree to. I have made a couple of videos on my YouTube channel using the device to show my real time brain activity during both drawing and playing guitar. Feel free to check out this "evil" device.

  25. This is a precursor to the mark of the beast described in the bible in the book of revelation. Those who accept it will be separated from Yeshua GOD eternally. It is the same as selling your soul except without a chance of Salvation.

  26. No one should ever give up informations about their brain! It's the most personal data we have got. Using technology to make your life easier is one thing, giving up every information you've got is another and it will lead to absolute control over ones body and behaviour by the "government". So no I will not wear a device on my head to just be controlled even more by the government or someone else very powerful. Thanks but really NO THANK YOU!

  27. Interesting. One thing that is left out of this "NWO neural device" is that we as humans are fully capable of utilizing this area of the brain without any unknown computerized system trying to access it unnaturally. It is a matter of this title! "Laziness"! These neural prosthesis systems can be beneficial, but this is not of any benefactor to the general good of humanity right now at all. Your mind is indescribably incredibly powerful past most anyone's wildest thoughts. It's all about if you are personally willing to access it! If you learn to utilize and manage these unscathed cerebral cortexes without any computerized information flooding your natural neurons, you are likely to very impressed with yourself. Think "inside" the box not just "out". Futile Facts. God bless!😇🙏🧠

  28. This video sadly makes my faith in humanity lower – not by it's content though, but due to the comments! Bloody hell, never seen so many stupid comments in one single video. You hillbillies and religious lunatics are so unaware of science that makes me wonder if you have ever gone to school at all! Seems you can't even interpret the video correctly. It's just a tool, folks, used to analyse and optimize your habits, enhancing brain performance to study, reading, exercising and other general everyday tasks. Not even close to a brain implant that will control your silly minds.

  29. NOPE NOPE NOPE Meditation, taking action, exercise, diet, positive affirmations at specific times of the day, etc… but hooking machinery to the brain HELL NO. Also how is that not lazy?

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  31. They don't want people to rest. thanks. The future looks bleak. Technology seems to really have only helped the elite. Around me homeless and deteriorating health … This is the worse it's ever been . It's like the depression. Media and coverage by other dorces don't show how really bad it is.

  32. Human brain is an unexplored and complicated thing.We with a conscious mind are not in a position or in a control of it.

    " Curiosity what will happen if "
    We as human beings are still exploring or replacing the natural things made by the Creator of this Whole.. which is a question to Supreme Creator…. even if we live a million years also we will not be able to find an answer

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