The Joestar family’s “secret technique” (JoJo runs away compilation)

Well, whatever. Anyway we’ll talk when we get out of this predicament. Leave it to me! Do you have a plan? Yeah… A brilliant one. I, Joseph Joestar, have been in a number of situations like this. D-Do you have any backup plans to kill this thing, JoJo? You bet I do! Huh? Really? Yeah, I’ve got one left. Only one? Wh-What is it? I’ve saved the best for last. Look at those legs! They were torn apart. He’s yet to fully regenerate. We can use that. S-So… What’s your final plan? Time to use my legs. How so? TO RUN AWAY! SMOKEY! Move it, you bums! What’s with this guy? Prepare yourself. It must be my immagination. He’s… I can’t believe it… What is he doing? He is running away! I have one last plan! A final plan? Yeah, I save it for last. What is that? J-JoJo… You mean THAT final plan? Listen up! Do it till your last breath! Do what until my last breath? RUN AWAY! I KNEW IT! Yare yare… This thing really doesn’t have a weakness. It could be the most powerful thing ever. How terrifying. But the Kujo family… No. The Joestar family has its own philosophy when it comes to fighting. I still have… Just one strategy left. What? That’s… That’s… To run away! What the hell?

100 thoughts on “The Joestar family’s “secret technique” (JoJo runs away compilation)

  1. Technically rubber soul is the most powerful stand in SC bc he forced Jotaro of all people to run away and think of a legitimate plan unlike when he fought with DIO and simply punching him was a viable strategy

  2. Every anime main character : "i never run away event though i died.'

    JoJo : "Nigerundayoooo"

    If every ways to solve a problem fails, run away and find something to solve this

  3. It would’ve been cool if when giorno stole koichis luggage if he were to say “time for my secret technique” or something, and then run away

  4. Jonathan taught us how to be a gentleman
    Jotaro taught us family is worth dying for
    Joseph taught us to say the n-word and run away

  5. Literally almost every JoJo: Gets up while villain is literally there.
    Villain: Hears movement
    Also Villain: pRoBaBlY mY iMaGinAtIoN

  6. Teacher: "Alright, who would like to present first?"
    *Nobody answers*
    Teacher: "I guess I'll have to call on someone. How about you!"
    *Points at me*

    Me: "NIGERUNDAYO!!!"

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