The Mechanical Mind: Alternative Tool Uses – Tech Tuesday #102

Hey Calvin, you truing that pedal? – Well, not so much. But I am replacing these studs. This is a 6 millimeter internal nipple socket,
these studs need a 6 millimeter, so it works! Sometimes you’ve got to use your mechanical mind. And here’s some things from out of our mind: A headset press can be useful
for keeping a tool engaged on a stubborn bottom bracket
with shallow engagement. A fourth hand tool is also great
for tightening zip ties. An axle vise insert can also hold things
like dropper seat posts. A tabletop scale isn’t just for components
– zero it out and weigh whatever needs weighing! A flat wrench like a cone wrench is useful
for pushing back brake pistons A pre-glued patch can also protect your frame
from being rubbed by housing. If you’re headed for the beach,
a shop inflator can give your lungs a break. It can also help unseat stubborn handlebar grips. In addition to guiding internal housing,
the IR-1.2 can retrieve things like a lost expansion plug. A masterlink pliers can disengage a shoe
from a Crank Bros cleat – Or crack a nut. If you need to step away for a second, a pin spanner
can hold a handlebar wrapping job in place. The jaws of a repair stand can double as a vice, allowing you to hold anything with a tube shape at a comfortable height. Setting up tubeless sealant is easy with a truing stand
thru axle adapter and a repair stand. A piston pad spreader makes for a good staple remover. Did your trip to the beach end in tragedy? No worries – just use a pre-glued patch or for larger rips, a tire boot. The TM-1 can be used to check the tension
on a hacksaw blade – I like to keep the blade at about 5 or 6. A utility pick plus a lighter
equals an ad hoc tack welder, adding a professional touch
to your handlebar wrapping job. Sometimes the bike can be a tool, Truman. The PRS-33 is heavy – let’s use the bikes to move it. And a one and a two and a three: and away we go! Those are some of our alternative uses.
– Let us know some of yours in the comments section. – And remember: sometimes you’ve
got to think out of the box. Thanks Truman.
– See you next time. Thanks for watching. If you enjoy Tech Tuesday, check out our repair help video library, which has detailed guides to a wide variety of common bike maintenance procedures. And of course, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest videos from Park Tool.

72 thoughts on “The Mechanical Mind: Alternative Tool Uses – Tech Tuesday #102

  1. bike. bicycle кто ж так. делает. можно. проще. изоленту. намотать. и нон. проблем. 😨😨😱😱😱

  2. I find an adjustable spanner is good for hitting customers in the head when they don't service their bike in years but expect me to fix it the day before a big race. 😝

  3. I don't do major wheel truing at home but I do glue tubs for CX season. I've never needed a truing stand so the rear end of the bike makes for a handy wheel holder with the wheel mounted externally in the non drive side dropout.

  4. I've used a hex key set with 3 keys together as a Shimano hollowtech preload screw remover. Enabled a stuck chain to be removed from the crank and the ride could continue!

  5. Calvin, removing that grip was an absolute winner. Serving the food was good too. No more for a while now I see, but the new sidekick -Truman – makes nice foil to your sharp edge.

  6. Spoke ruler slots perfectly for safekeeping down the channel side of the upright of most TSs, except the TS-3 and 8.

  7. Bullnose pliers for hollowtech preload adjusters in a pinch. Every tool is a bottle opener. Crownrace puller to pull off seized headset spacers and bearing covers. Rubber end of a cone spanner to undo tight quick releases.

  8. Actually I've used your grease on Squeaky hinges, I've used your cable cutters on electrical cables etc.

  9. That handle bar grip was great i would abuse that knowledge and pow someone in the junk or bum for a good laugh

  10. Thanks for the great insight, knowledge and comedic delivery. When that grip flew off you got me. I am cracking up over here.

  11. attaching QR axles in axle vice. To install 6 bolt rotor, start threading by hand, then spin the wheel counter clockwise while holding the torx wrench into the bolts. Takes like 30 seconds to do each 6 bolt wheel.

  12. An old inner tube tube can be used for lifting a long wooden beam.
    And to hang a shelf on the wall in your home.

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