The Rock is coming back to SmackDown and Twitter is electric: WWE Now

100 thoughts on “The Rock is coming back to SmackDown and Twitter is electric: WWE Now

  1. I truly hope that Vince has some type of tribute to Eddie tonight for the 20th anniversary on Fox. Smackdown was made for the rock but pioneered by Eddie. On top of getting himself mega over, he made so many stars by making them look like a million bucks. If they couldn’t think of anything to fill time with, just put Eddie Guerrero in the ring and he can keep your crowd hot for one minute or one hour. Only stone cold and rock could say that. You owe that man that much Vince.

  2. Hope SmackDown celebrates the return of The Rock by giving him some one on one action..
    And not just giving him a 15 minute long verbal SmackDown
    Who agrees

  3. soooooo lemme guess. he'll be in the opening segment and then he'll just leave and that'll be it lmao we'll see how many people change the channel once his part is over too

  4. brock will become wwe champ and after rock will take vengeance after 17 years and reclaim his wwe champ and be People's Champ as he used to be

  5. I'm confused someone help me understand what I miss? All over YouTube and FB I heard how horrible WWE was and now out of know where they on fox? And they bringing back all these old wrestlers wtf going on…

  6. I'm so mad right now I cant watch smackdown on fox DAM I wish they never change it they should of kept it on usa I cant watch smackdown new channel I have to buy the channel ugh):

  7. the rock is the man his prime 98-2001
    hollywood took his life away haha can't blame the money he is generating!

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