The TRUTH About The HyperX Cloud Stinger Wireless Gaming Headset

wireless gaming gear despite the usually
higher price point and crappy battery life is just so convenient from a desk
cleanliness perspective and better mobility for keyboard mouse and
especially a headset and I feel like the reason why wireless headsets aren’t so
popular is because of price and sound quality and I’ve done the massive
Wireless battle in the past comparing eight headsets most of which were well
over $100 which is why I’m excited to review the HyperX cloud stinger Wireless
a new $99 headset that promises a solid experience it’s compatible PC and ps4
and as usual I will leave all my favorite wireless and wired headsets in
the description below let’s begin after this damn what I provide TX system you
run and this is an ATX machine you mean micrognathia
no no full sized ATX components it’s just a small package it can still
satisfy the Q 500 L by Coolermaster and affordable and the pretty compact
enclosure for all your regular hardware wood perforated exterior and PSU bracket
that shifts up and down flexible side high oh and awesome cable management the
Q 500 L a compact frame with full ATX satisfaction check it out below so the original cloud stinger the wired
version was a $50 headset and doubling the price to an already bare-bones frame
for the wireless version seems a bit steep even if they’re just trying to
create some separation between other HyperX headsets but the cloud flight in
my opinion is still a better product altogether that goes on sale quite often
now the direct competitor here will be the corsair HS70 for $99 or an $89
Logitech G533 that is very plasticky but with fantastic surround sound output
and the SteelSeries octa 7 also fluctuates around the $120 mark that is
worth considering now the frame is identical to the original stinger all
plastic build with metal sized extensions the plastic coating mimics
that of sandblasted aluminum which is nice with this brushed logo texture
instead of being red and the ear cups are similar to what you’ll find on the
cloud flight but with thinner interior fabric they are slightly lighter at 270
grams versus the HS70 or the cloud flight and I’ve always found their
clamping structure to be appropriate or comfortable wear throughout the
entire day although sound isolation isn’t as good as with the flight and
it’s actually quite similar to the HS70 meaning the ear cups are not as soft and
don’t create that super seal around the year and I actually prefer this because
it makes me really uncomfortable not hearing anything while I’m wearing a
headset it still has decent passive isolation but not what you’d find on the
cloud flight I love the ear cup rotation to wear the headset on your neck and
it’s low-profile enough and none of the joints are poking you the volume wheel
is on the right side without any scroll steps instead it’s quite smooth with
good resistance the power button with battery LED status is on the left ear
cup with color-coded flashes to indicate your battery life now HyperX claims 17
hours of playback at 50% volume and I was able to go for around 12 hours
slightly above 50% so it’s not ideal and you’ll have to get into a habit of
recharging this thing every three days depending on how long you gain and you
can still use it while it’s charging but the provided cable is quite short
the USB receiver is the same found on the cloud flight but with a blue
indicator instead of red and stinger Wireless text on the – for
identification and if you travel the receiver fits inside the ear cup like
this and for the wireless range I found no interruptions in my kitchen which is
about 6 meters away with two walls in between some pretty standard stuff as
for the microphone it is non removable but has nice resistance upon rotation
and is also muted when in the upright position in terms of vocal clarity let
me know what you think I feel like it’s got a lot of signal processing going on
the definition of my voice is quite poor it’s got a lot going on on the lower end
and I’m guessing in terms of trying to cancel out me typing on a keyboard but
these are MX browns which are pretty quiet they’re still being picked up yet
the vocal clarity isn’t really benefited that’s for the cloud flight microphone
this one sounds better to me let me know what you think I feel like the whole
lower end isn’t as muddy as on the Stinger Wireless and just definition
overall is better and now in comparison to the coarser HS70 this one sounds
flat in comparison to the other two so because of it I prefer this thing of
Wireless even though it’s very bass heavy and
not as clear I feel like even though the compression on that one is quite heavy
this one just is a bit too flat for my liking and there’s a reference point
among these other gaming microphones here’s what the GSP 500 sounds like I
would consider to be the benchmark for Wired gaming microphones so just so you
can compare what you’re losing on the wireless side unless of course you go
with a mod mic Wireless you can check out that video right over here alright
so I’ve put in some time into competitive csgo with the Stinger
wireless and overall my performance was not any different versus when I game
with the GSP 500 I didn’t notice any artifacts and could pinpoint the exact
direction of players because the sound cues are well-defined the soundstage is
quiet Naruto and element separation for really layered stuff could be better
this is not for csgo but for music listening movies and other games and
especially in the mid-range detail is buried behind the base somewhere it’s
super disappointing and the lack of any driver software means you cannot adjust
your EQ settings it is very powerful output though so volume is not really an
issue but the detail in the mid-range is if you’ve played EFT you know how
hearing steps on word glass or metal is very important to map knowledge and
enemy presence yet with the Stinger wireless they were not as audible to me
as with the HS70 and the overall environment thought just muted to what
I’ve come to expect from my GSP 500 or the HS70 and so the Corsair pair has
sharper treble thus appearing more detailed with much better layered
separation yet still pretty close soundstage to the Stinger Wireless but
the cloud flight has much better texture throughout the entire range and much
more detailed and controlled bass compared to these two pairs and I’m kind
of sad because the sound quality with the stinger is pretty poor it’s muddy
and lacks any mid-range definition it’s almost like listening to a low bandwidth
movie that is streaming online over a really poor connection you know you
expect to hear some definition and it’s just it’s there but you want more
definition and texture in the audio and this thing just does not deliver and for
$99 my recommendation still stands with the corsair HS 70
you’re welcome now I’m going to pause right here because looking in the big
data of user reviews on Amazon for the HS70 iit doesn’t look so hot while
the cloud flight is a bit more expensive but user satisfaction is higher all
right guys I’m Dimitri thanks so much for watching check out this other
relevant content if you’d like subscribe for more and we’ll see you in the next

63 thoughts on “The TRUTH About The HyperX Cloud Stinger Wireless Gaming Headset

  1. I picked up the cloud flight thanks to your review and I couldn't be happier. It's seriously one of the best gaming headsets available right now

  2. Slightly off topic but I wanted to know how the Vertagear triiiger 350 is holding on? I see your still using the chair.

  3. You should test the cooler master mh752. I heard them and they are REALLY nice with nice wide soundstage with nice flat sound response. Also the mic is not bad.
    Personally i went with my Sennheiser HD650 +dac/amp and the modmic wireless since i want the best… to a reasonable price.

  4. I recently purchased the Alienware headset for 179. Sounds just like my wired Astro A40 with mixamp, and thats wireless. Have yet to test it with a wired connection, but it hear its even better. And it matches my Alienware laptop, very happy so far.

  5. Most wireless mics are so bad, thats why most people stay wired, i would definitly choose the cloud alpha instead of this one.

  6. The HS70 are some of the most uncomfortable and painful headsets I have ever warn. Please you have been warned the HS70 are absolutely horrible in terms of comfort

  7. My Cloud Flight on your recommendation over a year now. Best headset wired or wireless Ive ever owned. I got my $176(at time of purchase) out of it for sure. So thank you again.

  8. All I want is an open-back wireless gaming headset. All I want is for it to be better, if not at least on par to my SHP9500. I've been spoiled by open-back headsets, so if someone can make a wireless open-back for under $150, I'd love 'em. Literally just make the SHP9500 wireless for $50 more and I'd buy it. I don't even need a microphone on it to cut costs (even though it seems like most wireless headsets have like a $3 microphone attached to them).

  9. The best part of this video was that ATX case. I didn't realize till the third time seeing the ad that it's an ATX case. Very cool!

  10. Buy audiophile headphones, much better sound at the same or lower price and it really isn’t that hard to add a little mic.

  11. Or you could just forget these "gaming headsets" and spend a bit more on an actual, proper set of headphones and a standalone microphone…

  12. The mic sensitivity is way to low on ps4. Maxed out it picked up my voice every other word. Same with the flight. Do not buy for use with ps4

  13. If you have a big head like me, I wouldn't recommend the cloud flight. I found it to be pretty tight and uncomfortable.

  14. i love my g533 headset, the only thing I changed was the earcups I used the velour pads from my brothers cloud2's on them and it's almost perfect.

  15. Ive had the flights since launch… the right side just went out. Need to buy new ones ..just for gaming. Soooo im going budget this time …50 bucks for the stinger is great (wired) deal.

  16. I actually have these Cloud Stingers and I mean these actually sound pretty good and not at all how he demonstrated. I got them new for $55 on ebay a few weeks ago and so that's also something else. I overall recommend them unless you really need that precise sound stage during gaming. If you need to hear your game and just need an ok mic this headset is worth it.

  17. I really like the stinger and I adjust the bass, treble, etc… with dolby atmos it sounds great but it's for people who have little ears and if you don't sweat it will be ok but after playing for over an hour they got sweaty.

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