This Little Device Tells You What’s Really in the Food You Eat

This is the port district of Tel Aviv. It’s
a popular shopping area, and the perfect place to meet up with Dror Sharon, a former member
of the Air Force, and now the founder of Consumer Physics. The company raised $2.7 million via
a huge Kickstarter campaign so that it could produce a device called the SCiO, which may
soon change the way we shop for groceries. When you think about it, how do you make your
selection today? Grab it and feel how firm it is. So it’s good, but you might want to have
some scientific backing to what you’re doing. Right. The SCiO replaces your grandmother’s squeeze
test – sorry, grandma – to tell you the best cucumber or tomato to pick. In an instant,
it displays the food’s calorie, fat and sugar content. It’s the quickest way to
finding the perfect potato. That’s cool. It’s really cool. And you can actually train yourself I mean this is like some Star Trek S*** right?! A spectrometer usually looks like this. It’s
a big ole hunk of scientific gear that can peer into things and determine their properties.
Rather incredibly, the SCiO shrinks much of the same technology down onto a chip. It zaps
an object with near infrared light, stirs up its molecules and tells a story about the
object. As people go around zapping things with the SCiO, the objects get put into a
database – this then becomes a giant log of all the materials in our world. That sounds all well and good, but how would the SCiO fair against one of mankind’s most mysterious creations. This is the cheese test. Good ole American
Velveeta. The label is 290, here its 300. So it’s almost spot on! What’s the fat
percentage on the label? 23 23 and you’re 25! The SCiO’s value should go well beyond kumquats
and industrialized cheese. It can help farmersdecide when to harvest their crops, it can
detect watered down fuel at shady gas stations, and It can tell real medicines from fake pills. When you think of health care actually, it’s
not about what you’re buying it’s actually tracking your well being over time Ok! and instead of sending stuff to the lab you’ll
actually be able to measure it on yourself. Dror even sees a future for this device in
your bathroom. You can measure teeth, you can measure saliva,
you can measure hair, you can measure urine, you can measure the other thing so there’s
a ton of stuff and people tell us that they’re going to use it for clinical trials. So I’m gonna take my smartphone into the
toilet. Well it’ll probably be inside your toilet
already. Oh right, yea, that make sense.

70 thoughts on “This Little Device Tells You What’s Really in the Food You Eat

  1. Bloomberg, are you sure? This thing is currently NOT on Kickstarter and probably not a tri-corder type of device:

  2. Consider it as a "must do" test of your blood in favor of your insurance. How much you have slept, drunk, smoked, eat etc…so they can increase what you pay for health or car insurance. No cloud please. I want my privacy…

  3. why not just buy a real handheld X-ray spectrometer… not cheap but will tell you the chemical make up off anything..

    they're only about $20k

  4. That's amazing! Is there any way that this device could help to spot the fake or counterfeit foods such as some cheaper fish that is being pushed as a more expensive one? What about scanning for impurities, pollutants and genetic makeup?

  5. This scanner is a total scam. If you are thinking on getting one, think again and do your homework. It is incredible that Bloomberg got into promoting the ridiculous claims of this so called โ€œcompanyโ€. Worthless.

  6. You just got roasted by Thunderf00t ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ for showing your little intellectual capabilities

  7. If this is the level of science reporting, no wonder people are so gullible. Anyone who believes this thing actually works deserves to have their money taken off them.

  8. And this is why I dont trust media anymore. they habe absolutely no clue and did not even care to take the scam down or comment it. thanks Bloomberg. you are real experts

  9. What is the point of it? I could invent something where you select the thing you want to scan and then an led lights up, while the app loads the average nutritional content of that food/thing.

  10. When it comes to new tech there are some people who MUST believe that it
    works, doesn't matter what it might be, if it's new it must work,
    right? I think it's a new form of undiagnosed mental illness.

  11. I got it. nto usable. I was trying to find is spoon silver or not. scanned 100% silver and then different metals. fail. I was trying to find leather belts. scanned 100% leather belts and then other belts. it cant show accurate material graphic.second fail. fail fail after fail.

  12. If you guys want to at least LOOK like a credible news service, you should take down this embarrassing, no, humiliating for you video. "It's a scam!" said Capt Obvious.

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