This PowerBank can charge your LAPTOP! – Teardown

In front of me I have one of the world’s
most powerful power banks. With a full-fledged USB-C charger that can
charge up a laptop. I’ve never torn down a power bank on camera
before. I figured this Anker power bank would be a
good place to start. I’m curious to see what this thing looks
like on the inside. [Intro] Anker sent me this 26,800 milliamp power bank. At 96 watt hours, it just barely sneaks under
the legal 100 watt hour maximum capacity for traveling on airplanes. But what makes this particular power bank
special is the way the power bank charges. Inside the box are two cables: a normal micro
USB charger, and the more important USB-C charger. All phone manufacturers are slowly, over the
past few years, switching over to USB-C style ports for multiple reasons. One of the main reasons is because it allows
for stronger power delivery. USB-C effectively charges your larger electronics
like laptops, or Nintendo gaming Switch systems, much faster than typical USB ports could do. A standard USB port would never have the guts
to charge an entire laptop, but USB-C does. One of the few ports on Apple’s new Mac
Book Pro is the USB-C. So this power bank with its USB-C power delivery system can charge
the Mac Book Pro in just under 3 hours. A Nintendo Switch can charge in about 2 and
a half hours, which is pretty much the same as the Nintendo dock itself and this one’s
portable. And even better, the whole power bank has
that premium feel of metal that we all know and love. One big deal breaker for me in the past was
if a power bank could not charge more than one device at a time. There are 3 ports on this thing, so let’s
see if they can all be utilized at once. Power banks that can only charge one thing
at a time are pretty annoying. So right now I have my clear-backed Galaxy
S8 charging from the USB-C slot, getting that full power delivery system that we talked
about earlier. I have my clear LG G6 getting charged from
one of the normal USB slots – so it is charging normally – just without that power delivery
system. And for the third object I have a pair of
Beats headphones plugged into that second normal USB port. And all three objects are charging at the
exact same time. So that’s pretty efficient and productive
if you’re sitting at an airport with a bunch of dead electronics and not enough outlets
to go around. Remember though, for large electronics like
the Nintendo Switch or laptops that charge with USB-C, you have to use the actual USB-C
port on the power bank because that’s the only form capable of that PD or power delivery
system required to charge those things. So keep in mind that there is literally no
reason for anyone to ever take apart a power bank. There is nothing really to repair inside. But I’ve never opened one on my channel
before and my curiosity usually wins when it comes to tearing down technology. It was pretty difficult popping off the end
caps – the adhesive is pretty strong. There are 4 normal Philips head screws under
each of those end caps holding the guts in place. Same thing on the other side. And finally we can slide the chassis, full
of purple batteries, out of the frame. It’s kind of fun seeing something that most
people never get to see. The interesting part is that these lithium
ion cylinder batteries are the same style of batteries that we’ve seen on electronic
bikes and electronic skateboards…even in Tesla cars. It’s just a ton of these cylinder batteries
wired up together and here we can see those internal rails that the innards slide along. I think that a clear power bank would be pretty
awesome, but that might just be me. I got the button back in place and slide the
batteries back inside of the metal housing, screwed in all of the Phillips head screws,
and then got the plastic face plates over the top of the ports. Having a power bank that can charge multiple
things at once, including laptops and the Nintendo Switch is very convenient. Plus with that 26,800 milliamp hour battery,
I can get around 6 or 7 charges to my Galaxy S8 before needing to find a real outlet. I’ll leave a link in the video description
for this power bank if you want to check out the current pricing or get one of your own. What other electronics would you like to see
me tear down on my channel? Let me know down in the comments. Thanks a ton for watching. I’ll see you around.

100 thoughts on “This PowerBank can charge your LAPTOP! – Teardown

  1. I love this powerbank, and this was a great review. Inspired me to make a review of my own!

  2. The Xiaomi power bank has dual 45W charging which is faster than this however it only has 74wh capacity , the price is pretty dope though at around $30

  3. for ones who need small sized pb (9x6x2 cm) with decent battery, i recommend u to try Acmic P10 Pro. For $14, it has 10000mAh battery, PD in/out-put, and QC 3.0 in/out-put 👍🏼

  4. Feels good when you abuse the new electronics and don't give a fuck.
    Subscribed for watching more tearing of tech, lol.

  5. For the price of this, I can buy 2 addtop 25,000 MaH power banks WITH 4 built in foldable solar charging panels, with a couple bucks to spare. Not worth it for me

  6. “Cylinder batteries” might be my new go to for confusing people shopping for batteries 🔋 yea over there the cylinder batteries… no, the cylinder batteries 🔋

  7. I don’t think it will be better than Zendure power banks especially x6

    You can charge them and charge from them at the same time while most other power banks like Anker don’t give you that.

  8. Hey Jerry,
    When I checked Amazon website for this power bank I see 3 usb ports.
    But yours have 2 usb ports.
    Which one do you think is original?

  9. Please, please, please send this to EEVlog for a proper component level durabuility analysis of the electronics. Even though I am a poor unemployed student, I would gladly pay for the shipping to see that. 🙂

  10. For a moment i though anker was an american company then i realized it was Chinese not only usa makes good things any more.

  11. Zack is it true charging our phones on powerbank would decrease the phone's battery life,l really appreciate if you could explain,thanks.

  12. I love that your branching out on your tear-downs, I also enjoy your no frills, simple and straightforward hardware analysis method as well as your sense of humor!

  13. I only remember the thumb up button when am about to watch any of your videos. Can't wait for tear down for Nokia 6.1

  14. Why do you scratch everything dude? someday try scratching your girlfriend with your 6" then slowly progress to 7" to check if she survives at a level 6" with deeper moans at a level 7" ? 😫😣😖

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  16. I have been trying to get this product at no luck as its not being sold here in my country. Breaks my heart to see it rigged lol as Ive been wishing to have one of these for the longest time. It’s good though to see how the internals look like. 😅

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