Thora Sa Haq Episode 6 | 27th Nov 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

you are misbehaving with me… you are arguing with me …
aunty you can beat me, as much as you want to but I won’t listen a single word, against my parents I won’t ever listen … you are arguing with me… . in front of me …you dare to argue this girl… this girl, is testing my patience Munazzah, I can’t tolerate her increasing clever nature sister in law… please don’t get angry let me bring water you are also a part of that whole matter you are also with them no, no sister in law….
trust me I don’t have any concern with Seher Seher …
I’m not talking about Seher I’m talking about Zamin ….
he is your son he insulted me in front of everyone…
you were also there now you are trying to calm me down, by giving me water why didn’t you tried at that time… when your son, held my hand sister in law … Zamin was just….
it is not without any reason, Ms. Munazzah this all is been done around me, due to some conspiracy at first, your husband & son brought the daughter of that Aijaz Ahmed,
into my house, without my permission then controlled my husband and after that… that witch,
she possessed my daughter also and she has possessed her with so much intensity, that my daughter speaks in her favor in front of me and when my nephew came here, so you all have started planning of his marriage with Seher and when I tried to make that low-class girl, remember her worth then, your son held my hand let, me go and scold Zamin sister in law, don’t get angry anger! just because of that stranger Seher, you all family members have cornered me my daughter argues with me…
Zamin held my hand and you are saying to me, I shall not be angry
I shall not shout I will see, each & everyone I will see everyone, Ms. Munazzah…
I’ll see you all sister in law… what is is my fault in this?
what have I done? what is your fault? I know very well, about the showoff you do…
for being sympathetic & clever nature you are also involved with all of them I know this very well….
you are also involved with all of them go from here… I’m asking you to get out…
leave… Zamin … Zamin, wait Zamin wait…
where are you going? I’m going outside,
because I can’t stay here for even 1 minute Zamin, please don’t go anywhere… we need you Rafay is also very disturbed due to all of this so what shall I do? when Seher has already refused to Rafay, then why did that idiot raised the matter to this level? alright listen… mamma’s mood is also very upset help me, to calm her down Hareem, why your mama doesn’t have control on her anger? there wasn’t any fault of Seher in this she shouldn’t have slapped her I know, I know.. mamma was not right, that’s why I’m saying, don’t go anywhere, we’ll make her understand together huh… Rafay is disturbed
mama’s mood is upset and Seher! you completely forgot her…
you don’t have any concern for her? that poor girl, got into all this trouble without any reason she was refusing you and Rafay she was refusing you since long time was she or not? yes she was ….
I will also convince her let me see first, mamma & Rafay no, Hareem first of all you should go and appease Seher we made that poor girl, criminal … without any reason although, there wasn’t any of her fault in this matter I was also idiot, who came in yours & Rafay’s words but I won’t be a part of all this from today on wards, Hareem you also listen to this, and also make your cousin understand this but please Zamin don’t go anywhere, I’m already in so much tension.. how will I, alone handle everyone here? I don’t know … I’ve to go … Zamin… please… Zamin please don’t go anywhere…
Zamin … Zamin, please I need you you know, what was my intention… at least you don’t get angry with me… please Zamin *door knocks* mamma …. mamma, can I come in? no…. mamma, I want to talk to you why don’t you understand something, for once? I don’t want to talk to you I don’t want to talk to anyone I don’t want to see anyone’s face alright mamma… please relax there shouldn’t be your concern.. if I relax or don’t who are you, to get worried for me? I have said to you, go from here
before my blood pressure gets high mamma … whatever happened there wasn’t any fault of Seher
Seher… Seher… Seher… those people were not even that much concerned for Seher, who died after giving birth to her and left her, on our heads maa… Hareem I’m telling you not to talk to me…
go from here.. misbehaving in front of me you are arguing with me …
aunty what has happened to me… why I’m so concerned about her? shall I call her? I should ask about her condition she wasn’t that important for me that to save her I held aunty Rabia’s hand she won’t forget this, till her last breathe she was mistreating Seher… somebody had to stop her if I had stopped her, then… what’s the big deal don’t know, where Zamin has gone it’s time for dinner, and he hasn’t returned till now shall I call, and ask him? no … I have never called him I should not do, also the way he stopped aunty Rabia’s hand what does it mean? whatever it is… aunty will now,
become my greatest enemy than before I hope she won’t doubt, because of Zamin’s actions if she get to know, that I & Zamin are married (Nikkah is done)… so *phone ringing* Hello! aunty Shamsa hello! how are you daughter Seher? I’m fine…
how are you? I’m fine I was missing you since many days I thought to call you & inquire about you how is Zamin? Umm … he is fine anything got disclosed in front of Zamin’s family members? no … tell me one thing, child go ahead … it’s been a long while, that you are staying with Zamin you must have get to know, that whether he thinks about you as his wife or not does he loves you? don’t know aunty… what do you mean by, don’t know? if somebody started liking someone… started loving someone then, it gets revealed from it’s actions the way, your actions reveal your love for Zamin mine? no.. no aunty I’ve never talked about any such thing with you these matters are not to be discussed I came… and I met you also at that time, I got to know you have accepted Zamin, whole heartedly aunty, let’s talk about something else Zamin is a very nice boy I always just pray to God what do you pray for? I pray…. may Zamin accepts you whole heartedly in the same manner you have accepted him with all heart aunty, nothing is like that me & Zamin even don’t know much about each other you’ll see, that one day God will bless you with so much happiness that, both of you won’t be able to handle them your deceased brother, for sure must be getting punished at the lowest level of hell and while going, he made my home a hell too huh …
it’s wrong this is arrogance and interference in God’s matter and he has died … which means…. that he he is with the God so … let the God, solve his matters oho … I was about to tell you, that because of your niece… a new mess has started I’m worried because of that what is the matter? your daughter, was on the mission to get her married also listen, with whom with Rafay… my nephew now tell me, is she worthy to become the bride of my Rafay really!…
then… and when I tried to scold her… then arguing in front of me Zamin became her protective shield I’m telling you Mr. Iftikhar, quarrels have started in the house, because of this girl Zamin, Hareem and Rafay… everyone is showing sympathy to her you are just telling me the issues do you have any solution or suggestion for this? there is only one solution of this problem and that is… this girl should be get going going from this house be a bit God fearing you are also a mother of a young daughter and how can we get going that girl from this house, in this manner? then, just wait & watch
also remember one thing the structure of your house, will be scattered one day because of your niece then get her married somewhere do you have any proposal in your mind? you leave it … there are one or two guys
let me talk to them and see get her married and then get her going from this house I never thought about this Mr. Iftikar… I will look for a proposal myself, for her how will you get into all this marriage related matters just, leave all this on me alright… as you wish but yes… don’t discuss this with anyone why would I discuss with anyone? do whatever you want to Zamin your cousin has rejected me not only reject she has rejected me, loud & clear I had made you my advocate by rejecting me… it means, she has rejected your advocacy also Rafay, I am very tired now I can’t talk about this matter Zamin … if a lawyer lose it’s case his client also gets insulted along with him a person can say sorry, by putting hand on the shoulder in sympathy Sorry … Zamin, I am unable to tolerate this rejection I’ve decided, that I won’t stay in this house anymore I’m going from this house, for forever Zamin, do you even realize? what you have done? yes,I do realize oppression was being done on her…
and I have stopped that oppression if she is an innocent girl… then who am I? from where do you get in this matter? sister in law, thinks that
I’m involved in all this matter leave aunty… it’s her habit to exaggerate the things don’t worry… everything will be normal in few days it’s just your thinking you have held her hand,
while saving her enemy’s daughter and this action, will remain in her heart for decades this time, she wont get normal so, what could I have done? she was beating Seher
should I have let her beat her does it happen in any respectable family? first of all, this shouldn’t have happened and if this happened because of our nonsense
then you should be happy that your son took a stand, to stop this non-sense oppression … misbehaving idiot
do you feel we are like these people? for God’s sake, mom… I’m not saying this to you even I’m not saying this to aunty…
I’m saying about that situation anyways… it was just a matter, which is over now
why are you repeating it again & again? Zamin, the matter is not over yet…
nor it will get resolve so easily this time what does it mean? you are not only sister in law’s nephew only,
but to be son in law also she has associated her daughter’s future with you your relationship with her is very sensitive I hope she forgets this matter soon, by God’s will and if she didn’t forgets then? I don’t even want to to think about it what!
are you telling me the truth arrangement is made? wow, you have given me a very good news no, no I don’t want to ask any question,
nor I want any guarantee or information yes…
just visit me in 2 to 4 days but do call me before coming yes… alright then ok..
Bye! Hi! mamma I went to do shopping for you only look, how many things I’ve bought for you I don’t want to see anything
nor I want to take anything from you you are still angry with me, on that day’s matter? yes, I am don’t do this mamma
please forgive me the matter is over now the matter is not over
I finished it, by forcing all of you mamma, but Seher was refusing since the beginning
shut up! don’t utter a single word in that girl’s favor alright.. sorry…sorry
please, don’t be angry it’s bad for your heath alright… tell me, did you inquire from your fiance? about what? about that day’s incident he is also angry with me but now, he is alright now what! he got angry with you, why? he was saying, that once Seher had refused then why was I after her I want to make you remember one thing your fiance, works in your father’s office and this house, where he lives along with his parents
is my house and after me, it’s yours I’m unable to understand what you are saying huh … if I do not make Zamin, Waqar & Munazzah realize at all times about this so it’s my supremacy they should be thankful to me & you for this what are you trying to say, mamma? the way your fiance, stood in front of me for that low-class girl you should have get angry with him, should have inquired him… should have make his life a hell and you are saying to me, that he.. himself got angry with you oh, if I shall not mourn on your intelligence,
then what shall I do? mamma, I believe whatever Zamin did that day,
he was right whatever it is… I shouldn’t have forced Seher also you shouldn’t have beaten her do you have any art of a woman? he stood against your mother, because for another girl he got angry with you,
and you didn’t even doubt him a little? doubt! doubt on whom?
on Zamin? no need to discuss this… if not on Zamin,
but at least doubt on that Hyderabadi Girl her mother, trapped Aijaz in the same manner for God’s sake mamma, there is nothing like this this can never happen… I know both of them very well huh .. instead of keeping your eyes & ears open…
if you want me to shut my mouth… then but if in future, if you came to me crying… I’ll close my ears & eyes in the same manner, you are doing it now I won’t ever come to you crying, mamma because I & Zamin .. loves each other a lot we have never doubted each other nor we’ll ever do where are you going? I was fearing for this, and it happened sister in law, has taken this matter to her heart I don’t understand, why Zamin held her hand he should have let her beat Seher at least, there won’t be any doubt in her heart,
which presently she is thinking about oh God… how will her heart gets clear from this matter? I hope Zamin & Hareem’s relationship won’t get affected *door knocks* come in … black coffee, for you but I didn’t asked for it I was making tea for myself so I thought, to make coffee for you also Seher, wait Rafay is a nice boy, then why did you refuse? Umm … don’t you want to move out of this hell? you should have got married to him…
so you could have moved out from here aunty, what I felt is better… I did your better, is not right in the world’s eyes what does it mean? every girl in this world, wants to get married and a girl like you, who doesn’t even have any house or family and it is surprising, to reject a boy like Rafay Umm… let me check in the kitchen,
what is getting prepared for lunch I’m not done yet why you rejected Rafay? do you like, someone else? No, aunty… I don’t like anyone do you want to get married to someone else? so, you don’t want to get married at all? No, … I don’t want to get married let me go & check the kitchen how shall I tell you, aunty I’m your daughter in law Zamin’s wife … I shall not do any delay in Zamin’s & Hareem’s marriage have you gone crazy? that low-class girl rejected you, so you are leaving the house… you are going to leave me? aunty, I was not here to live for my whole life I have to go from here, one day you are my nephew Rafay… my nephew you won’t go anywhere from this house… if somebody has to leave.. so she will leave Seher … Seher, where are you?
come here aunty, please leave…
don’t call her I won’t be able to face her what! you can’t face her… why? you have any guilt in your heart? her status is not that high to reject you these are special tricks of such kind of middle class girls first of all they trap high class guys like you, and then they become innocent Seher… I have been calling you for so long where were you?
didn’t you hear me calling you? Umm… I was with aunty Munazzah stop making stories now apologize to Rafay what! what are you looking at? I have asked you, to apologize to Rafay apologize for what? apologize Seher … else I will… just right now I’m sorry, Rafay don’t showoff your English
just say it in Urdu say it …
say… “Rafay, forgive me” say it … Rafay, forgive me also, listen to me very carefully you are not suitable to get married to Rafay he was my innocent child, who got trapped by you if this matter had even proceeded a bit further, I would have come in between the relationship of you two even if you would have been the last girl in this world… then also then also, I would have never get you married to Rafay in any condition now, get lost…. just go from here aunty, what was the need to say her all this? I wanted to prove you, that in what garbage you have been into you were going to leave this house, because of this girl… you were leaving me you won’t go anywhere if anyone will go from here… so, it’s that girl
have you understood! *door knocks* who is it?
the door is open, come in you … why have you come here? I wanted to return you your sorry in English & in Urdu please go from here has anyone rejected you ever? I don’t want to answer to any of your question…
please go from here I will go but, at least tell me the reason of my rejection for once there is no reason, Rafay there is a reason, but you are not telling me please go from here… before anyone comes you have seen yourself,
that my life is very difficult in this house please don’t make it more difficult,
go from here… please I’m going .. but before leaving I want to tell you one thing I will get to know the reason behind this rejection,
today or tomorrow because, I had loved you I was in love with you truly Zamin … is everything alright, Seher? nothing … were you crying? just like that why like that?
what happened? anything happened in the house? No … has anyone said anything to you? then, what has happened… Seher? tell me nothing has happened, Zamin don’t get worried for me I’m not your responsibility… daughter Seher uncle.. *greetings* are you alright? yes, I’m fine daughter … I’ve heard, that Rafay is leaving this house has he gone? why? I don’t know, uncle please ask from somebody else hi! oh you!…. how are you? you had asked me to bring these movies…
take them thank you so much Zamin…
if you say so, shall I play them? we’ll watch it together no, I’m not in a mood to…
some other time you seem tired I’m very tired alright… where is Rafay…
I can’t see him has he left? No he was about to leave,
but mamma asked him to stay stopped him!.. why? obviously! how can she let Rafay go, because of Seher she came in the full action mode,
when Rafay said that “I’m leaving” action mode… what does it mean? she couldn’t do anything else,
so she called Seher & insulted her a lot you know, I pity her sometimes…. so much maybe, that was the reason I wanted to get her married alright … so, that’s why she was crying in the lawn, outside so, you saw her crying of course! so, she must have told you everything then she hasn’t told me anything…
she doesn’t tell anything.. you know that but, you must have asked her… that why is she crying I did ask she didn’t tell anything to me or to baba oh, uncle was with you… hmm … we were coming from office…
she was sitting in the lawn alright …. alright oh, mamma has given a message for you what! she was saying,
I & Zamin shall spend more time with Rafay take him for outings & for dinners so that, he doesn’t feel himself much alone here alright.. we’ll go some day…. OK come on … you are called elder madam is calling you me? yes.. she is the elder madam…
she is the owner of this house she can say whatever she want, and at any time…
don’t take time… go quickly he is Anwer, same as the one you have asked for if you want, you can get the nikkah (marriage) done..
and let the girl go along with him he doesn’t want any dowry, except for the girl by the way, he is our marriage bureau worker he is responsible to take my three kids to school he is very honest & hard working person he has his own pick up…. he drives it he supplies bread & eggs to the whole city alright… Ok when did your wife died? and how many kids do you have? I have got 4 kids… I have got my eldest daughter married just now.. she is very happy in her house the elder son of mine is of 22 years,
and he is a car mechanic he works in a very big work shop other son is learning AC & fridge work youngest daughter is of 12 years, and goes to school alright… there is no need to tell me about the details of the whole family tell me, when did your wife died? she died recently, one and a half years ago…
by God’s will hmm …. 1.5 years ago … you called me yes.. come look her… Anwer she is the girl, for whom I’ve called you and you also see he is Anwer he has business of his own… an owner of a pick up… earns very well & very honest man and 1.5 years ago, his wife died but, why are you telling me all this? next week, you are getting married to him

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