TOOLS of JAPANESE MANGA Artist【Top 5】feat. “MIKEY”

-I’m careful not to break it
-It won’t break This knife is good for cutting screen tone You carry around weapons like this? it’s NOT a weapon -But this one is the most fun
-What was it again? -Ear Pick? -Ear Pick?
– WRONG -Hello
-Hello There is a Manga Artist here Please introduce yourself I’m MIKEY. Been working in Manga industry for 10 years as an assistant There is quite a unique item on the table -What is this?
-It’s my tools case I see something kinda dangerous -How do you open this?
-Well… First take it off
-Ah I see Which ones do Manga artists use the most? Well, the pen Pen without any ink in it No ink in it Is this a G-pen? Yes, well the name refers to the tip shape. This is “G pen” This goes in the ink? It’s something you dip into the ink What’s so special about this holder? Well, it’s not limited to just this holder, but on this one you can attach tips on both sides Also, you twist it on to attach it With other ones it will gradually come loose Getting looser and looser I didn’t like that since I had to change the holder so I chose this Can you buy this in regular stores? This exact one isn’t sold any more So the ones you see right now are legendary sold out items? Not sure about ‘Legendary’ -but I’m sure similar ones exist
-I see There is always a G pen and Maru Pen If it’s in this shape, won’t your fingers hurt when you insert it? That may just be your own care issues I was probably doing it wrong Should be ok -Just dip it in normally
– Yep Like this What makes G-pen different from Maru-pen? It enables you to draw more varied lines You can draw from the thick to thin but the Maru-pen cannot go thick? It may be a little difficult It’s good for thin sensitive lines How many lines until the ink is gone? It depends whether it is dry or not It’s about to run out…right now More than I thought Can we compare G-pen with the Maru-pen? It’s thin to start with, but it can draw thick lines as well but it’s not meant to be thick, so if you draw thick lines, the pen tip tends to die easily Are the thin lines more for the background? Yes, for the background and maybe for the electric power lines This G-pen seems to have this grip accessory but this one doesn’t There is actually a reason for it On this side, you’re actually suppose to insert a “White pen “, which is to fix mistakes It’s a pen to use for adjustment, so it’s not used as often so you don’t need a grip This side, I will grip all the time so there is a grip -What is this called?
-This thing? Maxon?
Brand called Maxon Is Maxon gone? This exact holder from Maxon is gone but the Maxon as a company exists? Well, I’m not sure about a company’s existence… -Being careful not to break it
-It won’t What is the difference between no.3 and this? This one doesn’t have the back end Oh that’s all -And this one is lighter.
-Ahh, I see -Not so different
-Not so… This is a Maru pen, but you can insert G pen? No, this one Maru Pen only I have it for different purposes As I said, this one is for the G pen and to add the White ink for adjustment and this one is for the background And sometimes when you’re hungry you can do this… What the? Next one is.. Not a pen These are knives Art knife and box cutters Tone cutter! This is a knife just for cutting screen tones? Well…this one is quite famous for being a tone cutter, but… This one is called a art knife, and you can use it many ways but… The reason why I have two is, A friend told me there is a good knife for cutting screen tone to add texture? Yes, to make it vague As a result, the angle of the knife is very important To distinguish that, even people with bad judgement can get away with it So I bought this Is the design and shape to get a good grip? Well, I didn’t exactly design the shape myself There is something similar to this There is a similar one from the same brand so you better watch out when you buy it You manga artists walk around with such
weapons… It’s NOT a weapon… Another box cutter! So 3 box cutters? Well, three but…I just do it with one -What is this for?
-Well, you cut the drawings sometimes You sometimes cut it apart to do the work but for me, I do the tone cutting with this one I just have it as a necessity I see. You have more box cutters than pens I don’t really have it as a weapon… This one you can buy it anywhere? Not really made for Manga? Not really What is this pen called? This is called a Mili-pen from a company called Pigma Basically you draw the squares with this one Basically we usually use the 0.8mm for the squares 0.8mm to 1mm. That’s why I carry this one Can you draw the square? Pretty thin When in drawings, a lot of people use this thickness Places I have been at, that is “Pigma” is the name of the pen, so the company name is probably “Sakura” So one of them will do the job? -Wait, there are some more?
-Yes, but most of them are 0.8mm -Do you use this anywhere else?
-Besides manga frames? I may use it when I want to fill in small spots, but the problem is, when you color over the pencil with this, you still see the pencil line Oh really? so using it after the black filling has been done, drawing it in white Coloring over it so I might just draw over the parts where it is drawn with pencil And the ear pick It’s NOT an ear pick! There is no doubt. This is an ear pick If this is an ear pick, what is that end? Well, I haven’t used one before so I dunno It’s to hold down the tone Hold down to paste I see. This side is for the small one? It’s for parts you have to hold down hard Places you may have cut short or there is a edge and it looks like it may come off That’s what you do with something like this To keep it stuck down And some times ear…
No no no Why are you trying so hard to go to ear pick? I think it definitely started out from a thing like that Do you know what “definitely” means? You never use it for ear picking so it really IS something made for screen tones? You doubtin’ me? So there you have it. I thought you were going to show me only pens, but it turns for pens it’s only these two The pen is only these two Most of these are knives… The way you say knives, they sound like weapons -and this ear pick
-Not an ear pick Not an ear pick You have brought a lot of ink as well Will this be all you need? This ink is from Pilot, ink for drafting There is another one for Shoken, which looks totally alike There are two types, and they are either waterproof or not Adding color after the lines Excuse me, I just laughed because I imagined something… Whaaat? What do you mean waterproof? Drawing in the rain? Wait, wait, wait.. I am about to explain that right now. This one for the drafting one is weak against water and it gets smudged. so NOT for a rainy days… When you add color using Alcohol Marker like COPIC, the ink will get smudged The one for SHOKEN is waterproof so, even if you use a COPIC, it won’t get smudged I see Now, the 5 tools. These are the most popular tools? Well, the standard ones I thought they’d all be G Pens. All G Pens? Surely one is enough I thought that G Pen is the most important so, I thought there would be so many types of G Pen You mean different types of G Pen? but all you need is this? Why do you seem so sad? A lot of box cutters… but this one was the most fun Oh…what was it? -Ear pick -Ear pick
WRONG Well then, you showed us 5 items Thank you very much Thank you! There seem to be even more VERY interesting looking items awaiting Please introduce them to me next time Goodbye -There we are
-Was that ok?

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  1. i just subscribed to tatsuyuki maeda's channel a few days ago and now you're collaborating!?wow!!

  2. Maxon don't produce anymore those holders, it's a shame because they seem really handful and also because i can't find any similar item (either with this type of screwing insert, and with double sides). Do you know any similar holder to these that is stil selled?

  3. The video is a great help. There's one thing I still don't understand about manga is that the scripts are so neat and dynamic, are they drawn by hands or printed on?

  4. I wish there was some way for me to get more english advice for using the Gpen. I have so many issues/confusion over it's function. Like, mine always seems to be scratching, missing lines, and I can never get the line weight on command (i assume that's just a practice thing). I've also seen artists draw in every direction with the pen, but when I do this it cuts into the page or I can't get the same line weight I see artists achieve while drawing up/away from myself.

    I've watched Nebu_Kuro (One Punch Man)'s live streams and that man can work wonders with the Gpen. I'd love to get even 10% of his skill with it but my biggest obstacle right now is I just don't know where to ask for problems I'm having. And because of this I feel like my "practicing" and copying are not developing my skills because I'm so under informed.

  5. where can I get that kind of paper, that's the only issue I'm having!! Type of paper to use 🙂 Great video btw.

  6. I was worried they're gonna knock over the open ink bottle at one point and we'll be treated to a Gintama-type panic attack.

  7. that was a good episode….i had a good laugh before going to bed…thank you for that… really wanted it to be an ear pick, didnt you?

  8. So what does a transer do exactly? I'm trying to look it up on google but it keeps asking me if I meant transfer? I tried to find one on eBay, but I'm having no luck.

  9. does anyone have a brand or know the name of Mikeys roll up pencil holder? i love the oriental design. pls help its so cool

  10. For the one who translated this video to Arabic …
    شكرا على الترجمة الاحترافية خصوصا في المسطحات

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