Tools to Build On

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m Ron Robinson, here in
Dominica for Samaritan’s Purse. We take in young men,
and we teach them basic carpentry skills. [DRILLING] Samaritan’s Purse enrolled me
on this apprenticeship program. We got basic carpentry
entry-level skills to build for
Dominican nationals. So that in itself was
a wonderful experience. It’s a six-week program. We have a graduation
service where we present the apprentices with
a certificate of completion of the program. We also like to
give them a gift– a Bible, some tools–
maybe to help them if they plan a future in construction. That way, they’ll
have a few tools to get started on their own. That’s a very good gesture
of Samaritan’s Purse. And I’ve developed. [HAMMERING] I’m hoping that there’s
more in the future. [MUSIC CONTINUES]

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