Top 3 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020 from Justin Young @ 702 Pros

Hey guys Justin with 7:02 in this video, we’re gonna bring in the new year with the thing a big one because it’s Autonomous here digital marketing times 1000 turbo we’re gonna talk about the top three Digital marketing tips for 2020 let’s get started Nothing nevermind, ok, so the top digital marketing tips for 2020 What is this? Hey you’re back here Trolls, they’re all over the place. Ok. So the top digital marketing tips for 2020 This is a big thing. This is big. This is big guys pull out your pocket book or notepad Or tablet as we are in the 20 Of you in the 20th century 21st Century. I know I know what century right so you got a tablet not a stone tablet But one of those digital ones you probably get a little stylus draw something in there little note maybe a picture All right, so the top digital marketing tips of 2020 2020 drum roll, please What is Live streaming number two is gonna be social stories social stories that are really big and I feel that more people are gonna use the stories instead of going through feeds and then To get interaction on your feet on your social It’s gonna be sparked Get that smart Made it It’s gonna be sparked from the story. So you have a story a lot of use on story You entice a little bit of your feed from the story take that go down into the feed You’re good to go. And the next one. This is a big one and You guys might not ready know these but this is I think this is going to be right now. It’s pretty big I was just reading about 25% of people have speakers smart devices so voice search is gonna be really big and this is really big for local businesses, so Let’s let’s try a little Voice search here. Hey, Google Hey Google, no, serious. What are you doing? Hey Siri, find me local web designers Siri find me local web designers Oh, thank you t-mobile that’s it’s not a local web designer Siri you Know Apple keep going down. You’re going down and by 2025 Oh Steve Jobs gone you guys Yes, you can web designers near me oh Yeah, nice British Chloe, oh there we are 702 press yeah Yeah, yeah, ah Okay, it’s a Siri and let’s see what Google you got two choices with smart phones in the home What does it call home search realm home assistant yeah home assistant real we have realm we have Alexa and we have Google and then Apple probably has one on it. There’s a few of them Eagle it goes up And then we go and a lot of a lot of older people are searching like this That’s please try to get em you Google Find a web designer near me. Something went wrong. Please try again Google doesn’t want to work today. Okay, so whatever Alright so back to those three tips you have these are the top tips of 2020 for digital marketing and I believe they are going to exponentially expand your business either be local local search or a local type of business or national brand software type of thing so we have Let’s go back to that live streaming live streaming your business community what you’re doing day-to-day kind of If you think of it on a business skill you talk about your new products your life streaming stuff you’re bringing your customers into your work environment and you’re letting them see an Inside look on what’s going on like this see that guy Let’s see that guy. This is live streaming. Hey Cameras, ooh monitors Oh hungry people. Mmm Okay All right, okay so live streaming stories for social are gonna be huge so Put a lot of effort in your story but make sure to back up that story with a post and feed and then from your social feed you’re gonna bring your also going to back that up with another Site or your website or your other social account? that’s why they call the web the web because of links connecting you want to connect your Digital sphere like a WoW appeal. So a little power tip for ya Alright, and then number three was Voice search voice search is huge already. And in the next couple years. It’s gonna just keep increasing increasing so you want to put a lot of time and effort into Ranking for voice search terms and if you want to find out more information on voice search so there’s SEO search engine optimization and Essentially what you’re doing with voice search That’s a search engine, but you’re using your voice to search instead of typing and people ask questions with their voice Differently and they’re gonna ask questions with Their when they’re typing so you’re gonna write something differently than you’re going to say it so that’s something you have to think in keep in mind when you’re building your website think of how How people may search it with their voice rather than write typing it out or writing it out So it’s gonna be a little bit different right? I hope this video was helpful. Again. My name is justin with 7:02 coming Yuzhu Nevada, right? This is New Year’s Eve going into 2020. So next time I see you It’ll be the new year. Alright, thanks for watching. See you next time Where are you going? I’m gonna go sneak up the bathroom. Oh But you didn’t stink it up before

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