Top 3 Pro FilmMaker Tools That are ACTUALLY a Great Long Term Investment

– Ugh! The temptation of buying gear whenever something new
comes out, it’s so intense. I’m always just like, oh look
I got a nice camera, cool. Oh, I need this one too. Ah, a new one came out, what? This one’s a full frame, I want that too. And this one’s a pocket. It’s just like, it gets crazy. I literally bought all
this gear here too (laughs) which is funny but also kinda sad. But it’s hard to resist the temptation in this current generation. Everyday I check on
YouTube, it’s like boom! 20 new cameras that came out,
that are all epic-ly awesome. I just wanna like buy everything. It’s just really hard. And I always go, “Oh, I’m a
film maker, so I can buy it. “It’s an investment.” But really I just buy it, and
then I use it for a little bit and I shelf it, collects dust. And I’m like, well I spent a lot of money to use it four times. And looking back at the last 11 years of making films and videos professionally, there are three things that
I’m really glad I bought, and they actually turned
out to be good investments. And when I say good investments, I mean, I put an x amount of dollars
in and over the course of time it paid itself off and then
started becoming a profit. So now whenever I take it on a job, I usually bill a little fee
for it and that’s all profit. And if you can keep making
those smart investments, you’ll be cruising! Let’s be real all professional
great photo, video gear is expensive, but it’s
expensive for a reason. They have good longevity,
they’re meant to be used daily. They’re not gonna break on you after you take it on a couple shoots. And I think the best pieces of gear are things that I use on a regular basis. Not just very specific
shoots, but all shoots. Whether it’s a small
production, or a big production. I wanna be able to use
this gear on everything. I want it to be durable, and
I want it to last a long time. And I want it to be useful! Most people say, “The best longterm investment
you can make are lenses,” which I agree with them
to a certain extent. I’ve used some lenses that
are like 15 years old, and they’re working flawlessly. And they don’t really depreciate, they hold their value very, very well. So, you can get one, use it for five years and then sell it. There’s still a large
demand for popular lenses even if they’re used. So they’re definitely great investments, but I’m not gonna include
this in the top three simply because there’s
so many different mounts and so many different type of lenses. Sometimes you want a zoom lens
that covers an APSC sensor. Sometimes you want a full
frame sensor that’s auto focus. You want a fully manual lens,
maybe something compact. Depending on what you’re shooting and the size of the production, needs are gonna constantly change. And I wanna focus on things that you can buy outright, right now. And then in 10 years
you’ll look back on it and you’ll be like, “Wow! I’m still using this
thing and it’s awesome.” Anyways, have I given enough hints to what the three best investments are? I’m talking about things
that’s gonna last a long time. You’re gonna be using
it on a regular basis. You’re gonna be able to use
it on small and big shoots. And in 10 years down the line it’s not gonna be an obsolete item. Like you buy a Go Pro,
two years down the line you’re like, “Oh man, this is so old now.” So you guys should leave
a comment letting me know what you guys think this top three is. – Okay, you guys ready
for number one? (laughs) What are you doing back there? (laughs) This guy right here and
underneath this dead cat is the Sennheiser 416. It’s become kind of a industry standard, and it’s one of the most
popular boom mics out there. It’s around $1,000 bucks. This is one of the cleanest
ways to record sound. And we have a 416 that’s over 10 years old and it’s running solid. We always try to run this
in addition to a Lavalier and a few other audio tracks. But as much as possible, we try to use this as our primary source because it’s the cleanest. With a boom pole, I could
hang this over somebody and it’s gonna pick them up and isolate them in a nice little pocket. Perfect timing! As soon as we’re like, “Hey
let’s record some sound”, Some guy with a lawnmower that’s way louder than it should be, I’ve never heard a lawnmower that loud. – That’s actually one of our competitors. Hi everybody I’m Steve. We’re
doing a microphone test. – We once had this Audio Technica, I forget the exact model
number and all of the sudden, the high frequency stopped being recorded or something like that,
and needed to be serviced. We once needed to do a set up where we needed two microphones. So we tried to get a cheaper option which was the Sennheiser
ME-66 or something like that. It worked for a few years, and then it just stopped
working on us entirely. And it was just like ah, well. Shoulda just gotten another 416. I don’t really know
much about microphones, but I know people that
are experts with sound and they say the 416’s
great so I trust them. Steve do some ASMR for us. – Who? – ASMR. – ASMR? – You take quiet things and
you like make sounds like (hand rubbing on shirt) (hand rubbing and slapping the face) (pinching cheeks) Next up is our Red
camera, I’m just kidding. These things have a shelf life
of a fraying iPhone charger. But really what’s awesome is
right down here, this tripod. This is a Sachtler FSB8 which
has a 75 millimeter head. And down here is the
Flowtech 75 which is new. I’ve had this tripod head for over 5 years and it still runs great. Now I’ve seen Sachtler tripods
that are like 20 years old. So these last a really long time. And this Flowtech 75,
they’re relatively new but they’re awesome. And once you work with a proper tripod there’s no going back. I love the FSB8 because it’s
the best performing tripod head that they make, that’s a 75 millimeter. Meaning it’s compact, it’s not heavy, it’s not hard to lug around. I could put a small DSLR on here and I could also put
much, much heavier rigs on here as well. I ran an Arri Alexa on this a couple times and it is on the higher end
limit of this tripod head but I still felt fairly comfortable. Any bigger than that set up
then you’d probably wanna go to a 100 millimeter tripod which is awesome, but then you have this giant
tripod and it’s not something you wanna travel all the time with or carry on your shoulder for long hikes. One of the things I always
hated was trying to take your base plate and trying
to slide it into your tripod. Trying to get it to fit in just right. You just drop it in and it
clicks in and it’s secured, and then you just tighten it down, and you can balance it out by
sliding it forward and back, so this is the one I
recommend to most people. Oh man, we’re losing this light fast. 10,000 ISO, thank God for
good low light performance on these cameras now. You can adjust the pan and
tilt tension very easily and it has a counterbalance system, so you can point the camera
at whatever and let go and it sits there, it
doesn’t dip over like this. I think we all have those times where we had a camera on a tripod, and then they just slowly
started tipping over and then tipping over. The counterbalance on this is awesome. Wherever you put the
camera, it stays there. And it’s also very very
fluid and controllable. You can really tell the difference between a professional grade and something that’s a little
more of a prosumer buy. Just putting on a super tight angle lens, and just do a real smooth
pan coming to a stop and then kind of going back the other way and this can do it so perfectly smooth. With the prosumer tripods, sometimes you have that
little bit of dead space, little bit of slop where that space where it kinda wiggles before the tension really starts to pick up. It really becomes more noticeable once you start putting on tighter lenses. That light disappeared so
fast it’s now 25,600 ISO. Now these legs, the flowtech 75, has only been out for a year or two so it’s hard to say if it’s gonna last as long as the tripod head. But we’ve all been through that time where you have this heavy camera, and you’re tired and sweaty, you’re unlatching every
little leg to kinda adjust it and it’s kinda awkward and uncomfortable. But what’s awesome about this tripod is that there’s three levers right here and they’re super easy to release. You could adjust the
height just like that. And this releases all legs so you can get it all the way up high. And you could also bring
it all the way down low with just one lever per leg and
then you just find your spot and then you just lock it back in. It’s awesome! Once you use these legs, you’ll
never be able to go back. But to make sure you make the most life out of your Sachtler tripod, they do have some recommendations on storage or transportation. They say take your tilt
and pan tension level and put it all the way up to max so it’s not locked but it’s tight. And then take your counterbalance
and max that out as well but do not lock it. These levers are to lock the tilt and pan. Keep those loose so that
it can move if forced. But it’s tight and they
recommend that to give you the longest life expectancy
out of one of these heads. Now, this final piece
is what I consider to be one of the most crucial
but underrated items. Especially if you have clients
that come on set with you, and that is not these monitors, although monitors are necessary. But really, the wireless video feed. Both these monitors
right now are being fed from this Teradek Bolt 1000 XT that I have plugged into
my Canon 80D right now. If you’re seeing a little bit of latency, you’re probably seeing it from the monitor because the Teradek itself
transmit with less than one millisecond of latency. But now in hindsight, I wish I invested in a good set of Teradeks way long ago because when you’re
doing work with clients, really, what makes a difference between if they call you back or not is how they see the production
from their perspective. And from a client’s perspective, they don’t really notice the difference between $1000 dollar lens
and a $10,000 dollar lens. But I guarantee you, when
you hand a client a monitor with a wireless feed, they’re always like, “Holy crap, this is awesome!” So to their eyes, it is
a way better experience than just kinda looking
over your shoulder, trying to see what you’re shooting. And I really think that
significantly increases your odds of getting a call back from that client. And when it comes to video transmission, I’d say Teradek, hands down, way to go. It’s the industry standard
and they last forever. And the beauty of it is
that they’re gonna last multiple cycles of your camera. Right now, I have it hooked up
through HDMI to my Canon 80D. So this is actually the receiver here. This is the transmitter here that I have hooked up to this camera. This is the receiver over here. This specific one is a 1000
foot range which I like to have especially since we like to do
some vehicle work sometimes. Sometimes we´re pulling focus off a different vehicle
that we´re shooting in. But you could get them bigger or smaller depending on your needs. They come in a couple of different ranges, 500, 1,000 3000. And the Teradek is something we take on pretty much every shoot
if there’s clients around. Or if we have a camera
op doing a shoot for us and we’re just there monitoring. It’s so useful on every shoot so you might as well just
leave it in your kit. And this specific XT has SDI and HDMI so it’s awesome that you
don’t have to worry about converting HDMI to SDI or SDI to HDMI. You could plug in pretty much
any camera into the Teradek and the Teradek has two SDI
outs and one HDMI out as well. No matter what kinda monitor you have on the other side, it’s gonna work. You don’t have to worry
about converting the signal and all that crap. And remember, on set,
there’s a lot of things that only take a minute or
two to fix but then imposed, it can end up being days and days of work or even a reissue because you didn’t catch a simple little thing. Maybe it’s hair and make
up that you’re not even paying attention to, the actress has a huge weird strand of hair
coming down the front and someone on the other
side of the monitor goes “Hey, we should probably fix that” cos you’re too focused on
composition and aligning all that stuff. More eyes on the monitors
are always gonna be useful because you’re so zoned
in on one specific thing. If you’re oping the camera,
you’re focused on composition, making sure your focus is perfect. And all of this stuff that sometimes these little
weird things slip past you. When you have people on the
other side monitoring your work, then you’re much less likely
to get (bleep) up later. So there you go. If I was just restarting
at my career right now, the three things I would’ve
invested in right away, good audio, Sennheiser 416, good tripod, which I love my Sachtler FSB8 with Flowtech 75 legs, and a Teradek Bolt wireless system. And these three things are not things that are just gonna sit on your
shelf and never get touched. Unlike all this stuff that’s
sitting on this shelf and yeah. See all of that stuff back
there, it’s all under exposed. Alright, it’s time to read some
comments from my last video which is all about this
little beast right here, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 4K. Let’s see what you guys had to say. Bart says “I’d love to see the
Blackmagic versus Red Image “quality side by side.” Alright, I’ll get started on that video. Red versus Blackmagic, let’s do it. Michael says “That Looney
Tunes intro can’t compete “with your intro in this video.” That actually must be the intro
that I’m most proud of ever (laughs) (rips through paper) Matti says “Can you bring it
over so I can review it too? “Thanks, I’ll be waiting.” Yep, Matti just let me know
whenever I can come over. I love Toronto. “Hey potato dude, can you
please make your content faster? “I really wanna learn more and
I’ve watched all your videos “twice, some three or four
times. I want more knowledge.” Man, making content fast is so difficult. I was trying to make sure I
at least do two videos a week and even that is just like, I’m dying. I think a lot of it just comes down to my lack of organization. Have you noticed this video started when I was living at my old apartment cos I shot that like a
month and a half ago. And then I was just looking
through my hard drive and I was like “Oh wait, this
video is pretty much done, “I just have to film the
last scene and post it.” So, now I’m just circling
back to old stuff– my brain is a madhouse. “Please take me in the next shout out.” Alright, there you go, congratulations. “You just broke that yellow
backdrop Russell.” (laughs) Luckily these rolls come
in like 36 foot rolls. Edward says “Happy new year!
Hope you have a good new years “cos I don’t have.” That’s the saddest comment I’ve ever read. “Nice abs, bro.” You know, that’s the kinda abs you get when you work out constantly
three times a week on a regular schedule and eat healthy. Or learn how to use Photoshop. JohnyTechReview says “Your
endings are the best– Abrupt.” What are you talking ab–

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