Top 5 ESSENTIAL Skin Care Tools YOU NEED!

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video where I’m going to share with you my top 5 skincare tools of my top 5
skincare accessories that I use every single day to get beautiful glowing
flawless skin because honestly sometimes your hands it can only take you so far
they can’t maximize cleansing maximize absorption of serums lotions potions but
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dive right into today’s video my top 5 beauty tools my top 5 facial accessories
to get beautiful glowing healthy skin let’s do it alright guys I know that
choosing the right beauty tools can be so overwhelming because it’s just a
simple google online there is like tons of beauty accessories out there a lot of
them are garbage but some of them are definitely necessary and I’m surrounded
by all of my favorite beauty tools right now the first one we’re gonna talk about
is a derma roller and guys if you are not derma rolling get your life together
a derma roller is so important this is the derma roller pipe vanish if this
contains titanium and needles now this sounds so scary I’ve actually done an
entire video on derma rolling I’ll link that down below derma rolling creates
tiny punctures and little holes in the skin that really helped to build
collagen elastin the way you can think about it is this little guy damages your
skin on a microscopic level so while yes your skin does go through a little bit
of trauma it’s that healing process that
regeneration process that really brings your skin back to life this derma roller
by banish’d is my favorite derma roller that I have found so far guys and I have
tried a lot of different derma rollers as you can see here I’m just sweeping
the derma roller along the face and it’s creating all of those tiny holes they’re
gonna help to stimulate the collagen produce that elastin really give you
that snatched a youthful face no I’ve been derma rolling about full-time for 3
years now derma rolling I cannot swear by enough
guys creating those little tiny micro tears in the skin also allow serums to
penetrate a lot deeper so if you’re using something like vitamin C to really
brighten whiten and illuminate the skin using a derma roller before it really
helps that serum penetrate deep to get maximum benefits and that’s what we are
all about guys maximum benefits so what derma roller is good at helping clear
acne acne scars stretch marks fine lines wrinkles creating elastin
producing collagen I mean do I need to tell you another reason to pick up a
derma roller the next Beauty tool I’m going to talk about is one of my
all-time favorites this works amazing for applying serums snatching the skin
at toning tightening the skin and that is a facial roller so I’ve got two of my
favorite facial rollers here guys this one is made of pure Jade it is so
cooling calming and relaxing and this big facial roller here is by banished
and this one guys is made of stainless steel and this feels so smooth and cool on this skin it feels so relaxing no
facial rolling is so important to help a deep off the face listen if you have had
some chips or some salt the night before and your faces just feel like a little
facial rollers are amazing at deep puffing and really great at helping to
drain lymphatic drainage oh and it feels so good because the facial roller
doesn’t absorb any product guys I like to add my serum right on to my facial
roller I actually keep this one in the freezer so it’s really cold and really
gonna help to contour this skin but I love to apply my serums with my facial
roller so now not only am I gonna benefit from the facial roller itself
but it’s actually gonna help to maximize the absorption of my serum and really
push it deep into the skin so that we don’t lose any absorption of product
through our hands it just stays right on the roller until it is pressed deep into
the skin the thing that I love most about this Jade facial roller is the
little end here you can get right up under the eye contour area so if you’re
someone who has those puffy eyes especially in the morning if you keep
your jade facial roller in the fridge in the freezer you can just gently go
around the eye contour area here this would also be great to apply your serums
around the eye area and really make sure that there’s maximum absorption maximum
benefits I just a love of facial roller so my next skincare accessory that you
absolutely need if you don’t have one guys is the Clarisonic opal when using
the Clarisonic opal for about two and a half years now maybe almost three years
and guys I love the Clarisonic brand the Clarisonic opal does retail for about
$200 I know that is a lot of money but guys this is an eye lifesaver if you’re
someone who has crow’s feet or really dehydrated i area the Clarisonic is for
you listen to this the Clarisonic opal uses Clarisonic
patented sonic technology all you have to do is apply a little drop of serum
right on the end there push one little click and using that sonic technology go
along the eye contour area in little circles this is really going to help to
maximize the absorption of serum product it’s really going to target those crow’s
feet those fine lines now the Clarisonic opal is only a 30 second treatment per
eye so it will shut off when you’re done and then you just switch to the other
eye the eye contour area is most frequently where you see the Clarisonic
oval applied and all of the demonstrations are along the eye contour
area but listen you can apply your serum right to the tip here and you can go
along your marionette lines along your laugh lines if you have those angry
number 11s that you’re trying to alleviate you can go right between the
brows here the Clarisonic opal it definitely helps to penetrate those
serums deeper into the skin than you could ever possibly do with your fingers
and that’s why it made my list of top ten Beauty accessories I just love the
Clarisonic opal and even more I love the results so the next skin care accessory
if you guys do not have one of these I’m telling you pause this video right
now go out and pick one up that is a cleansing brush I’m gonna be totally
honest and it doesn’t matter what kind of cleansing brush you guys go and pick
up any of them is better than your fingers I’ve tried everything from the
five dollar cleansing brush to the clarisonic mia which i absolutely love i
also have the luna foreo here I’m telling you guys I’m obsessed with
cleansing brushes they just get your skin six five ten times more clean than
your hands could ever possibly get and if you’re a makeup where if you’re a
heavy sweater if you really want to get your skin extra clean and take it to a
whole new level official cleansers are so important now it goes without saying
that cleanse skin is so important in your skin care routine guys it helps all
of your products absorb deeper it really helps to maximize the benefits it helps
with anti aging getting rid of fine lines wrinkles acne dull spots at dry
spots darkness most skincare issues can be treated by a good cleanse now if
you’re just at the beginning of your skincare routine I do recommend just
picking up a $5 facial cleansing brush from Target t.j.maxx you guys can find
these anywhere even Walmart carries them but if you want to venture into the
world of luxury there is the luna foreo this guy retails for around at two
hundred bucks the same as the clarisonic mia around two hundred dollars
both of these facial cleansing brushes are amazing at different things i’ve
actually compared the two below and i’ve actually talked about the five dollar
one i’ll link all these videos down below if you guys have been following me
for a while now you know that I absolutely love the Clarisonic brand
it’s about the size of my heart it could fit right in here
but recently I’ve also been loving the Luna foreo I’ve actually been using this
one more often every day in the shower oh I kind of alternate between the two
because I just can’t pick a good cleansing brush will give you a smooth
glowing complexion guys like no other I definitely can’t recommend them enough
the last skincare tool I have to share with you is all about the lips and it is
the Bliss pota Matic electronic lip scrubber this is the battery-powered lip
scrubber guys you will never have smooth lips like you’ve had until you pick up a
pout Ematic the only thing standing between you and soft smooth lips is the
Bliss pout ematic all you have to do is apply a little bit of your favorite lip
scrub right to the silicon tip there do one push of the button and I’m telling
you just glide this or right over your lip thirty Seconds on the bottom lip
thirty Seconds on the top lip not only are you gonna have a beautiful smooth
plump delicious lips but let me tell you guys my lips actually look extra big
after I use this this beauty tool is the number one reason why I didn’t have any
chapped lips this winter I cannot say enough good things about the Bliss pout
Ematic there’s absolutely no comparison between using a lip scrub and your
fingers and a lip scrub and the pota Matic your lips are just taking to a
whole new level a whole new dimension of breakfast
sausage smooth realness and I mean after you do your lip scrub you just take a
little bit of your favorite lip oil a little bit of your favorite lip chap mmm
you just spread it right over your lips and our guys that is a wrap on my top 5
skin care accessories my top 5 beauty tools that I use every day every second
day to maintain a beautiful glowing skin because like I said sometimes your hands
just don’t do well enough and you just need a little bit of battery power to
help exfoliate that skin away maximize that serum absorption and really just
get your whole life these are all beauty tools that I absolutely swear by these
are things that I’ve seen a real life benefits or real life effects I mean
look at my skin before the Clarisonic my skin was dull and dry before the derma
roller my skin was wrinkled crinkled acne spots sunspots
before I started a facial rolling my face was puffy and bloated and before I
use the lip scrubber my lips used to be dry AF if you tried any of these
products before let me know in the comments down below if you have any
other suggestions and that’s where to let me know as well I love to hear from
you guys I’d love to talk to you let me know in the comments down below if you
want to keep hanging out between now the next video you can always watch more
right here and you can subscribe right here until the next video guys if you
made it till the end of this video I absolutely love you I care shoe I
appreciate you and until the next video I can’t wait to see you then
bye guys

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  1. If you live in the states, just go to dollar tree and pick up one of the soft head battery tooth brush and it works perfect as the lip devise in this video!

  2. Be careful! Derma roller isn‘t appropriate for everybody! With rosacea or broken cappillarias u should skip that definitely, u can make it worse (thin skin)!

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