Top 5 FREE trading tools for Day Trading Beginners 2019

We all know day trading ain’t cheap. From broker commissions, scanner fees, ecn
fees, locate fees and membership fees many beginner traders pay to their chat room or
DVD gurus so they can turn $500 to 1million in one year. So whoever told you that you can trade your
way from $500 to lambo money in six months… is probably 100% honest and completely ethical. But what I present to you today are top 5
absolutely FREE tools that all beginner traders should be using. These tools will help you dramatically with
technical analysis, screen for stocks to trade, understanding SEC filings, and most importantly,
back testing your trading strategies. So if that sounds good to you, then keep on
watching. And if you like FREE things as much as i do,
make sure to gently tap that like button. So the first tool I love using every single
day is This is a free website for traders to look
up tickers on either the daily or the weekly chart. As you can see The layout is extremely clean
and easy to the eyes. If you check this inspect button here, you
can use the cross hairs around to analyze the price levels. And scrolling down you can add some custom
indicators on the chart as well. I personally just use the 13, 50 emas and
200 sma. But if you want to use some fancy sh** like
ichimoku cloud and MACD you can enable them down here as well. As you may have seen from my videos, I always
start with the daily chart when im analyzing a gap up or drawing recent support and resistance
levels. is a great place for me to
start seeing the big picture before even jumping into my thinkorswim broker. Everytime im deciding whether to buy a penny
stock overnight, I always check on here to decide if the stock gives me a good chance
of gapping up overnight. The second tool I love using is Finviz. I use finviz as a free source of news I look
up for many penny stock runners. On the homepage you can see the condition
of the general market sectors like tech, healthcare, and financials. If ur trading micaps that’s very important
to note. And here you can see the top gainers and losers
of the day and more often than not you’ll see some penny stocks here like this $WKHS
and $OHRP. And this is where you can go in and see the
news catalyst that drove the stock to spike today. So we can see OHRP was up 30% because of some
merger news. Up here for the stock summary is where you
can quickly look at the float of the stock, short percentage. Those two figures are extremely important. And they what i look at first to determine
whether this stock is a low float squeezer and whether the overnight gap up is possibly
a long or a short. As you can see $OHRP only has 2.5 mil shares
float. So that makes this stock a low float runner
on watch. Another amazing feature I love using on finviz,
is their free stock screener. basically here you can put in the criteria
for the stocks you’re looking for. When i’m looking for penny stocks setting
up on the daily I use under 50 mil market cap, relative volume over 1.5, current vol
over 100k, and price over $1. And I get a list of the results, i click charts
on the top section here. And then I look at the daily chart visually
to see if there’s a bottom curl break out forming
with the potential of breaking out to the upside. This doesn’t just apply to small cap penny
stocks, Io the same with the mid cap or large caps as well. I talked about my screening process in great
detail in my how to find stocks to trade video if you want to check that out. You can pay for scanners like trade ideas
or equity feed for like $100 bucks a month. But I think using this finviz website allow
you to be better prepared outside market hours and you’ll be able to draw out levels from
the daily chart and figure out the risk reward before hand, instead of chasing scanner alerts
intraday. Again, this finviz screener is FREE. Can you tell by this point that I love free
sh**. Speaking of free things, how would you like
to get a free stock worth anywhere from $8 to $1000. I recently discovered, Webull, a free commission
trading app, with LIVE charting. And if you open an account and deposit $100
with Webull, you’ll receive a free stock worth anywhere from $8 to $1000. I’ll be doing a more in depth video on Webull
soon. But I’ve been loving this app so far, they
offer real time data, sophisticated charting and indicators, and you can short sell on
this app. And of course the commission is $0. And if you sign up through my referral link
below, you’ll get a stock anywhere from $8 to $1k, Free. When i heard this promo i was like, sign me
up, you know, just trying to add any free money into my future lamborghini fund. The third free resource I want to show you,
has been crucial with my SEC filings research, and its the website investopedia. This is where you can find out what is a form
S-1, S-3, what is an offering, what is a reverse split stock etc etc. and whenever I see that
there are terms in the SEC filing I do not understand, investopedia usually has the answer
for me here. After my last 2 SEC filings video, many people
have reached out to me asking if there are resources to do the SEC filings research on
penny stocks. This website, Investopedia . com, is it. Great website, lots of useful information
for both beginner traders and experts, and it’s also um…. Whats the word, “ FREE” The next tool I love using, is stock splits
history .com. As I have mentioned in the past, penny stock
companies do a reverse split on their stocks to make their share prices more attractive
to investors, and tighten their shares float. In the recent weeks all the penny stock runners
we’ve been seeing such as $CEI, $FCEL, $VISL, $CETX were all recent reverse split stocks. And this website allows you to track all the
reverse splits. Im seeing some former runners here on this
list, like $CAPR, and $FRAN. So once I find the reverse splits, i just
pop them into the stockcharts. Com and look at their daily chart. And if i like them, i’ll add those stickers
along with my watchlist from my finviz scan. I literally use all these free tools together
on a daily basis. The next tool I want to talk about, has been
crucial to my day trading journey. And that free tool is the On demand feature
on thinkorswim platform. This tool allows you to go back in time and
replay the ticker you want to trade. So lets say I want to go back and practice
trading on CEI on July 9 mid day. You can come in and select the date, and time. And voila, you’re back in history. You still get the same buy or sell executions
down here. This is where I come in daily and imagine
myself making lambo money. And you can basically paper trade the price
action and test out your trading strategies and work on your mistakes. And you have the option to speed the playback
3x if you want. This tool is absolutely phenomenal, and it’s
free to use. if you’re in the US i think you just need
to put like $20 bucks in the account. If you’re canadian, like myself, you need
$5000 US deposit in the account to use this tool. But honestly the deposit is well worth it
for me. If you’re struggling with finding high success
rate set ups, your trading entries and exits, definitely go back and practice with Thinkorswim
on demand. Now here are some bonus FREE resources, you
need to be tracking all your trades and keeping your risk management in control. I give out free excel trading journal and
a risk control calculator through my email list. So make sure to sign up in the link below
if you haven’t already. And of course I have plenty of other free
videos on my channel, I made playlists for Reading SEC filings, day trading strategies,
broker and chat room reviews. And i go in depth on each topic in the videos. So if you haven’t done so, make sure to
subscribe and smash that like button. Those things are completely FREE to do. And I’d really appreciate it. Thank you guys for watching as always. I’m humbled trader, ill see you guys next

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