Top Tools and Apps for Growing a YouTube Audience

-Hey, guys. What’s up? My name is Tim Schmoyer. And like you, I use a lot
of different tools and apps and programs to build my
audience and my channel here. I actually talked to
several other creators and asked them what are
your favorite tools and apps and programs that you use
for audience development here on YouTube. And I want to share some of
them with you here and then also share with you my favorite
one coming up at the end. -One of the tools that I just
started using was What it allows me
to do is create a contest for my subscribers
to check out and in exchange for Likes on Facebook and
tweets or retweeting my videos, watching some of
my videos, they can gain entries to win a contest. And in exchange for that,
I can offer them a prize. And what’s good about
it is that it helps me build my social audience. And it’s a good way to
boost traffic directly to all your other
social platforms by offering up a
different prize depending on what your channel is
and what you can offer. -I love the Tubular Labs app. And they just released
a new feature too where when somebody
tweets about your video, Tubular Labs will
alert you of it. So I think it’s really
fun to find people who are tweeting your video
and then going and thanking them, following them. And I think it helps create a
community a little bit better. So it’s great. It’s great for
helping find top fans. Tubular Labs app
also will show you people who are frequently
commenting on your videos and kind of sorts them in
order of how engaged they are. So it’s kind of similar
to YouTube’s top fan finder, as well. But I think it goes into
a little more detail. And then another app I like
to use quite a lot is vidIQ. I love going to look
at other videos that might be kind of similar to
videos I create, see what they’re doing as far as for
tags, for how many views they’re getting compared to how
many comments, how many likes, and then looking to see
did they ask for likes at the end of the video. Did that seem to make a
difference in how many likes they got compared to
other similar videos? So I love looking at numbers. I’m pretty dorky like that. -My favorite tools and apps
as a creator on YouTube is Instagram, Twitter,
Tumblr, and Facebook. I’m also a part of
a Minnesota page called VinMin in Minnesota. And there multiple people in
Minnesota share their videos, share their ideas,
talk, communicate. It’s a great, great
opportunity for me to speak to people that
live in the same area as me. And it’s wonderful for me to
be able to connect with them. -Probably my favorite tool right
now is Social Blade, VidStatsX. I’m a big data guy. So I’m always looking
at my YouTube analytics. So to have a different
flavor of that and have a way to compare
my channel to others to kind of measure how well I’m doing. Because I might think
I’m doing great, but in comparison
to other channels my size, my similar content. So those are definitely
the two best things for me. Other than that, the
YouTube Creator Studio app is my favorite app right now. On my phone, on my
tablet I’m constantly pulling it up, looking
at real time views, replying to comments,
and that sort of thing. It gives me that deep
dive anywhere I’m at. -There’s a lot of great
tools recommended here, guys. I will put links to all
of them in the description below the video so you can
easily go and check them all out. One of the ones that I use the
most here at Video Creators is one I actually
talked about last week. And that is MailChimp. MailChimp is simply a site
that lets you use a really robust email campaign service. One of the reasons why that
is a very valuable tool for me and my audience development
here on YouTube, as I discussed last week,
I offer a free ebook to all of you guys who
simply sign up for my email. It’s called “The Secret
to Building Your YouTube Audience.” And you get that book
for free in exchange for giving me your
email address. And then every week
I just send out really high, valuable
content that– well, I think it’s valuable anyway– to
you guys who are on that list. And so I love offering a lot
of training and advice and tips and ideas and suggestions
and things that don’t really fit on this channel, but I can
send you guys in a weekly email to continue helping
you guys grow your audiences and
your YouTube channels even if you’re not actively
checking your YouTube subscriptions. MailChimp is the
business service I use for growing that list,
for sending out those email campaigns, and all that. So check them out. There’s a link below. Of course, if you
want my free ebook, there’s a link to it in
the description below. You can go check it out. I’d love to hear
from you guys, though in the comments below
right here on YouTube. What are some of your favorite
tools and apps for audience growth and development here? Tell us the name of the app
or the program or the website and tell us why you like it,
and also, third, how you use it. The rest of you guys, make
sure you go down there and check out all the great
tools and apps other people are talking about here. And if this is your
first time here, I would love to
have you subscribe. Every– what day is it now–
Wednesday I give you guys some YouTube tips, ideas,
suggestions, advice, things like this. Tomorrow we’ll do
some YouTube Q&A. And then on Tuesday we
do some YouTube news. We talk about the updates
happening here on YouTube and what it means
for us as creators. And, guys, I do all
this because I really believe that a lot
of you guys have messages that need to spread
and the world needs to hear. And I want to do
everything I can to help you guys
spread your message and hopefully change lives. So subscribe. Let’s talk more about
developing our audiences and YouTube channels tomorrow. And I’ll see you guys then. Bye.

72 thoughts on “Top Tools and Apps for Growing a YouTube Audience

  1. Thanks for the info on Gleam, I am looking into promoting my next giveaway with it! I use social blade and Tubular but my view count summery on tubular have been way off the past few days compared to google analitics.

  2. Fantastic Resources! No apps yet! Still so new. But I downloaded both the free and paid books of yours and that is my next homework assignments for the next week. Thanks Tim! Your the best!

  3. Great tips.  It can be kinda overwhelming trying to keep up with so many new apps and sites.  But thanks for giving me some ideas of new things to try out. 

  4. Hi Tim great video again! I already use SocialBlade and the YouTube Creator App and they are awesome! Thanks for the video its really helpful 🙂

  5. Hey Tim, how do you present your videos so well? I want to do a few videos myself where I can talk to my audience about the scuba gear I use and other tip videos like that. I've tried filming a couple but never published them because I can't tell if they're any good.

  6. Beware what the first guy said about giveaways. It's against Facebook's terms to have someone enter a giveaway by liking your page. Same with YouTube – you can't make someone subscribe, comment or like as a way to enter. People have been getting strikes for it. Not sure about Twitter's terms.

  7. I currently use vidID although they've vastly reduced what it available to you on the free version, I also use YouTube app and the usual social media outlets. 

  8. I am trying to grow my channel, but it's hard to get started. I know that my videos aren't the best quality, but it is rewarding to see improvement (at least in my opinion). As a guy who loves statistics, I am always looking at the analytics page, but with such a small number of subscribers most of the data is fairly meaningless. I just wondered if anyone had solid advice?

  9. Hi tim some great info there but just going off topic i don't know whether you have done a video on this but it would be cool if you could share your thoughts on some networks good and bad, keep up the good work, stu

  10. I am sure we are tired of hearing this but Facebook has really helped me.  I have joined several groups that are specific to what my videos are and if it is allowed by the administrators I post a link to my videos there.  Either in as a separate post or in a comment.  I do ask permission first, sometimes it is not what the admins want.  I have had a great success with getting new subscribers that way.  It is an audience of people that are looking for what you are creating so it just makes sense.  Thanks for all you do Tim!

  11. I wrote a script that collects my ranking from different websites (Socialblade, Channelmeter, Wiztracker, …) once a day. This allows me to have multiple long term graphs that I can compare to each other. It enables me to identify if a certain jump in ranks is related to a change in the website's algorithm or if something is not right with my channel.

  12. Rafflecopter is a site I thought of when I heard Gleam being mentioned. They sound pretty similar, I'll have to check out Gleam and compare the two, see which I like better 🙂

  13. Tubular requires you to have 5k subscribers, kinds of make it useless to those of us with smaller audiences.

  14. A friend pointed us toward TunesToTube which provides an easy way to upload mp3s to YouTube. We use it to post our TV reaction podcast onto our channel and it saves a ton of time since you don't have to make an actual video for your audio file. Just upload the mp3 and an image and TunesToTube does the rest!

  15. Tubular sounds cool. I hope I remember these if and when my channel grows. By the way, do you know how I can make sure your newsletter gets to me "Primary" section of the inbox? Because right now it lands in the "Promotions" section and then I usually don't see it as I treat that section as spam.

  16. I use Epoxxy, it's great and similar to Tubular, but tracks Facebook, Twitter, YT and Instagram, and has an awesome video preview feature where you can share a 15 sec HD clip of your video instead of just a link. But I installed vidIQ right after watching the video.

    Mailchimp is great, reeeealy holds your hand if you are new on online marketing, but researching a little about Brendon Burchard and Jeff Walker will give you the edge on monetizing and providing value to your email list. In my case, the list is even older than the channel. I recently migrated to a custom solution here in brazil called klickmail (not recommended if you don't speak portuguese) that is even better because it gives you incredible control over segmentation of your list and customization of your message. You can send emails to people who opened an specific email, or to people who didn't open said email, or to people that opened and didn't click the link, etc. It uses a "tag" system instead of regular lists, and if there is an international email marketing solution like this, I would strongly recommend you to check it out.

    And Tim, I Loved the presentation of the video, but a little thing to make next one even better: the music is almost cut out when the video went back to you, maybe it would be a better experience if it kept on going for as long as you were talking about the same subject.

    And keep the intro/outro tune, it's amazing.

  17. Thank you for all your tips and how to's. It really has helped me a lot. Thanks TIm..
    I have reached 1k Subs with an active audience who love to communicate on our vlogs!  Im super excited and Instantly went and joined up with Famebit!  

  18. I really need this answer, I want to change my theme of my channel but I don't want to lose my current audience, but since it's so small I feel like now is the right time. Should I just go and change my theme while I can

  19. I use youtube XD Yes only I am a small youtuber and I am spending too much time on this youtube hobby so I do not use anything else… My bad maybe …

  20. I'm curious what microphone you are wearing. I'm new. Just started my YouTube channel and Facebook page called Bravo Charlie's. It's a cooking show.

  21. A red flag went off in my head over some of these app descriptions.  They will only serve to devalue certain statistics that YouTube looks at.  Any time we mess with the status quo, it alters the relationship between YouTube, channels, and advertisers.  Its basically bribes for likes and tweets.  When stats are no longer deemed to be genuine, AdSense money will disappear for creators. Earn the likes the old fashioned way or likes will become worthless.

  22. I've spent a lot of time using Google analytics. I need to spend less time on Twitter and more on Facebook and my own website.

  23. Wow another great video tim! All your videos are so helpful and there are so many of them. Keep up the good work! Im new to this youtube stuff and I was wondering if anyone could give me advice for how to get some great channel art done for me. I made my own art but i'm not an artist and it didn't turn out right. Thanks

  24. A new tool I just discovered today is called TubeBuddy. It's a browser extension that allows you to export your subscriber list (along with their social media profiles), automate the process of copying annotations, track which social sites you've shared your videos, and helps you welcome new subscribers via templated messages. Definitely worth a look!

  25. I find the Youtube Creators App is great for commenting and its simple to use on the go…I tried Gleam last month for a contest and it worked pretty well as well.

  26. I mainly use VidIQ and YouTube Analytics. I find VidIQ great for a quick glance at how videos are performing and I use Analytics to dig deeper into why they're performing the way they are and what changes I could make to improve their performance and grow my audience.

  27. Creators named their favorite tools and apps for growing their YouTube channel. Among them are @Tubular Labs, @vidIQ, @Social Blade, @MailChimp, and others!

  28. @sarahbull What was the Minnesota page used called? "Vin Min" or some other spelling? I'm from MN and would love to catch up with other lake-dweller creators.

  29. I put a bunch of original music up on my own channel. I don't (or haven't used facebook or the other apps you mentioned. I will look at all of them, I appreciate your videos. I saw a YouTube video suggesting a "This is what I'm all about" video. How do you get your first exposure to bring people to your channel?

  30. Great info. Gonna try some of these platforms out. Social blade seems to really be lagging on data these days. They used to be real time. Wonder what happened

  31. We have over 50 networking groups and events here in London, Canada. I go to at least 3 a week to let them know in person about my channels and content. 😀

  32. Social Blade seems really interesting, I was trying to see what the grades mean, have to look more into them.

  33. I do all of my video creating, editing & uploading on my phone (Using the Youtube Creator Studio App). But I really wish there was a way to make & edit custom thumbnails that can also be uploaded via smart phone. Can anyone recommend an app that does this?

  34. I use Tube Buddy. It is add on for google chrome which give you so many different options from a thumbnail creater to looking at the tags on other peoples videos and copying dirctly to yours as well as copying annotations and cards to all your different videos and loads of other stuff!

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