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Hey friends, welcome back to the honest Lee Handyman YouTube channel if you have been following my story I am actually not home in Sacramento right now. We’re actually in st. Louis and today’s topic. I wanted to talk specifically about traveling with tools being a traveling handyman So we’re going to get into that today exactly the tools that I decided or made the choice to take with me to st Louis and a why I made that choice before we get started here if you have any interest at all in Self-protection or anything like that? I have created a whole nother YouTube channel called the gun owner journey If you’re interested in that I will link that in the description below If not, no worries, but let’s get into today’s into today’s video. So I went to Harbor Freight and I went ahead and bought a Voyager bag here. It’s a pretty easy bag. It rolls just like a suitcase I decided to get that for my travel tool back. I really thought this bag was gonna rip after flying with it here, but Surprisingly it didn’t so I would say hold up pretty good And we’ll see how how it travels back home, you know But these are the the things that I decided to bring with me here to st. Louis because I’m gonna do handyman work I’ve been doing handyman work I’m gonna continue to do it obviously my Milwaukee, you know screw gun and also my impact DRI group as well I never leave home without these as you can see. This is my old one It’s a little bit ripped But I never leave home without leaves if you are going to do any type of work at all. And then with that Obviously a Milwaukee You know battery charger. Did you have to turn your batteries and just you know a set of Set of sockets and Ratchet a few things that I bought while I’ve been here is obviously zip ties You know who doesn’t mean zip ties that actually has a spider web, but zip ties are always great to have One other thing I bought was here is a PVC cutter PVC pipe cutter This guy I got from Harbor Freight again I thought it was great the first time I used it, but it’s actually pretty good quality So I don’t think you guys are had any luck with the harbor freight tools But this one’s been great. So it was really cheap. So I’m going to definitely use it until it breaks It feels like it’s pretty good quality actually The other things I brought me on some of the standard things like a Primark need back for sure Hammer, my books do never set a good gloves this extra pretty cool I was in the rental department at Home Depot and I was gonna buy some gloves and I said, okay I’ll buy these gloves and he took those from me and actually gave me these. These are actually the tool rental gloves So that’s kind of cool got a pair of gloves obviously a little Torpedo level. Let me grab that torpedo level magnetic for people. I Bought my you know, these are called twist the nut Screwdrivers, I think it’s a seven in one so it’s a great go to you know electrical Screwdriver with a wire nut, you know twist it out on the back Got a pair of thanks there got an extra battery a four amp hour battery from our Milwaukee. Let’s see what else I got Call them screwdrivers Phillips or flathead some Huskies pliers and then obviously crescent wrench Some side cutters these things are great these things work awesome work nippers. I guess you’d call Some pencils all obviously Milwaukee tape measure. I love my mommy is given I’ve been doing some with With a handyman here in st Louis and he has some do all tools and I always blame if something goes wrong in the job I blame it on his default tool. It’s funny, you know, even if we’re not using it, so He’s got a Milwaukee tape measure. So all his measurements are spot-on so we don’t got to worry about that You know Frank on the other hand at home. He’s got a dual tape measure. So this measurements aren’t always right Just kidding. Just kidding and then obviously electrical stuff. You know, I got You know Lex violet tester and electrical wires. Those are always great to have Oh, you know I didn’t even know I brought this so a little Philips extender. That’s actually really cool. Laughs We’re at Harbor Freight three days gone around the Bob Marley’s because I thought I might need it, but I got one So I was thinking ahead and then honestly, my rascally goes do that another pencil and then I bought these these are apps this is actually Donated to me from set the handyman. I’ve been working from here I needed some plumbers putting on this house that I’ve been working on and so he had that and then I bought some Some obly fast tape so I got that what else do I got here? And then I got a new Or another no damn in just the right would be Stud finder. So you just you know, you run that across the stud and then it beeps and the found a stud, right? Oh It’s trick in the book. I’m in a set of Milwaukee You know shockwave drill bits. So these are some things that I brought with me so far Like I said this back here doing great. Got another one our one amp hour battery So those are the tools that I would Dean kind of the most necessary For bringing on to another state or another city if you’re going to do some hand network and obviously there are there’s obviously Harbor Freight sore Home Depot’s or Lowe’s or Menards in this case all around so you can purchase those and I also bought this lacquer from Harbor Freight. This is a great ladder I don’t know who makes it, but I have the exact same one at home. Great. Great ladder really great price today It got like a hundred nine bucks Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet I’m a you know donated to someone here or return it I haven’t really figured that out yet, but Anyways, this is kind of like, you know, when I decided to bring been doing a lot of work here and st Louis with the handyman that I that I know Seth He’s been a great guy and hooking me muscle looking me up with some awesome jobs And also I’ve been doing work at this house that we’re staying in So that’s a little bit of update of the tools that I brought with what we’re doing it where we’re at in our journey so anyways, thank you all so much for tuning in and Yeah, thank you all so much. I hope you like and subscribe to the show

27 thoughts on “Top Tools For The Traveling Handyman

  1. Nice video. I probably would take my standard service carry in tool bag with tools. I've spent years perfecting what's in it. However, it would break my heart if the Airline lost it. Or, maybe just temporarily buy whatever is needed on a trip. The great thing about Harbor and Walmart is they accept returns, no questions asked.

  2. Surely you’re not considering returning the ladder to the store. The store isn’t in business to loan out tools to people. So if you buy a tool for a project, then return it, you are essentially using it for free and the store is forced to take a loss on it. That’s not honest!

  3. I would really like to see a video on your prices while you're there. Are your prices the same as in California or did you adjust based on the area?

  4. Where are your channel locks? Channel locks are a must-have for all your plumbing nuts under the sinks and other tasks that they lend themselves well to.

  5. Harbor Freight has a stigma with some tool heads it’s come along way in quality their Hercules line is real stand up quality. Harbor Freight exchange policy is stand up . I’ve had real good luck with a lot of their tools. Hope all is well in St.Louis enjoy the Midwest humidity 😎

  6. I'm pretty sure regulations on electrical work are a little bit more strict in Missouri. Meaning you're not supposed to touch that shit without a license.

  7. Had one of those harbor freight voyager bags without the wheels and had 80+ pounds of nuts bolts and hand tools never had it rip

  8. You can’t return a ladder that you were using to make money! Craigslist it! Or maybe donate it to a church for their maintenance man!

  9. If you carry an iPhone, try using the level app. It's good when your torpedo level is out in the truck…or you're traveling and forgot to bring it along.

    Best thing about my Milwaukee tape measure is the wire belt clip. It slides on and off without as much damage to your belt or pants pocket.

  10. I just go to a thrift store and buy donated luggage with wheels all sizes 3 to seven dollars to carry my tools in

  11. Hey Allen, I was looking for the video where you discussed where you got your uniforms. But I can't find it. Mind if you give me the link of that video?

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