TopSolid’Progress: Collaborative Design Tools

Some dies can be just too complex for just one engineer to design in real time. Thanks to TopSolid and collaborative design, you no longer have to do the job by yourself. You can bring your friends with too! Here’s how. For example here you can see we created two die blocks. And what we’re in fact going to do, is we’re going to define each of these die blocks as a specific sub-assembly set. Here you can see the die blocks being processed out. And now we’re going to start defining new subsets. We are going to call this one Die Set User1, because we are going to send this off to user one to work on. And here we’re going to include in it, the elements that we want user 1 to work with. So here we will choose that the block, we will choose that strip station, we will choose that station, and will choose that station and will also include these punch shapes. Perfect! Let’s do that again. This will be another new alternate set. This will be called Die Set User 2. And here, we’re going to include in it, this die block here, this station, and this station, and that station too, why not? And then that punch and that punch. Perfect! And like that our two different subsets have been created. This now means that we can send this out to the the two other engineers and have them work on that. But in a video how do you show concurrent engineering? Well you show it through video magic! On the left, we have user one. On the right, we have user two. It’s a race! No. It’s just TopSolid. And it’s TopSolid’s ability to allow you to design projects faster than you ever thought possible before. So here on the left we can see we can check in and see what user one is up to. User one should be working on perhaps making his punch shapes. After all and his die set primarily we will be working on punch shapes. So you can see here, he is taken his time. He is designing accurately capturing his design intent. He can go head and process that out I believe, Perfect. What else can we do? Ah, yes. Let’s make our actual relief through there. So we will select that. We will select the plate we want to modify or this new insert that he made, and we will choose how we want to relieve that, but that TopSolid’Progress does the work for us. Let’s keep going. Let’s maybe make this cut out. In this case, maybe what we want to do is give it an angular relief. How about 2°. Perfect. Let’s do the same thing over here. That profile to that die block…same settings, and validate. Now from here this user’s going to continue working on his project. But we’re going to kind of focus and check in on user two. User two has been quietly chugging away, and he’s working on the bend shapes. Let’s see what he is doing. Here he is asking TopSolid to help him create the profile needed to make his bend shape. There you can see the profile has been created, and now we are going to show our die block, Woops, sorry. He is doing over bending right now. How about 3°? Perfect. Then we are going to show our die block and we are going to process that through the die block. Let’s have a look. So here we will go and process that. And he is done. Perfect! Now, how about we check some other things. How about we have a look at maybe some of the other elements in his design. For example we want to process that out. That cuts the pocket. Perfect. And then from there, how about we set some specific bill of material properties? For example, we will call this Bending Die 1, and put it in the die set. Beautiful! Let’s grab that block and we will also put that in the die set. Perfect. And we will save. Like that the user ones design and user twos design are complete. Now it’s up to the engineering manager to bring it all together. Or the lead designer. So here we are going to start by including that original die set. And we are going to turn off the strip because we don’t want to see it. So here we see that die set included. Now let’s maybe turn off the top two sets. You can see that our pocket exists from earlier on, and now we can include the work of user one, and user two. And you’ll see it’s really simple. Basically you choose their files and TopSolid does the heavy lifting for you. Here is user two’s file. And again, done and included. And think about how fast that was all accomplished. Here we had two users working simultaneously with each other on the same progressive die. This really shows off the integration of TopSolid. And here you can see that even though this work done as a separate file, or a seperate project if you will, it has been included in this design and now the lead engineer is adding screws to fasten these plates to our die set. Perfect! All modifications in real time, and all thanks to the power and integration of TopSolid. and only using integration like TopSolid, will you be able to master your manufacturing process.

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