Transformative Breathing Technique For Changing Beliefs and TRANSFORMING Your Life

welcome back to another video my name is
Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness now in this video I am
with my friend Christian who I met here at rythme ax which is an awesome place
for doing transformative work really understanding yourself at a deeper level
and making deep changes within and Christian here is the transformational
breath what’s the actual title facilitator it’s a trainer okay and my
first night here I came here the first night I came in on a Sunday I remember I
was waiting for Victor to come in who many of you guys know Victor odo is I
came here with and one of the first classes they had was this
transformational breath workshop which is at 5:30 so it was like an hour after
I came in I go into this workshop I had no idea what to expect I just thought oh
it’s just gonna be breathing we’re gonna be breathing deeply for like an hour I
thought it was going to be really cool but I didn’t really expect or know what
to expect – coming from it now when I did this and I went through the process
of us doing this breathing pattern for a certain period of time I started to feel
sensations in my body and I started my hands started to really clamp up and I
started to feel some tension and energy get brought up that maybe was stored
deep within me now the reason I’m saying this is because as on this channel you
know I talk a lot about how our beliefs create our reality now with that I
believe comes certain patterns that create certain thought structures that
create certain things that happen in our life because of those patterns so what I
decided to do is bring on Christian because he’s an expert when it comes to
transformational breathwork and he can share with us some tools and
techniques through reprogramming our breath reprogramming our beliefs to
really attract and get what we want in life and I think that he was telling me
that he’d noticed some type of breathing pattern that I had and how there are
personality sometimes it’s formed from our breathing patterns or certain traits
that happen so maybe you could share a little bit about that process and then
later on in the video we’ll get more into
actual techniques that we can use that we can apply in our life today cool so
yeah so this is Kristian everybody hello everybody
and so this wisdom comes from my basically I’ve been a transformational
breath facilitator and a senior trainer for the last ten years and what what
Erin’s talking about is first we we do a process called the breath analysis which
is to look at the patterns of people’s breathing and that can tell us a lot
about their ingrained beliefs that you know the beliefs that you have set
yourself up with and Erin here had the superachiever pattern which as many of
you may know from watching him and and seeing how hard he works the
superachiever is just that a hard worker somebody who feels like they have to be
on the go yeah oftentimes you know some of the liabilities to a super achiever
is that it’s difficult to delegate up yeah if you don’t do it yourself it’s
not going to get done as a mantra that often comes in the in the mind of the
superachiever and is it for me breathing I think that
I you said that I kind of used my back when I breathe so that superachiever
pattern tends to start in the mid belly the power center and you know we can
breathe in the belly we can breathe in the chest and along the way there the
superachiever tends to breathe right in the middle that’s where it starts and
Wow and if it’s a really exaggerated superachiever that I’ll often be using
there they’re back to breathing it’s so funny because I do that all the time
i I take in deep I it’s it’s perfectly in alignment with to how I’ve been
breathing so I’m glad you talked about it it’ll help me and what that what that
indicates is that you’re working too hard
that you’re working harder than you need to be worked right so there’s nothing
wrong with hard work yeah a superachiever has gotten you to where
you are in the success of life but you know if you’re not careful that can also
lead to burnout yeah right and so what what we look at and the patterns to say
yeah you you know you’re a guy who gets things
done but you actually are expending more energy than you actually need yeah and
how that shows up is in the breathing the only muscle we actually need to move
when we’re breathing is our diaphragm this dome-shaped muscle that sits about
here just above the ribcage and as you inhale it it contracts you know that
just like a muscle and allows you to draw air in and when you exhale it
relaxes and pushes out air and this is really our breathing muscle this is the
only thing that really needs to be actively engaged when we’re breathing so
if we’re using our back for using our chest we’re doing all these extra
movements we’re just expending energy that’s actually not helping us to get
any more breath Wow so this is this is the idea behind you’re working too hard
mm-hmm now to solve that problem or to you know to start to shift your beliefs
in that yes I can get things done but I don’t have to work so hard about doing
it you can actually use the breath as a tool as a tool to help you recalibrate
your your beliefs and how we do that is getting into a breath pattern that that
reinforces peace reinforces ease and grace reinforces a healthy interaction
with life itself kind of like a prescription like a prescription to
offset the way that I was being before which is when you guys know on this
channel I talk about work hard but I’m gonna be looking more into this
understanding of how we can use this to not have to believe we have to work so
hard and instead we can have some tension and make things happen from a
deeper more peaceful state versus a gotta get somewhere you know what I mean
exactly and these these different patterns I mean that’s just one pattern
that superachiever somebody who breathes in their chest but not in their belly
it’s generally somebody who’s who’s got an open heart but tends to have a weaker
will and these kind of people are often easily taking advantage
Rhys they’re so giving they’re so loving and yet though winning when somebody
wants something from them it’s hard for them to say no or to to you know stand
up for themselves and write often get walked over mm-hmm vice versa somebody
might be breathing in their belly but not in their chest and that’s you know
an indication of somebody who’s emotionally guarded emotionally shut
down but you know may have a very strong will and just kind of bowls over people
because like Anwar mer around them kind of protected them you know exactly
exactly so it’s not these are the the basic patterns and there’s there’s many
others in this whole science art and science of the breath analysis so pretty
much any any type of those personalities or those belief structures that you may
identify with there’s there’s one major thing that we could probably do every
day that would kind of be a prescription for all of us towards reprogramming our
beliefs starting to get back to the core of who we are and I think that’s
something that you have a powerful technique for for doing that exactly so
it’s basically the transformational breath technique and and put into a
little package we essentially call the hundred breath to joy is is essentially
a daily prescription in helping you to to create a breath pattern that realigns
your beliefs to a healthy wholesome relaxed free-flowing lifestyle I like to
say that as your breath flows so your life flows and if you can get into a
dynamic breath pattern that starts to rearrange your thought processes and
your beliefs to feel that life is actually a flow I can move with ease and
grace it doesn’t mean that you’re not doing stuff it doesn’t yeah that you now
have a challenges where but do you meet your challenges like BAM smashing
against the wall or do you meet your challenges by kind of coming up and
right blowing around them maybe like water exactly yeah so cool so did you
want me to get into yes if we could if we could do that I think it’s some
people will gain a ton of value from so absolutely let’s get into it excellent
well the hundred breaths is really very simple three main elements is inhaling
fully exhaling in a very relaxed manner and keeping the breath connected and
fluid meaning we’re not pausing between the breaths so so as we inhale we’re
using that diaphragm that dome-shaped muscle and we’re filling ourselves all
the way up to the chest now so we use our full respiratory capacity mm-hmm now
as we exhale we’re just letting go we’re just yeah relaxed sigh and this is this
is key for you yes I know because I was breathing out so strong is like like you
know forcing it just kind of might like I might force some things in life to
happen you know what I mean so exactly the more let go the more we control the
breath again that’s an indication of control in our lives yeah and life is a
delicate balance between how much effort we put into it and how much we let the
greater forces of life and reside and yeah exactly so the exhale is really
helps us to let go of that control let go and the inhale is about that
receiving we’re inhaling that fullness of life we’re just letting go relaxing
into it and the circular connectedness of it helped keep us present to this
present moment which is really where life is happening yeah I you know life
doesn’t happen in the past life doesn’t happen in the future that we find
ourselves often dwelling in either of these areas life is only happening in
the present and if you want to get anything done in life you have to be
present to to your your circumstances in the moment mm-hmm and what we often do
is end up going into the the future where we then are worried or anxious
about what needs to get done or what still is on our plate or we go into the
past where we tend to be in regret and shame about what we should have done or
we have done or what we did and we shouldn’t have done right so by keeping
the breath circular and connected we we close the gaps of a pause which which
will which creates an escape route for behind yeah and keeps our mind in the
present as we continue to breathe we just stay in the present and that allows
the present the greater energetic force that brought us
into creation to emerge and and that’s probably the number one transformative
element for shifting our beliefs is awesome being in the presence of the
presence right so that’s the technique is to breathe in to let go and to do it
fluidly and to do that for 100 breaths 100 breaths right a hundred brow one two
three all right that’s it just just like I yeah beautiful and now and we’re you
know 100 breaths you can count to 100 100 breaths takes about five minutes to
do so if you put on a timer or music that lasts for about five minutes and
when that’s over you know that you’ve you’ve done it it’s just that
five-minute session we’ll do we’ll start the mechanisms of reprogramming yeah I
can even feel it right now we’ve done maybe 10 15 breaths and I can already
feel that presence and I just want to reiterate like I had no expectations of
coming into this you know hour hour and a half long breathing exercise but when
I came out of it it was like everything was brighter it was like I felt like I
let go of a lot of emotion my hands tensed it up a lot and I was able to
learn how to let go I lost a lot of body awareness it was almost like my whole
awareness was in my breath it was very much a transformative experience for my
consciousness it’s something that I’m going to be elaborating on in future
videos because I think that sometimes easier than the intellectual ideas of
changing our beliefs is getting to the core of where those patterns may come
from and if we learn how to breathe properly
we may get rid of it’s like going straight to the source versus trying to
cure the symptoms let’s get straight to the cause that’s a that’s a well put
there I often use the analogy of say you want to you want to cut down a tree
right well by one way is you can cut off every branch and you know you leave the
stump there mm-hmm but one that’s a lot of work
to the tree often sprouts new branches so new magic permutations of these
beliefs that you have been trying to get rid of re-emerged yep
so working with the breath is like going straight to the roots of the tree if you
to cut the roots at a tree you know the tree eventually is gonna completely die
and that you know and now guess now that believe is that we can create yeah and
then you can plant that new tree of whatever you know whatever belief system
that that’s going to serve you better right on I dig it I think it’s really
cool stuff I want to thank Christian for coming on what’s your website I’m gonna
go and link down your website in case any of you guys are interested in this
he’s got great techniques he’s got great stuff over there it’s what is it breath
flow calm breaths flow calm I’m gonna go ahead and link that below and if you
guys have any questions feel free to comment down below we’ll try to answer
as many questions as we can and other than that I will see you guys on the
next video peace much love namaste

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