Troubleshooting electronics board with a series of Keysight’s handheld instruments

Hi, I’m Bernard Ang. I’m an engineer at Keysight Technologies. Today, I would like to introduce to you a few of our handheld instruments for troubleshooting and repair of electronic boards on a workbench in an electronic manufacturing environment. It is fairly common to see a handheld DMM on an electronic troubleshooting workbench due to its versatility. It can measure AC/DC voltages, resistance, diode, capacitance, or current across component or network of component, or just a trace continuity on a PCB. However, do you know that a modern Handheld DMM can do much more than that? It can actually wirelessly via bluetooth connect to a remote display for your convenience in troubleshooting. Or it can also connect wirelessly to a PC for data logging purposes. We do have a Keysight meter logger software that can actually record down all the data measurements from your handheld DMM and can generate reports. And now i would like to introduce to you these handheld instruments. First of all, these is a Handheld LCR meter. It’s very useful for troubleshooting too. It can measure inductance, capacitance and resistance. It has a various test frequencies… Selectable test frequencies There is, these tolerance percentage setting feature that is very useful for component sorting, very useful for production. And another thing is, it has ESR and DCR measurement capabilities. These is a Handheld Scope, it is a useful for measuring active signals. And one of the powerful feature on a Handheld Scope which complements benchtop oscilloscopes is it has Channel-to-channel isolation capability It can make floating measurements and… specially for applications such as high power control circuits and measuring circuits in the industrial equipment. And it is also portable, it is battery operated. It can be brought to a test station or wherever is needed off these troubleshooting workbench to actually troubleshoot your.. whatever you.. components or PC board that you need to troubleshoot. Okay. And these is a Handheld Thermal Imager, and it is very useful for monitoring temperatures of hot components on electronic board. It is also useful for performing design validations for product under development. These IR Thermal Imagers have a few display modes, in this particular case.. Blend mode that you can see both IR and visible pictures together. This is an IR image. You can see a visible camera image. You can also have a Picture-in-picture in these particular case, the IR image is superimpose to your visible image. I just introduce to you a few key handheld test instruments that can be use in an electronic troubleshooting workbench. These handheld instruments can bring value or complement to your existing benchtop test solutions. For more information on the handheld test instruments, please visit our campaign web page. Thank you.

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