Trying to Build a Vacuum Chamber

Hi! I like to run my Tesla coil in vacuum to see what happens to the arcs. Do they disappear because there is no air to create plasma? Or, do electrons glow on their own and create this mysterious rays of electricity? I bought this glassy thingy that perfectly covers my coil. So, all I need to do is to suck the air out of its cavity. I need to get a vacuum compressor. But, A REAL MAN MAKES HIS OWN COMPRESSOR! Otherwise, they are not very expensive to get. I have this old car tire compressor. Flipping its input voltage doesn’t make any difference. It still pumps the air out of the same hose. Which means that it’s sucking the air from everywhere else. All I need to do is to harness its sucking action. And I have a plan! I made a cardboard box to hold the pump. Now I just cut the excess hose. I drill a hole at its other end. Now I put the hose I cut in this hole and hot-glue it in place. Now I want to hot-glue all around it to seal it. But, to prevent the hot glue to get inside, I have to cover all the openings. Now it’s ready to be filled. [♯stereotypical Italian accent] And we put our pot on the oven and set it to high.[♯] And it’s on. Who turned this on?! [♯] Now we cook a fresh batch of hot-glue noodles to perfection! [♯] S**t! It’s dripping all over the place. F**k! Now it’s on fire! F***! [♯] Make sure it doesn’t burn on the bottom. [♯] [♯] Add more as needed to your taste. [♯] [♯] Aaahh… Lots of poisonous gases! I think it’s ready to serve. [♯] OK. Let’s start with a little bit on the bottom. I should tape these ends. Now we can do the rest. Ah. It’s a disaster. It’s leaking all over the place on the cabinets. I didn’t seal it well. Look at that. I poured a lot of water on it and it’s still liquid! At least lets do a quick test. Oh.. F**k! I forgot to turn the switch on! Where the f**k is that switch now? **** Damn it! The switch is molten. Ah.. F***k! S**t! I’ve melted the housing. Get out you s**t! Oh.. No! Look at that! Stupid switch! S**t! It’s finally out. But it’s broken. I have to …. I’ll just have to short the wires. F**k! This was a super hot and dangerous mess. Now it’s all dry. I have to bypass this switch because it’s broken. F**k! Seems like hot glue have leaked inside and is stalling the motor. Hmmm… You know, sometimes spending money saves you more money and time! Lets just waste a bit more time. Note to self: You can easily cut plastic when heating it up. Yeah! It’s been glued shot. What a sh*t-show! For once, I thought I could put something cool together like other decent channels. Instead this s***t… I should have sealed it better. I don’t want to buy a compressor for a stupid test. I know, maybe I can use a vacuum cleaner. I want to seal the glass to this piece of plexiglass. I wanna make an o-ring out of silicone. But first, I glue these pieces of wire on the surface Now I have these walls that my glass sits between them. Now I fill this track with silicone. And level the silicone. And let it dry. Now that it’s dry, we put another layer of silicone on. We put some liquid soap on the rim of the glass so it doesn’t stick to the silicone. Then we put the glass right on the liquid silicone. And let it dry. Now I’ll just pull these apart. Perfect! Probably the best seal ever! Just make a hole in there. Now I’ll try to pass some pluming through the hole. Seal the pluming with some silicone. Now add some legs. Obviously, these legs are too short. Just trying to add some AA batteries to the legs for additional height. Now, I make a bunch of holes in a ping-pong ball, using my soldering iron. An this is to block the … ventilation as I’ll show later. [Toxic gas coughs!] Here, I made this piece of art and I’ll glue it right here to make sure nothing gets sucked into my vacuum cleaner. Now I’ll test my vacuum chamber with a balloon, to see how much the balloon expands. Here’s the vacuum…. Seal it with some tape. There! [Vacuum cleaner noise] Wow! The result was negligible! Yah Yah Yah… S**t! [beeped insane swearing rage!] I need a real compressor. Maybe I can borrow one from work. There! If there is one thing that can suck hard, it’s this thing. I don’t have a drill that can drive a 0.5 inch bit. so I have to hand-drill. OK! Let’s hope I sealed everything well. [vacuum compressor noise] f**k! Piece of s**t! F**k! I’m done man! My plexiglass just broke in half under the pressure. I guess I have to stick to my electronics. Well, I almost made a vacuum chamber. I don’t think I want to repeat this. Even if everything else doesn’t break, at the end probably the glass will shatter under the pressure and make me blind or something. Forget about it! Isn’t my pain and suffering enough? If not, I’ll have some cool giveaways later this month for my patreons at Also, I’m making a special series of videos for them to enjoy. You can join them too. Thank you a lot for your support.

100 thoughts on “Trying to Build a Vacuum Chamber

  1. Wait, when he shocks himself, it's always actually on purpose for comic and/or educational effect. Always, right?
    watches this video
    Oh. No, sometimes he really does make a serious mistake.
    And then another one.

  2. Base made of aluminum would have avoided that catastrophic failure. I suspect the glass would break though, but a small leak would solve that problem. You won't get a perfect vacuum though, so that might be out.

  3. Life:
    Try to make something look nice , and save money. = Everything goes to shite.
    Slaps 2 things together , and say you will fix it later… 5 years and still holding…

  4. Please help I have a dehumidifier compressor to make a vacuum chamber but I am a lil confused on the wiring. It has 3 wires from housing . Looks like an overload thing…. how do I wire with that. I have used capacitor to power the overload or is that wrong???

  5. I love tjat this channel makes mistakes .. Because mistakes r crucial for success. Irs so funny his reactions. Very entertaining

  6. I was wondering why he didn't just put it in plexiglass conceal the plexiglass. Apparently to entertain the hell out of us

  7. So much messy hard work then no success you did you not put it in glass jar and then shield it !!😊😊

  8. ok first off all you had to do was take apart the air compressor and swap what side the rubber flap was on …… just saying

  9. Well this episode turned from trying to make a vacuum to Breaking Bad and then back to trying to make a vacuum and this all happened reaaal fast

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