Turn Your Analogue SLR Into a Digital Video Camera with “I’m Back”!

I’m back turns your old SLR
into a digital SLR. cinema5D at Photokina 2018
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for all your video needs. Canon, live for the story. Tilta, arm your camera. And CVP, your one-stop shop for cine,
video, photo and more. Hi, this is Nino from cinema5D, we’re
here at Photokina 2018 at “I’m Back”. And this is Samuel, you’re back?
or what is back? Explain to us what’s back. -No, I’m Back is an invention, my invention. I created it for the old cameras,
for return back… -So for analogue cameras. -Yes, analogue cameras. -A digital back. -And now it’s possible, the dream
for many years, a digital back for analogue cameras. -So, basically we can reuse
old analogue cameras? -Yes, mi idea. -And make them digital,
in a way, with this. -Yes, this is very important,
it’s not for stop using film. Because the film is beautiful. This is to try different forms
to make a video, or photo. Because this is a very, very old camera. It is a Leica M2, okay? Leica M2 is very old. But today is possible to
make a video with an old camera. -So, tell me how this works? I have this little piece,
is a focusing screen. -This has the size of the old
analogue negative, 35mm. -Exactly, is very important. You don’t have crop in your photo. You have a photo of 36 mm. You have a full frame area. -Yeah, so, basically what happens
there’s a mirror inside, I guess. And this mirror is filmed with
a very tiny camera, which you said it’s the GoPro size. -You have a little sensor,
you have a great area. -Wow! And you have a full frame photo. -Or video. -Or video, it’s amazing! Because you have a video
with the old cameras. -And it also offers different
video resolutions, like a “fake 4k”? -A “fake 4k”. -It’s a little bit less, it’s like 2880
pixels. -But you have videos, I have
the videos in my website, The video is very different,
you have the grain in video, digital film and the grain, no pixel! -Yeah, it looks very analogue,
although it’s digital. -Listen to me… don’t talk
about pixels to me, because I’m very tired. Pixel! Pixel! Pixel! Speak more about the “Wow,
beautiful your video!”, “Wow, Beautiful your photo!” right? -How did you get the idea
to this whole thing? Did you have a lot of analogue cameras
lying around that were not used anymore? Are you a photographer? -I have a little Museum, I have Nikon,
Pentax, Leica, Minolta. I have a bag with ten analogue
cameras here. -So, this is also supporting
a lot of different old cameras? -90% of cameras. Because I have a little adapter. I created a little adapter
for different cameras. -Can you show how you
remove it from the camera? -Yes, I remove the unique part
for removing your camera… Wait, very important:
don’t mess your camera. My idea is I release the back but
I don’t damage the camera. -It’s not damaged, so you can always
go back to the analogue film, if you want to. -Exactly. -It’s not a permanent thing. -I remove the back, I put
my back for OM-4 Olympus. I put it here and inside, here. I adjust this piece and after I close this, and your camera now it’s digital. -That’s amazing! And it’s very simple and straightforward. -Simple, very simple. -You guys started the first generation
of this with a Kickstarter 2 years ago? -Yes, 3 years ago I started
my first Kickstarter campaign. And my first campaign was not successful. -Then you tried again. -I tried again, and in my second campaign
I got 2000 for funding. -So, you saw that there’s interest. Yes, I made many prototypes, from Japan,
from Israel, United States, Germany. And after that, I continued. And I realized that the prototypes used
the Raspberry Pi. -The Raspberry Pi? Not this one, okay,
the former version. -Yes, the older generation. -So, you programmed everything, you made
the hardware and you also develop the software? -Yes, I’m crazy, okay. -Now, you did another campaign
this year which was successful. But now you are in production,
I understand? -Yes, and then the next campaign
was a very big success, because I have 200 or 300%
in Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. It’s very very good. And now I am in production
with my partner… …my partner, hello! in China. It’s very big now, it’s in production. -Can you say already when it will
be available to buy from B&H? Today, no. In one or two months, yes. -In one or two months, okay. -Two or three months. -What’s the price for this? -What’s the price for this now. -Approximately. -Suggested price, $299 dollaras. For $299 you have a digital camera. -From your old one. My Leica was $1,000. -Well, thank you Samuel. And thanks everybody for watching,
we’re excited to test this, once it’s finished. And stay tuned to cinema5D for more
news from Photokina 2018. And please subscribe to our YouTube
channel, if you haven’t already. -Bye bye, I’m Back! -He’s back.

100 thoughts on “Turn Your Analogue SLR Into a Digital Video Camera with “I’m Back”!

  1. His inner dad came out with the "don't talk about pixel to me" line. Very cool effect. I can think of a few videos where I used a retro vhs layer over that I would've much rather preferred this look for. Thanks for giving him some screentime.

  2. But…. We have had digital backs for some time. But you lock your mirror up, do you? So the viewfinder becomes useless.

    I just crew my BMPCC ontop the prism. Or my LF camera with a printed back to MFT adapter.

  3. I would like to thanks cinema5d for giving some space to my father talk about his project and thanks to everyone who give him support!
    He's a cheerful, reaaaaally funny, crazy man, who keeps trying hard to do his best and to realize his dreams!
    Since I've my first memory with him I always saw him with a camera shooting everything around him, a true photography lover I must say! 😅
    I'm Back is a project he's been working on a lot to make it real. Thanks again for your kind comments (even the bad ones, those makes us doing even better for the future).
    He's putting all his energy and time in this, so let him know what you think and if you can meet him you will make a new friend for sure 😊

  4. I'm a self entitled millennial who knows nothing of the ways of the past like film shooting… but this is actually pretty cool. Like… It's such a cool idea!

  5. I like his enthusiasm, but why would anybody want this product? I already have a digital camera that is capable of recording video and my film cameras are for shooting film.

  6. This is one of those things that many may not be interested in now but in say 2 or 4 generations of the design from now will be completely badass. I would love to bring my 38-year-old AE-1 back to life as a digital camera. And to get that video film look direct to digital will be worthwhile for many film makes i’m sure. Love the passion here. I wont be an early adopter but watching with interest. Did anyone see if mentioned there was an HDMI out. That screen is very small and would prefer to shoot to an Atmos.

  7. i really don't understand this project. and i'm not trying to be hater, i swear. Ok, vintage lenses are really great, they have interesting character and render in novel ways. i love them! film is amazing, i love shooting film, i've never stopped i love digital but i don't see myself ever stopping shooting film it's just cool. it looks good. it gives a certain aesthetic that can't be totally quantified. old camera bodies? i love them. they're cool, they're nice in the hand and it's always surprising to see how well designed these older cameras are. but here's the deal: vintage lenses work as well on digital bodies as they do on digital bodies. a digital sensor? well that's whats in a digital camera. so adding it to a film camera's body doesn't really do much other than put into play the limitations for the shutter, the stabilization, the sensitivity limitation inherent to older bodies. i don't think there's an aesthetic advantage to the shutter mechanism in older bodies, do you? now the usability. add a bunch of weight, change the shape of the body, incorporate vital features into an added on to a not properly considered design. now: how many photos would you have take to justify the cost of this thing versus just winding some film through it. so the whole desire to use an older camera body in a digital context seems to be zeroed out by the design of the product it would make more sense to just shoot film. i love my vintage camera body but i'm not planning to buy this, i'll spend that money on film and just adapting my lenses to digital cameras.

  8. God this make shift attachment made of hot glue and zipties can do 4K video with no crop and the EOS R can't… Come on Canon

  9. I'm not hating, but the concept does not make sense at all. Using a Leica + lens to project an image to a 35mm focusing screen and then filming that from behind with a tiny digital sensor does not really make it fullframe. You would have to replace the focusing screen with a true fullframe digital sensor in order to not lose any image quality from those great Leica lenses.
    By the way, the whole assembly is quite big and old Leica cameras/lenses are expensive as hell anyways.

  10. Been waiting for this for a long time! There is definitely a market for this. I wish you luck and cant wait to try it myself! Would love to see one for medium format cameras.

  11. Hi Moni..I'm interested,yet i was trying to understand what's it's really about,yet that guy interviewing him kept interrupting and leading the conversation..

  12. The opening reminded me of a production i was in.
    A line was
    "I love you and i want you back" but was delivered as,
    "I want you and i love your back"
    Also, I've been waiting for this innovation for my FM2.

  13. Price is a little bit high, you can get a second hand camera in good shape totally digital for USD100. Buuut never the less this guy made it he made what so many other companies couldnt, not kodak, no digital film, no canon nikon, etc. Like someone said, with some glue and craftmanship he made the imposible, or at least the unthinkable. Good job!!!!

  14. which way is better? put a crappy digital sensor into a film camera or just use a fucking vintage lens on a modern digital camera.

  15. 真得这个太好了,虽然用得不是一块全幅传感器,但是至少可以把手上得胶片相机转换成数码得。其实如果能直接换成全幅传感器,我相信柯达能再倒闭一次【哭笑】

  16. Even I think making any 35mm film camera digital is a must because 35mm film cameras are obsolique. If someone came up with this 35mm digital film invention must be done as soon as possible.

  17. I would love a digital insert that fits like a film cartridge in my grandfathers old camera so I can actually learn how to use it.

  18. Now that is a great one to have. Great for making long YouTube movies and videos. Even using a 500GB mini storage card is the best one to get for making your own independent movies. The YouTube founders and owners love to use this for great YouTube distributed independent movies. Not only for YouTube, but also for Dailymotion and others. A perfect 5 star rating all the time!

  19. HI NINO!!! HI GUYS!!! I'm Back….MY NEW LOW COST I'M BACK FOR MEDIUM FORMAT AT A KICKSTARTER!!! GO! GO! GO!!! As you may already know, I'm releasing I'm back to the medium format, not only for the classic Hasselblad or Pentax 645, but for legendary cameras like Mamiya rb 67, Mamiya c330 (bi optic), Rolleiflex (bi optic), Bronica and others I'm still drawing. VISIT MY KICKSTATER PAGE!!! CLICK HERE; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/samellos/im-back-low-cost-medium-format-digital-back?ref=1mpy0o

  20. Great character. Great idea. I wish a more high end version (FF) that doesn’t remove the back would emerge.

  21. Hi. Looking for this convert device. Where can I find and buy it? I have Yashika 2000, is it compatble with it?

  22. Here is a great video using a Nolab style Digital Super 8 Cartridge & Raspberry Pi module. Here is the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1aDfU4xS58

  23. I'm sorry, but this is the dumbest thing I've seen in a while. Have a film camera? Use film. Want digital, get a digital camera.

  24. At last after a long time a universal digital back for film cameras.It means a new life for my several Nikons ,Mamiya Canon and many other cameras . Thank you very much .

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