Two Time Saving Tools

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to talk about two really
good tools that can make car repair much easier, now people are always asking
me, how can you work on these modern cars, there’s no working room, you can’t even
get your hand in places, but there’s tools that can compensate for that, and
this flux gearwrench is one of them, it’s got a regular open end wrench, but it’s the
other end that’s important, it’s flexible and it’s very thin, but it has a ratchet
inside, this particular one is made by a company called gearwrench, but there’s
lots of them out there, you can take your pick, and here’s how it helped me on this
job, I had to change the alternator on this Toyota echo and the bolt that holds
on on the bottom is close to the frame so that gives you two choices, you can
take the motor mounts out, Jack the engine up in the air, and then have room
to get it with a regular socket, that’s pretty much a gigantic pain, I’d rather
use one of these flex wrenches to get to it easier, to get to the bottom bolt you
reach down under here and use the wrench and stick it on, since it’s so thin it
doesn’t matter how close it is to the firewall, you just put it at an angle and
start pulling, then the ball comes out nice and easy we don’t have to deal with
jack and engine up and down, thanks to this nice little tool, now you notice
I’ve got a whole set of them and if you want the truth, I didn’t buy any of them
I got them sent to me free, but then of course you might, say great Scotty gets
free tools, what good does that do me well I can actually do you a whole lot
of good, because with over 83 million YouTube views, people always send me
tools and I try them out, as you can see with my messy and totally filled up
garage full of tools, where even the tool drawers are overflowing, I get to check out
all the tools, first the good ones I make videos about, the bad ones they end up
into recycling bin and are never heard from again, and yes I admitted my garage
I have tools and I’ve never even used, people send me to them, but I never had a
use for them, so I never had to you them, and in a case of these gear wrenches,
yeah I’ve got some of these that I’d never used, so you can make more sense and
buy only the ones that you need, so let’s say you work out on Japanese cars, well
you’d want to get a 10 a 12 and a 14 millimeter, because those are the ones
that they use, that are commonly hard to get to bolts, you don’t need to have a
whole set like me, although the whole set does look cooler, now the other cool tool I’m
going to talk, about are these vampire adjustable pliers, now the main problem
with pliers are, especially these slip ones, are they often slip, because the
teeth get loose and they start slipping on the bolts and you can rip your fingers
apart, they do have some serrations here but when you look at them head-on, they’re
just flat and they often slip and rip your fingers, but if you check out these
vampires, they look like little piranhas, they have actual teeth in the
front, so they grab and they don’t slip but my favorite uses are getting these
stupid radiator clamps off, since they have great bite, when you grab them and
squeeze, they all come popping off, they easily slide off, I can’t tell you how
many times when I use the old pliers they slip and I’d rip my knuckles, I
haven’t tore my knuckles at all using those I’m sticking by them, they have
all kinds of uses, like if you have a rounded out screw or a bolt, you can just
grab it and it comes right off, you don’t have to worry about strip bolts, this
will grab them really good, you can pull them without them slipping, so continuing
my effort to help you fix your car easier, now you know about two really
cool tools, that can help you do it, but I have to admit a little self interest in
this one, I’m a tool addict, I’m addicted to tools, so if you have any interesting
tools, why not send them to me, if I like them I might even make a video about them
and help everyone else out, because really, tool addiction is a victimless
crime I remember you got any questions just
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100 thoughts on “Two Time Saving Tools

  1. HI Scotty. I don't have 83 million youtube video views and I'm poor AF. In the video your said a person could buy a few of those gearwrenches to start wth depending on what they drive. What two or three sizes should I start with to get at the challenging hard-to-reach bolts in a 2006 Impala?

  2. Scotty, do you have a video presentation on how to know if it's time to change some hose around the engine? For example when the oil begins to leak on some of the rubber hoses.

  3. Never had a problem with duralast alternators (autozone) I've used on my personal cars and we used them occasionally at the shop i worked at tho did have a problem with Napa alternator 3 times on same car by the way just saying

  4. Not exactly a tool but I found a wire hanger cut and bent into a pole with a hook on the end is good for getting things back out that you drop in the engine but don't fall through to the ground. I dropped my engine oil cap and it fell between the engine and the belt and I got it out with the wire hanger.

  5. Damn scotty someone needs to send you a new toolbox and some organization skills. How do you find anything in that mess?

  6. Things I used in this video:
    1. Flex Gear Wrench Set:
    2. Vampire Plier:
    3. Common Sense
    4. 4k Camera:
    5. Mini Microphone:
    6. My computer for editing / uploading:
    7. Video editing software:
    8. Thumbnail software:

    ๐Ÿ› Check out my Garage to see what I use every day and highly recommend:

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  7. 30 dollar pliers. Those will be the tool I don't buy and Regret 5 times a year and have bloody hands for. Can't bring myself to buy them. But will likely suffer because I'm not.

  8. I have a pair of chemistry tongs, they are great for retrieving nuts and bolts that end up lodged in tight places.

  9. I love tools so much I went to a machine shop class to learn to make them. I feel inadequate without tools around. I would admit this on national TV.

  10. First of all Id never recycle or throw away a tool no matter how bad it was. Secondly itโ€™s usually much cheaper to buy a whole set than one wrench at a time. A set of 20 standard gear wrenches is about $50. Buying just one 3/4 inch gearwrench could cost you $12.99. Makes no sense to buy individual

  11. Lol "people send me to them". He meant to say, "people send them to me". He misspoke. Maybe I should focus more on the content of the video…

  12. My brother-in-law and his wife are always fighting over his addiction for tools. It's the "other woman" in their life. 30% of his paycheck goes to the Snap-On truck guy.

  13. Bought myself an old Porsche, it was then I found out that I did not own very many metric size wrenches. I do now. LOL

  14. those vampire pliers look like they're very useful. they also look like I could make them with a grinder and a regular set of pliers

  15. my friends call me Tim the tool man! if I don't got it you don't you need it! I use too live on Snap on truck!

  16. It's not really possible to have too many tools, just not enough space to put them! It's a space problem, never a tool problem.

  17. That's going to be a new favorite quote – "Tool addiction is a victimless crime." As for the Vampliers … the Neji-saurus (made in Japan) are virtually identical and cost about 40% less.

  18. Scotty, tool addiction is NOT a victimless crime. I am afflicted as well and own many tools. Often when I buy a new toll I must use it right away, usually at the cost of a victim ( my car). I suck at car repair but I enjoy trying. The problem I come across is all mechanic don't want to touch a car after a custom bought a new tool to * fix* an issue on said car. So now I'm a victim as well that TWO victims. Thanks, love ur videos.

  19. I don't blame you Scotty I am not a mechanic and I just love having those tools too in case I have to do some light work in my vehicles. I have to admit I've brought a lot of tools in the last couple years and only used it about once or twice LOL.. Well at lease I'd used it.

  20. I work part time at a Mitsubishi garage. Yes, 10, 12 and 14mm bolts are very very common all over the Mitsubishi trucks, SUV's, hatchbacks, everything

  21. Hey Scotty,
    In one of your videos you mentioned that you shouldn't get a Bluetooth OBD 2 device for your phone.
    Could you tell me why and what exactly can go wrong? Because I mean, they are really cheap ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks in advance

  22. Why not have a free tool giveaway, drawing for the tools you dont test or need? instead of throwing them away. Or would that be a liability for the company/manufacture that sent them to you?

  23. Irwin Stripped bolt remover. They come in sets. If you have already stripped out the head on a stuck bolt..these Sockets might save your A$$.
    They dig into the bolt as you…lefty Loosey.

  24. Scotty, do you have a recommendation for the best way to organize your sockets? I have multiple sockets of the same size, different drives, different socket depths, etc.

  25. Stanley makes a rotator ratchet that you can simply twist the handle to rotate the bolt and remove it. That makes a huge difference if you don't have any room to do it the old fashioned way

  26. I disagree…. I am a victim of tool addiction. In fact you might say I'm a tool junky.
    P.S. where can I get the vampliers?

  27. Well said scotty ,,i love tools 2 bc they r making me a great home mechanic ,,i love all your vids man always helping us all ,,yeah you are right i do that sometimes i buy some tools right at the moment when i need them everything is close to me ,,advance auto,reylis,autozone all of them less tham 2 miles away ,,i also get great tools at home depot 6 miles away

  28. Hi Scotty. I have a 1993 Cadillac Deville. I attempted to perform a tune up and was only able to replace the front spark plugs and wires. Are there any tools/methods I can use to get the back plugs without having to drop the motor or use jacks? Thanks!

  29. I am relly in need of tools have some but can't spend any money on them. I have two kids and just don't have anuf money

  30. I have cut many a DIY "access" port in fire walls and inner fender walls with hole saws and saws-alls' to get at hidden fasteners. Work done I close 'em up with sheet metal, pop rivets, silicone sealer and a shot of spray undercoat. My cars/trucks only. I refer to them as, "Engineering Enhancements".

  31. You should donate any crappy tools to a local shop or college. Hell even a young mobile mechanic that's trying to get a start. Sometimes any tool is better than none. You can always use a cheap spanner/flat blade to cut down or bend for tough to reach jobs. Beats destroying a good set of tool.

  32. "tool addiction is a victimless crime" said no city contractor who had their tools stolen by other contractors on big job sites

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