U.S. Air Force: SSgt Joshua Craig, Missile and Space Systems Electronic Maintenance

I went to college and I got out and I was
succeeding but I didn’t like what I did, but I can honestly say I get up every
morning excited to go to work. My name is Staff Sergeant Joshua Craig and I’m a
missile and space system electronic maintenance technician. The cruise
missile plate is pivotal to the nuclear mission because the B-52 is an awesome
aircraft and it can reach out and go anywhere in the world. Our job here is to
make sure that those missiles are ready any given moment to be employed if
necessary. I’d say the most challenging part of this career field is you kind of
have to know a little bit about everything. We don’t just do electronics,
we don’t just work on the jet engine, we’re really the one-stop-shop for these
cruise missiles. Teamwork in the charisma flight is really how we get
things done. It’s not something that one individual can go do, so you have to
be willing to work with others, you have to figure out how to use your best
skills and your teammates’ best skills to make the best team possible. The people
who work in the nuclear side of the Air Force, we’re the best because we have to
be. In order to be a person who’s going to be able to excel at our career field,
you’ve got to be determined. You can’t come into it thinking this is a
nine-to-five job, I show up Monday through Friday, I go home. It’s not that.
It’s whatever the mission requires and so you have to be committed to what we
do here if you’re going to excel. It’s not for everyone, but if you want to do
something that no one else does, if you want to do something that only a few
people in the world will ever see, you want to work with the best, then this is
the right career field for you. It’s awesome to be part of it and know that
you’re responsible for ensuring the safety of the United States and making
sure that those who would want to do us harm, they’re going to think twice
because they know that we’re here doing our job. My name is Staff Sergeant Joshua
Craig and I am an American Airman.

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