Ultimate Home Automation System with Google Home & Alexa. Smart Home Tour Setup Ideas Devices DIY 18

Ok Google I have a headache Let me dim the lights Thanks that would help In this video I am going to go over my ultimate
home automation system, Everything I did to make my house a smart home tour. In this corner
I am going to put everything you need to have to duplicate the command that I just gave
including the apps and the products. Below this video there will be links to every single
product that I have listed in this video. Ok Google Set living room lights brightness
to 20 percent. You got it setting six lights brightness to 20 percent. To control your lights you can use smart light
bulbs or smart dimmer switches. Ok google set living room lights brightness
to one hundred percent. Smart Bulbs tend to do more tricks and smart
switches tend to be more practical Ok Google set living room lights to daylight. This changes the light color to a more cool
tone. Ok Google set living room lights to moon light. If you pay attention real closely here the
lights here get more yellow. Ok Google Turn off living room lights. For this command you need a smart bulb and
can’t do this with just a switch. Ok Google turn on downstairs lights. I’ll
turn them on. Here I use the stringify app so one command
cascades to a bunch of operations. In this case it turns on a lot of different lights. Ok Google Turn off kitchen lights. You got
it. My Kitchen lights are all on a smart dimmer
switch not smart bulbs Ok Google set living room light 2 to on. My living room lights are smart bulbs and
not smart dimmer switches. Ok Google Turn off Fireplace. This is one of my favorite tricks. Ok Google turn on the fireplace. And it took finding the right switch to make
this fireplace work. Ok Google Close the garage Door. Gotcha Now let’s fast forward. Most current garage
doors can be modified with a product I have listed below. This device does not require
a hub but runs on its own app. Ok Google Lock the front door. I have it set up so my voice can only lock
the door. Otherwise breaking in would only take yelling into my home to unlock it. Ok Google turn on the entry lamp. Some people use motion sensors for stuff like
this. There are just too many exceptions so it always turns on when I don’t want it too. Ok Google tell pet net to feed my dogs one
half cup. Okay I am feeding C O R B E L L E one half cup Normally I have the feeder set up on a timer
but sometimes I like to use the voice as well. Ok Google set downstairs thermostat to cool. There are better thermostats than this but
this one came with my home and voids the warranty if I change the thermostat. Ok Google set the downstairs thermostat to
80 degrees. Sure setting the downstairs thermostat to 80 degrees. I had to fast forward the corner screen you
see here so its not actually in real time. I will link to better ones below. Alexa tell Deebot to start Cleaning. Smart Vacuums take a bit to get used to but
we love the daily clean Okay now your deebot is cleaning. Alexa tell deebot to stop cleaning. Ok your
deebot has stopped. Alexa tell Deebot to return to charging. This takes a minute so I’ll Fast Forward but
deebot always returns. Okay now your deebot is charging. Here I used
Alexa. I love Alexa for certain things like speakers. However, Deebot will soon be completely
compatible with Google Home. Ok Google Turn on the TV. On it If you don’t have a current Smart TV you need
a specific Hub to do this command And this following command right here is why
I mainly use Google Home. Ok Google Play E.S.P.N. On master tv. Alright
Playing E.S.P.N. From YouTube TV on Master TV. I am able to Navigate and Channel Surf with
my Voice on YouTube TV. I cant do that with Alexa yet. Ok Google Rewind thirty minutes. I like the voice controlled rewind and fast
forward feature better than tv remotes. Ok Google set master TV volume to 70 percent. Ok Google watch ABC on Master TV. I can surf by saying the channel or by saying
what exactly I want to watch Ok Google watch the warriors basketball game.
Sure Obviously this makes me very happy. No more
trying to find the channel a program is on just say the name of the program. Ok Google turn on Stranger things on Netflix
on master TV. Alright stranger things from Netflix playing on master TV. You can even tell it a certain season or episode
to play Ok Google I have headache. Let me dim the
lights. I use IFTTT app here for the unique request
that I gave and then stringify dims, turns off, and yellows the lights optimal for when
I have a migraine. Ok Google Set the Mood. Ooo La La -Once again IFTTT sets the unique response
and then stringify turns on the lights and starts the fireplace if it isn’t already on
like it was here. Ok Google Play have you ever really loved
a woman on spotify. On Master. Would you like that to play on master TV. Yes. Alright have
you ever really loved a woman from spotify playing on You can also get smart speakers or Alexa and
Google home have really good sound too. Ok Google We’re leaving. See you later -Once again IFTTT sets the response then I
have stringify set a timer to give enough time to leave through the front door then
the front door locks and everything turns off behind me. In case I leave in a care I
don’t have it close the garage door. The possibilities are endless But you can make it do what makes
sense for you. For example I have a set up so my Specific
Doorbell Camera Turns on the porch light when it senses movement but only during nighttime.
But you can have it turn on an entry way light or play a welcome song or whatever you want. Ok google time for bed. You Rest I will turn
everything off. The last thing I want to do in life is lock
the door and turn everything off when I am tired so this is my favorite command. Alone
this is worth it. All the products are linked to below this video and I will answer your
personal home automation questions below. Come back if you need specifics on what I
used. Subscribe to me or my wife’s makeup channel and like this video.

99 thoughts on “Ultimate Home Automation System with Google Home & Alexa. Smart Home Tour Setup Ideas Devices DIY 18

  1. Hi, in my opinion, the purpose of home automation is not remote fancy control !! that's a big mistake that usually people do !! it is better than follow IOT (Internet of Things ) rule for home automation

  2. Try to get all smart switches… honestly smart bulbs with a reg switch are useless. Nice setup though. Try to setup the home automation to be completely automated without giving out commands by using motion, timers, door sensors, leak detector, etc. It has to be an auto ecosystem. Ill give u a few ideas that I have. 1. Inside my AC unit I have a water leak detector that is inside a tray and is setup via Pistons that in case the drain pipe gets clogged and water start to leak..the sensor will automatically send me a text, email with a message and it will automatically turn off the AC unit. 2. All the outside lights are controlled by timer via ST app + GE zwave outdoor plugs. It will turn on all the lights and at a specific time, then turn it off. 3. My front porch comes on at sunset via ST app and smart switches. Then one Phillip bulb that is just in front of the door goes off 20 mins after sunset. This light will only come on only motion is sense near the door, or the front door is open (via door sensor). 4. My bathrooms have a humidity sensor that when we are taking a shower it will automatically turn on the exhaust fan until it drop the humidity to a certain degree. 5. Kitchen backsplash lights comes on at 6am until 9pm. From 9:01pm to 5:59am it will only come on if motion is sense by the kitchen. Those are some tips you can use. For the rest, yes you ask Alexa or Google to turn on tv, lights, dim the lights etc. Keep up the good work.

  3. Great demo's!!!, I'd suggest muting the 'Ok Google' command for those trying to follow along and may already have Google home devices. Each time you say the words it triggers my Google home to respond. Yes I can turn off the mic but that would mean turning it off and on repeatedly every time I want to test something you've shown us.

  4. i logged in for the sole purpose of commenting that i agree with illuminaughty and this dude's body language pisses me off. i appreciate the video though, thanks!

  5. I'm so jealous of how well Google Home works in USA! The French version is really bad, it can barely turns on the lights and answers almost no questions.

  6. Nice video man, already shared it! 🙂 Just got an echo dot to join my google home, so naturally I am looking for cool things to do with them!

  7. How did you get the set the mood to work, I can’t get my google home to follow as yours did. I have a Lutron bedroom switch and a fireplace plugged into a ihome outlet. Any ideas

  8. Thanks for the video. I am just getting started creating a smart home. The first things I want… smoke co2 detectors, video doorbell, front door lock and (2) thermostats. Where do I get started?

  9. Dear Friend, Thanks for your video ,could you also help us to review our smart pordcut www.zemismart.com If you like our prodcut ,pls send email to me [email protected] for review details, Rearlly thanks.

  10. No smart displays in your set-up? That's surprising! I upgraded my main smart speakers to the Lenovo Smart Display – no regrets at all I love having a screen!!

  11. How did you set up actions when your camera has motion? I would love to have my google home compatible cameras to show up on my home hub when there is motion in the driveway. That way I can see who is there and able to greet them at the door.
    my cameras field of view is the big driveway in front of my garage… I also am using homekit and home assistant (HASS iO).

  12. I can do with Alexa : Navigation to channels on Samsung TV, Control light dimming or color moods, Control theromostat, I need more gear and I use the Broadlink RM Pro+ Hub which is 35€ on Amazon. I couldn't do it with my curtains yet but it may be a compatibility issue.

  13. How does changing your stat void your warranty??? Is it the houses warranty
    The furnace/ac warranty?? I’m so confused there’s no way that’s gonna be a deal breaker when buying or renting a house 🤔

  14. all that shit is a total waste of money and time. much simpler and faster to just do it all yourself.

  15. I had to turn the mic off of my Google Home while watching this. I'm should play this video on repeat when I am away from home so I don't get robbed while I'm on vacation.

  16. this was so cringe to watch with all the arm movements and whatever noises came from your mouth. you aren't cool with your stupid trash home automation.

  17. For the love of god, PLEASE Bleep out the « ok google » voice command from your video! My home automation house was going nuts!

  18. Quick question: how do you setup your google home to only respond to your voice for locking doors and garage door opening? Are you not afraid that someone with a voice that is similar to yours will be able to yell themselves in?

  19. I love how he's cheering/celebrating every time the smart home does what he asks it to. As if it wouldn't, even though he has clearly used those commands countless of times. It's not a free throw or a FG or a penalty kick….his setup is sick though

  20. has the Stringify app been retired or out of development or re-named or something? I do not find it in the Google Play store at all. All it is finding is the IFTTT app, SmartThings, and MQTT Dash…

  21. WOW what are the chances, I literally just came across this video today; then could not find the Stringify app. Then googled it and found this-literally this article just came out today!
    Looks like thanks to Comcast, Stringify is going in the dumpster. 🙁


  22. Man!!! Stop saying ok google in your video, keep the damn thing silent, couldn't watch more than 1 min of the video

  23. IMPORTANT STRINGIFY UPDATE: You will need to start using WEBCORE instead of Stringify because Stringify was bought out. The good news is Webcore is WAY more powerful and customizable than Stringify. But unfortunately Webcore is more difficult to use. You will have to watch videos on how to install and use it. ONCE you do join the webcore community to learn how to use IFTTT to voice control and do everything else. Click on the description above to see all the products I use.

  24. I have Google home mini and c by GE smart lights. I would like to be able to turn on a light at sunset without a voice command.

  25. great video! what’s your tv setup in the beginning? i have google home and youtube tv, and i’m trying to find the best voice control setup for them.

  26. great video! what’s your tv setup in the beginning? i have google home and youtube tv, and i’m trying to find the best voice control setup for them.

  27. great video! what’s your tv setup in the beginning? i have google home and youtube tv, and i’m trying to find the best voice control setup for them.

  28. Rick Buck, could(would) you mind assisting someone with designing a system like this for their home? My wife and I are closing on a house now and are wanting to make the entire house this way. Were both paraplegics and want the entire home system accessible for us.

  29. Too bad no girl is going to enjoy your company with all those pointy gestures and popping noises after you give all these commands. Lol jk

  30. Hey man! Can u make an Update video? I just bought my first apartment and i want to do this but i guess there new stuff now! Subbed aswelö

  31. I'm looking for an automatic toilet seat that will also flush once you get up or order the seat closed? Any suggestions. I think I can just use the auto flush technology out there but want the seat to open and close quickly.

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