uMake – Getting Started – Sketching Tools

Hello and welcome to another uMake Tutorial. In this tutorial I’ll be walking you through
the various Sketching tools you can find in uMake. The sketching tools can be found in the top
menu in uMake and the icons of them are various sketching tools. The fountain pen icon represents the Precision
Sketching Tool. The Precision Sketching tool is great for
creating perfectly vertical, horizontal, or diagonal curves that need to be straight. In addition to this if you want to create
a precision circle, or a precise arc, the precision tool enables you to do that with
ease. So if you have a drawing that is more technical
in nature, or requires the use of straight curves definitely use the precision tool. Now the Pen Tool, which the icon is a simple
pen is very good for creating smooth and clean curves. When you sketch with the Pen tool, your input
will be smoothed and corrected by uMake. The pen tool is really good for creating circles
as well and trying to predict squares and rectangles. But primarily, you will use the pen tool to
create more flowing and smooth curves like this. In addition, any curve that you sketch with
the pen tool can be edited. If you simply tap once you will see a bunch
of points connected by dotted lines. These points can be moved with ease – simply
tap and drag on any of the points and you can edit your curve that you drew. If you orbit around, you can move in different
axes to create a more three-dimensional and compound or complex curve. So when you work with the pen tool this is
primarily how you will create a more complex curve. Basically you sketch on one plane and then
you will move the points around. So that’s the basics of the pen tool. Now let’s move over to the Freestyle Sketching
Tool. As the pen tool automatically smooths and
tries to correct the curves, the Freestyle tool essentially does the opposite. It allows you to sketch with total freedom
there is no correction, you don’t have points that you can edit the curves later, but if
you just want a roughly sketch something out to get a rough idea of what you are trying
to communicate or what you are trying to design, the free style tool is really good for doing
something like that. It doesn’t correct anything, it doesn’t clean
anything up, it just gives you curves that you can use and then sketch over with the
pen tool later on. So I like this when I’m trying to figure something
out, and I don’t really want the autocorrection of the Pen tool. That’s why we have the Freestyle tool in uMake. So that pretty much sums up in a nutshell,
the various sketching tools that can be found in uMake and how to use them. I would definitely encourage you to watch
more tutorials, especially the one on sketch planes to learn how you can use these tools
with sketch planes to sketch in 3D space. If you have any comments, questions or feedback
for us, feel free to let us know! You can find us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram,
or Twitter, we love hearing from you guys. We hope this was helpful and easy to understand,
and we hope you have a wonderful day! Take care!

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  1. Thank you for the perfect tutorial. I Have one question: How can I delete part of the drawing done with the Freestyle Sketching Tool?

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