Unbearable Trump Tool Faceplants on Live TV

According Lewandowski is Donald Trump’s former
campaign manager. He testified, as I told you in front of a
house judiciary committee, this is being called a sort of impeachment hearing even though
it’s not really that and it’s not going to lead to impeachment. And I already gave you my criticism of the
hearing itself yesterday, but today I want to talk about the controversy over whether
networks like CNN and others should even be willing to host Corey Lewandowski after he
testified, he said during his testimony, he has no obligation to tell the truth to the
media. He was immediately booked on CNN multiple
times, right after testifying that he has no obligation to tell the truth to the media. But good for CNN host Alison Camerado, who
I believe is actually formerly a Fox News host. Uh, Corey Lewandowski was truly embarrassed
on live television. Now here, there’s a caveat to that word, embarrassed. I don’t know that quarterly Lewandowsky much
like Donald Trump is capable of feeling shame. So what I mean when I say he was embarrassed
as to anyone who has a proper barometer for what should cause one to feel shame. Corey Lewandowski was embarrassed on live
television by Alison Camerata. I think if you ask him, he won’t feel any
shame. I don’t think he’s, he’s able to, to feel
that he tried the no collusion, no obstruction line. This is a talking point that all of these
Trumpists have been using since the Mueller report came out. And Alison Camerata says, no, no, no. That is not what the Mueller report said. And then it’s immediately revealed that Corey
Lewandowski hasn’t even read the Mueller report. He’s lecturing Alison Camerata on what’s in
the Mueller report, even though he hasn’t read it. Here’s a something. Uh, here’s the first clip. It’s a, it’s a really [inaudible] dating. So you confirmed that you were asked to obstruct
justice. No else, please. This is not what I confirmed at all. By the way. The Mueller report was very clear. Uh, there was no collusion, there was no obstruction. The report said, Corey absolutely says that
you should read page. You should read the page that states that
on and and Bob [inaudible] too. Hold on a sec. Hold on a second. Timeout time. Now, did you read them all the report? No, I never did. Then how do you know what it says? Because the members of Congress were very
clear about what was in that report yesterday and so I’m reiterate. No, no, Corey, sorry. Did you read the report? I have to read the report and read the entire
report. Corey, of course. I had to read the entire report and let me
tell you what it said. Tell me there were 10 different examples of
obstruction of justice and their not. What it said, this didn’t, it did not say
there were 10 example of 10 examples of obstruction. Alison, you’re being disingenuous, Corey. Of course Alison Camerata is correct. I believe there were a 14 civil obstructive acts of which the row three
requirements were met on, I believe it’s eight, eight of the 14 obstructive acts, and it’s
interesting that Corey Lewandowski is choosing to use the word disingenuous. There’s this, Trump is who calls into my show
named Jimmy from Philly and he’ll call in when I take live calls and he, every time
I say something he doesn’t like or agree with, he says, I’m being disingenuous. This has become almost like a reflexive meme
for Trump as to where if you call someone disingenuous, they circumvent having to discuss
the actual truth or falsity of anything just by saying the person is being disingenuous
and therefore they don’t deserve to be listened to. That’s exactly what Corey Lewandowski is trying
to do here and I’d love to say, wow, Alison Camerata really did something amazing here. This is just basic journalism. It’s just happening so infrequently that in
a way we’ve become unaccustomed to it, but this is exactly the way that these lying,
I mean he admitted that he lies to media during his hearing under oath. Let’s take a look at how it continued. He seems to say, okay, those are obstructive
acts, but that didn’t come from the Mueller report, which of course it did. Here they are. Let me pull them up on the screen for you
since you didn’t read them all the [inaudible] promoter portal, please. Here we go. I’m not the more examples. When the President Asks Homie to let the Flynn
investigation go when he tried to stop sessions recusal that’s the one that you were involved
in. You may want to read that part. When he fired, call me. When the president tried to remove Muller,
when the president tried to get sessions to limit the probe. That’s another one you were involved in when
he obscured the purpose of the Trump tower meeting. When he asked sessions to reverse his recusal
asking began to deny attempts to remove Muller trying to influence cooperation of witnesses
including Flynn, Manafort and Cohen. Those are just some of the examples that scores
of legal experts say are obstruction of justice. How can legal experts make a determination
when they’re unfamiliar with all of the facts of the case? That’s a, that is so disingenuous to go and
make a predetermination as a quote legal expert without having the opportunity to hear both
sides of the case. There it is again, disingenuous attacking the character and motives
of people because you don’t like the fact that they’re presenting you to what is he
even talking about? People who haven’t heard the facts. The Mueller report said that the threshold
for obstruction was met on eight of those a possible obstructive acts. Let’s look at just a little bit more of this. How was that not a predetermination against
this president Larry genuis Horry it lays it out in the Mueller report. All of the examples that any regular citizen
would have been charged and convicted of if they were not a sitting US president. You know that part, right? I don’t know that to be true. What I do know is that Attorney General Barr
is the deputy attorney general of the United States decided that there was no obstruction
and I believe in attorney Gerald Bar. Unless you are saying they are trained. Gerald bar is not a qualified competent individual
that he and the deputy attorney general. This is a technique that they love. You aren’t saying that William Barr is unqualified
or incompetent, are you Alison Camerata but the issue was never qualifications or competency
with William Barr. It’s that bar is compromised, bar is partial,
bar is biased and he was brought in specifically as the hatchet man to prevent anything from
moving forward on the off chance that there was the possibility of any kind of charge
against the president moving forward. And the question I have for you is after looking
at this and after seeing Corey Lewandowski testify that he doesn’t have to tell the truth
to media outlets and regularly doesn’t. As we found out, my question to you is should
CNN keep booking habitual, persistent, uncontrollable, malignant liars like Corey Lewandowski? Because on the one hand you are legitimizing
their lying by booking them after they say under oath, I lie to the media all the time
and then you reward them by giving them more publicity and booking them on your channel. On the other hand, the counter argument would
be Alison Camerata did make Corey Lewandowski look really dumb here and maybe there is something
to be gained, some net benefit from exposing them in this way. I’m opening up the question to you. Let me know what you think. I’m on Twitter at the pacman. The show is on Twitter at David Pakman show
and this seems actually like a really great topic for an upcoming twitch stream. Please follow me at twitch.tv/david Pakman. If you have an Amazon prime subscription already,
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100 thoughts on “Unbearable Trump Tool Faceplants on Live TV

  1. We can't reward liars with more attention. That's how we got this president. And exposing a clown like this means nothing because nobody stands behind this guy, HE is the shield for the people behind him, too stupid to know it and again we all waste our time on him:( But after Kelly Ann Conway said "alternative facts" all bets were off. That felt like the definitive moment that lying was legitimized.

  2. Did CNN actually show the clip from the hearing when Lewandowski admitted in the hearing that he has no obligation to tell the truth to the media because he's "not under oath", THIS IS THE INTERESTING PART that CNN should show, to let people know what the Republicans are all about. If people start realizing that this is the building block of the entire Trump administration MAYBE, JUST MAYBE people will get a little lightbulb flashing in their head.

  3. As to your question David, I don't think there's any point interviewing a person who has already admitted that he can and will lie to the media at will, but they absolutely SHOULD show the video of his admission of lying to the media from the hearing and call him out on it, this is what people need to see!

  4. Lewandowski sounds like a theist flailing around trying to defend his position in the face of logic and facts with his own arguments from incredulity and authority.

  5. I'm so glad you asked David…
    NO! Having liars and disrupters and trump cronies who have already proven themselves to be incapable and uninterested in telling the truth on news networks when the only reason they are there is to get in as many lies as possible and to cast doubt on the truth about thier dear leader, and to attempt to discredit the hosts and the validity of proven facts that have been reported as such does no good for anyone involved.
    It's something that really bothers me. It's bad for the host, network, viewers, and the truth.
    Every time I find myself suddenly watching a shit show interview on CNN & especially MSNBC of Kellyanne Conway, the Mooch, Stephen Miller, or any other lying hack, I let the network know how I feel about it. I know I don't matter in the scheme of things, but I know I'm not the only one who feels giving these useless lying scum a legitamate platform to do thier dirty work against the truth should be banned.
    There is nothing to be learned by it.

  6. Corey is feeling emboldened from getting away with lying at the hearing. He’s gonna slip up thinking he’s invincible, it will be hilarious. He’s too stupid to keep up with the lies. Lol he doesn’t even know how to read.

  7. At some youll recognize that CNN and Fox embellish, overstate, exaggerate and omit parts of our reality the same way Hollywood does it in movies…because violence, confrontation, tribalism, sex, race and politics sell and they exist to profit not provide ‘truth’. Corey was on because people on the left will fist pump his getting attacked and their righty viewers will fist pump his fighting back. It’s ALL theatrical bullshit like a soap opera and while the simpletons fist pump our govt works solely for their donors.

  8. I thought the same thing about giving that self-confessed liar any exposure or face-time at all. He has the audacity of wanting to run for the senate……and the kicker is that republicans, even after the hearing, think he's a hero for frustrating the enquiry, and will vote for him. It's just mind boggling.

  9. It's better to not have him on for the sake of people who don't know the difference, and lack the critical thinking skills to figure out the difference, between the truth and his lies.

  10. A male going higher pitched is a primate begging for assistance. That's why females and children have higher pitched voices also. I haven't heard a guy do that since bullies getting called out in junior high.

  11. Corey Lying-dowski. Senate candidate with no obligation to tell the truth. Slogan. If it's not under oath, it's not the truth.

  12. Why don’t all of the journalists dealing with these liars just routinely use the specified title for each logical fallacy these idiots are using?

  13. I do enjoy watching these numbskulls look like idiots on live tv. It’s irritating at times because it’s unbelievable to see the lengths these people go to protect orange man. By looking like fools on national tv., I’m hoping it will change some minds to help make a difference in 2020 and remove the orange stain from office !

  14. Corey thinks he outsmarted Alisyn and yet showed the public how shameless and vile he and his ilk, namely Republicans and conservatives in this country, are.

  15. If you ignore them, then nobody from one side will see what a idiot the other side is learning from. The more knowledge we have the more prepared we all are. You have to know both sides before you can make your own decision for yourself

  16. Like bringing freaks like Rick Santorum on to talk shows. I hate it. He needs to be UNEMPLOYED!!! They're liars and waste our intellectual time!

  17. This dude is ridiculous! I was hoping they was going to hold his ass in contempt! But it’s ok, it won’t be much longer…. Trump is going to get smashed in the next election… if he doesn’t resign first! 😳 🤫

  18. Good question David. The media should cover liars from the Trump admin as long as the media can put up a qualified journalist to question them. Ideally someone with a legal background, since Trump seems to be pretty consistently breaking the law.

  19. The smugness of such an absolute idiot. To admit he didn't read it, and then act like he has the credibility to say "that's not what it says, but I didn't read it, but I can asure you thats not what it says." What a complete doofus

  20. The answer is yes! They should always allow Trump cock suckers on TV. Trumpturds barely watch CNN as is. Allowing the other team to embarrass themselves for all to see is always good. This is only going to energize people vote to get rid of Trump even more.

  21. The answer is no. I've been making the argument against giving idiots like Lewandowski a platform for a long time. There are many however, that believe they should continue to be brought on to defeat them in the battle of ideas.
    The problem is you can't have a discussion with dishonest actors.

  22. How is it possible that someone in his position hasn't read the Mueller Report?
    This is just a ploy – saying he hasn't read it is an excuse in advance. EVERY time he's asked questions about the report, he can claim ignorance and say he'll need to look into it….or some other equally lame response instead of answering the questions directly and immediately when asked.
    If he admits he has read it, there's nowhere to hide as the questions come and examples are given for him to comment on.
    It's OBVIOUS.

  23. She should have ended the interview with “and remember not to take anything this man says seriously because he openly admitted that he has no obligation to tell the public the truth.”

  24. Calling this video "Unbearable Drumpf Tool Faceplants on Live TV" actually gave us no clue as to who the video was about. It only narrowed it down to literally anyone who has spoken in favor of Drumpf on TV at any time. They're all unbearable tools.

  25. My friend threw out dozens of names of people who hung out at the schoolyard with us back in the day, and with whom he's remained in touch. He asked me to predict whether or not each was a Trumpist. Based on lack of education, racism, bullying, lying, and cheating, and other antisocial criteria, I was able to pick out all the Trump supporters except one.

  26. Chump Lewandowski has no cred… I say give more air time so he continues to embarrass himself publicly. He thinks he so smart… let him keep talking and expose himself as the conservative suck up that he is.

  27. He didn’t read nothing and said he didn’t read it, damn people so damn dumb. Hey people as long as you hate dark skinned people you will always be successful in life, you don’t have to read or write just say anything 😂 😆 🤣

  28. Having been in numerous institutions that I will not name.. I am pretty much an expert at reading people straight from the word go. That guy is a very bad liar and he wouldn't last a day in a penal institution, or virtually any institution where there are rules that you must follow.

  29. Black woman: please read this. (Indignant and rude)
    White woman: you're a fuckin liar. (polite and smiling)
    Typical genteel racist. And fuck his accent, I had enough of that shit in the Marines

  30. CNN booked multiple shows to get ratings on the first one and get bragging rights after Corey cancels any subsequent hearings. Ratings ratings ratings from our fracturing government.

  31. Speaking of "disingenuous", if the House Republicans really believed this argument — that the Mueller report exhonerated Trump — then why did they try to discredit Mueller when he gave his testimony? Why'd they attack it with arguments that it was a "witch hunt" if it came to the conclusion that there were no witches? That's dis-ingenuity.

  32. She should have just cut to the chase and said "Corey, everytime you visit Trump, do you spit, or do your swallow? That was a trick question, we all know you gargle…and now this commercial break, we'll be right back…"

  33. No, might as well talk to a wall, and it’s quieter because the wall doesn’t talk back.

  34. Sad times when we have such a dishonest AG in the position of top law enforcement position in the land. Barr is truly a disgusting pig.

  35. It'd be great if the legitimate news agencies would just stop having people on that lie so fluently. Not only does it give them a free platform for spreading their falsehoods, but they legitimize the practice of lying to those who might adopt their practice. Think of all the money these liars get paid by the network for each appearance they make on these shows. I'm sure it would screw up their news cycle if they didn't pander to controversy, but aren't there enough forward-thinking guests they could have on instead? Society needs to do better than all that.

  36. When you say citation needed to republican they lie and claim a source says something it does not say. To call them out because you know the source in question doesn't say what the republican claims is called holding them accountable. They need to go one step further and call them liars too

  37. Why won't you mention why he was on CNN? This guy lied under oath in congress and that's exactly why he should be grilled within an inch of his life.
    By the way, you can totally say Barr is incompetent. He held a press briefing before the Mueller report came out where he lied about what the report said. Barr cannot be trusted and there is reasonable evidence for that.

  38. That was text book Dunning Kruger.
    Alisyn: Have you read the Mueller report Cory?
    Cory: No
    Alisyn: ok well there's ten examples of obstruction listed in it.
    Cory: No there isn't.
    Me: How would you even know you foolish man baby. You haven't read the fkn thing.

    The term is often thrown around but in case you've never actually read about what constitutes the Dunning Kruger effect here it is in simple terms.

    As described by social psychologists David Dunning and Justin Kruger, the cognitive bias of illusory superiority results from an internal illusion in people of low ability and from an external misperception in people of high ability; that is, "the miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others."

    So Trumpists, this is actually a good starting point for you all to learn how to recognize when the person you're listening to is full of shit. There are a lot of grifters on the right. It's a necessary skill for all of us but especially if you are a Republican. At least if you don't want to be used as a Muppet for right wing propaganda anyhow. So here we go.
    When challenged on the facts of the Mueller report Cory precedes to argue about what is or is not in the report even though he had previously admitted to not reading the report. In other words he was lying about the facts because he is a grifter. He had no way to personally know what was or wasn't in the report but stated facts as though he did. Yay you just caught your first right wing grifter in the act. You get a cookie. Ok now, If someone has been proven a liar about one thing odds are they are lying about other things and you should not trust what they have to say until you get confirmation from another source about what that person claimed. If that can't be done odds are that claim was a lie. Follow this rule for everyone but especially those in the press and government. Including the president since he is a pathological liar.

  39. Honestly the journalists are soft balling these dumb interviews. Get someone like O'Neill. Stop leaving room for them to make dumb rants. Fuck, just ask him by what disingenuous is to him. What he means, then just move on as he tries to answer. Stop asking if they know shit, they don't.

  40. Has anyone considered smaller government with less power, to mitigate the impact on your life when someone you don't like gets elected?

  41. She did a good job. The strategy should be to get the last word after dunking on them hard, such as ending the interview after she read off the list of obstructions. The problem with keeping these people out of mainstream media is that they will be able to set the narrative in their own bubble even more effectively and you risk pushing some people who are on the fence into that bubble. It's a double edged sword because they are effective at controlling the conversation if the interviewer isn't prepared. The other problem is they will retreat into their bubble if questioned hard enough like Ben Shapiro or really most of them most of the time. Still, these fascists have to be met head on. The consequences later will be much worse.

  42. what's the point of calling these people in to testify if they aren't under oath? just another toadie with his head up trump's ass.

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