Visa Application: Denied or “On hold” Administrative Processing or Returned to USCIS Gen 75

This is Fred Wahl the Visa Coach Todays topic is: Your Fiance Visa Case is
it Denied or “On hold” Visa Coach Fast, Easy and Personal Hi. My name is Fred Wahl – I am the VisaCoach,
known for “front loaded immigration presentations” that tell YOUR story leading to fast and easy
approval AND the personal one-on-one attention you receive as my client. I invented the three step “immigration success
method” which anticipates the likely problems and skepticism
your case might face, and then squashes those issues by working together on the ideal
appearance of your case and preparation of my signature “front loaded
presentation” that tells YOUR story the way we WANT it heard. When properly implemented,
my method helps “win” approval for your visa even before the
interview starts. Todays topic is: Your Fiance Visa Case is it Denied or “On
hold” Consular officers are human too. Like us,
they prefer to avoid ugly scenes and confrontation. Unfortunately
this means that at the end of an interview where the visa
has not been approved often the “wishy washy” statements made by
the CO don’t let the applicant truly know whether he had been
denied or is on hold. Allow me to unravel the secret language of
the consulate Either “Administrative Processing” or “Sent
back to USCIS” If the CO says the “application is in Administrative
Processing” or AP, this means your application is still
in play. Either a document or evidence is missing, and the CO explains what it is and
asks the applicant to submit it as soon as possible, or the CO plans to have something
checked out. This could be a meeting with his supervisor, a phone call to confirm applicant
statements, independent verification of police clearances, additional background checks,
and so on. The time it takes for AP to be concluded (even
if only a simple document was missing, and promptly produced) is open ended. It might
be resolved in days, or many months. The best the applicant
can do is quickly and completely provide any requested evidences, then wait for results. Returned to USCIS=Denied If the CO says “the application has been returned
to the States”, or “returned to USCIS”. The application is
denied. Dead Jim, dead. If the consular officer adds any comments,
they usually are. “You can always file an appeal” “You can always file an appeal”. That is correct.
You can. As consular decisions are rarely (read never)
overturned, filing the appeal is a waste of both time and money. However the CO will say
that, not so much as helpful advice, but mostly as a way to get the applicant out of his office
without further fuss or delay. What should you do? First find out what is going on. The American
sponsor should email the consulate and ask them what the status of the case is. Simply
and directly ask: “is our case in administrative processing or was it denied?” If the answer is “administrative processing”
ask what you can do (if anything) to get the case back on track. Do it. Then wait. It’s
difficult to be patient, but that is the most realistic course of action. Ignore the Platitudes and get back to work If the answer is denied, ignore the platitudes
“you can appeal”, “USCIS will review your case” and get started on your next visa petition.
Nothing positive ever came of USCIS appeals or reviews. Unless you plan to abandon your foreign love,
you should reapply. This time make sure you do an overall better job, and especially pay
extra attention to and correct the issues that caused the denial, submit a STRONGER
petition.. When couples come to me, after being denied,
to help them for their second “at bat”, I first reconstruct what went wrong, then help
them plan a winning strategy for a revised, second attempt based upon my help, guidance,
and the effective use of my signature “front loaded” petition.. This was Fred Wahl, the VisaCoach Call me. Before starting on your immigration adventure,
before entering an arcane maze of rules, regulations and procedures, before commiting yourself
to a risky path that could mean an end to your happiness, speak with
the VisaCoach and ask for his Free Consultation. He listens to you to learn the red flags and
strengths of your case, your eligibility and goals.
He will suggest which visa is right for you, the best strategy to get it, and how soon
your love could join you. The friendly advice and wisdom he’ll freely
share with you, might make the difference between
approval and denial, and could save you months, or years, of lonliness and separation. What have you got to lose? Book your free consultation today.

69 thoughts on “Visa Application: Denied or “On hold” Administrative Processing or Returned to USCIS Gen 75

  1. hi visa coach. I check my status and this is my status

    ocument Was Returned To USCIS
    On June 15, 2015, the Post Office returned your document to us. We will hold your document for 180 days or until December 12, 2015. Please go to to request that we resend the document to you. If you do not submit an online request by December 12, 2015, we will destroy your document and you will need to file a new Form I-130, Immigrant Petition for Relative, Fiance(E), or Orphan, with fee. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address.

    is my case still on play ? what should I do?

  2. I also request or inquire to the site they give , that I didn't receive the documents because we moved at that time. do my case still might have a chance to be process?

  3. hi visa coach
    Visa officer said my visa not approved nor refused at the time of interview but he said need to verify case so , he is sending case to USCIS and return MY passport and I797 ?? 1 month over Case updated date changed one time

  4. Hello Visa Coach…

    I was interviewed at Chennai consulate on Jan 21st 2016 and the VO took my passport and gave me 221g and informed that my application needs a further administrative processing.

    I now have another employment offer which requires me to travel to the US.

    Since my case is in administrative processing and not definite when to be completed I am thinking of taking the new employment.

    If the current employer withdraws the B1 application even before the administrative process is complete and if the new employer files for a new visa will that be a problem?

    Also what chances of administrative processing again if the new employer files for B1 or L1 again

    What's your suggestion to me on my case?

  5. Hi Visa coach, uscis denied my petition for my fiancee because I didn't send the papers that say " intent to marry within 90 days" I sent these papers and AAO received so how long Will it take to prove my application? what should I do ?

  6. on June 16th 2016 my life my husband's life is like ripped apart from us taken away MS I don't know what to do the reviews because of our ages it was just discrimination and they can't do that if they gay people discriminate against gay people and some more of the reasons that aren't even relevant to our marriage I don't think I need help

  7. it's like she didn't even care she was working a lot I just need help with it was refused like I said because of our agents she can't do that she accused him of pay me to come to Canada she can't do that but you did there was more reasons I have them on my phone but he texted me he didn't even have a chance to fight for us she just did all the talking and it's like she kicked him out sayed are both flying and it's fine we have been married for 3 years I'm going on the floor they were still going to make it work we have to cuz we love each other but I would think he has a right to come to Canada I am the one who wants him to come here

  8. hello visa coach my husband is in administration process his interview was in juarez cause of his tattoos since june16 2016 what can we do

  9. Me in husband went to our immigration interview in a USCIS place in Royal Palm Beach, Florida(2014). They didn't grant him in approval everything has been on hold. In 2015 I received a letter intend to deny. Because my husband didn't state he was married before under oath. They wanted to know if he was free to marry me. He ended up sending his divorce papers. He got divorced to his ex-wife in 2006. And we got married in 2011. MY HUSBAND'S PAPERWORK IS STILL ON HOLD UNTIL THIS DAY. WILL HE FACE ANY CONSEQUENCES??

  10. Hi Visa Coach,My husband's interview was on March 29th, 2016 in Kabul, Afghanistan. . He was given a yellow card 221(g) which indicated that our marriage certificate was not official and that we needed to submit an official marriage certificate as soon as possible. I visited him and we applied for an official certificate which was approved. We submitted the document on May 12th, 2016. Since, this date I have been checking his visa application status online and I keep getting the same message: "Administrative Processing." The status dates keep changing and my husband even received a phone call from the American Embassy where they asked him some questions (June 29th, 2016). In your opinion is he going to get a visa or not?  Should I get an attorney? Should I contact the Embassy in Kabul?

  11. Hello Visa Coach, me and my wife lived together since 2011 long enough before we got married. We got married in Uganda, Africa in 2014. We had a son together in 2013. In 2014 my wife and son went to US and she petitioned for me to join them. Unfortunately in 2015 she passed away and the NVC returned the case back to USCIS and then later USCIS reaffirmed it and sent it again to NVC. The case is now an i360 and filed all the paper work. So my question here is how long will it take till i get scheduled for interview and what are possible chances that they will let me be with my son again. please share with me your experience about this if any and if my case is a tough one. Thanks very much.

  12. Hello Visa Coach, my husband and I have been married 3 1/2 years. he is from Ghana. our interview was in November of 2014. he was given a 221g with nothing on it and our case was returned to uscis. they have had our case since april of 15. now going on over 16 months. all that they keep telling us is that we are in security checks. when i went to visit last year before uscis got our case back we went to the embassy and asked about our case. we were told by the CO that interviewed him that they didn't think we had a valid marriage. i need to know what to do. this living in limbo not knowing what to do is taking its toll on me. i just want to be with my husband. we have talked about me moving to Ghana for a while until we can prove that our marriage is valid. what are your thoughts. i am at a loss right now.

  13. Hi Visa Coach, so my mom got an interview yesterday and after the interview they kept her passport and gave her a white i221 form and checked on a box with administrative processing. So is there still a chance for her to get visa? What should we do? Thanks

  14. Our case was reaffirmed 7/11/2016 after being returned to USCIS 12/24/2014. NVC sent our case back to the Ghana embassy 8/2016. Our case has been in administrative processing since. My husband has not has interview yet. Why would our case be in AP at this stage.

  15. Hi visa coach my k1 visa petition has been returned to Uscis for revolution after 90 days on AP. I have an 8weeks old baby with my fiancé and I don't think I'm going to travel any time now to Africa to Maried with my fiancé. I also have the congressman involved in the case. Do you think I should reapeal since I have a baby with him. Do you thing that will be a bona fine evelidence for them. Any answe will help. Thanks

  16. my sponsorship got refused on my husband and now we're trying to appeal it or waiting for the letter of the date my papers just came in today after June 16th 2016 what can I do is there any help for me

  17. like I said our papers just came in today and no even believe we're just waiting for the appeal date how long does it take it was June 16th 2016 my husband refuse all because he didn't answer questions clear enough I guess

  18. what you don't understand when everybody could be approved for the 90 days fiance when I can even bring my husband here and we've been married for 4 years I'm in Canada

  19. hello sir, I've received NOIR, and have responded to it, been waiting for 3 months, could you tell what is the processing time for the USCIS to decide on the case?

  20. my boyfriend went to his interview she checked…Decision cannot be made…he passed his test…she told him he did good and that she needed to put somethings on his file and she was going to send him a letter the same week…would you have any idea what might could happen? Thanks in advance

  21. why inside in embassy not tell to the clients if approved o denial, did they explain to us why denial they can explain us or not,

  22. Can u give me any idea how long max time can take in additional administrative processing. I pass 19th months already …

  23. My visa wasn't granted to me at the day of my interview as I was asked to get a police report from Germany and France where I have lived for more than six months. When I entered my case number after my interview it showed that my case was under "Administrative Processing". I have now submitted both police reports and went back today to enter my case number and it says "REFUSED". Please what does that mean?

  24. my husband was denied the visa when he went for the interview in Sept 2016 the case has been returned to the uscis and they say they are reviewing it can I go ahead and apply for another case for him

  25. Good day.

    Back in April, my fiancé and I called the USCIS to ask about my previous K1 application and if we need to have that cancelled first. The USCIS personnel assured us there won't be any problem because that case was already considered abandoned as we didn't go through with the process after NOA2. My ex-fiancé and I already broke up before we even receive the NOA2. As we were told we won't have any trouble about it, I scheduled my interview and completed requirements.

    I had my K1 interview yesterday, July 28. During pre-screening, I was told that there are two active petition in my name. Still, the consul told me to proceed to the next step. I was able to do half the interview process such as biometrics, and they also had some of my requirements (my birth certificate, certificate of no marriage, NBI clearance, and the result of my SLEC medical examination). I still have my fiancés papers, though. After the oath-taking and the interview, I was instructed to proceed to the releasing area where they gave me back my passport and a letter stating that our packet was returned to the USCIS and that my fiancé should speak to them. We are currently in contact with my ex-fiancé and he is willing to cooperate to withdraw the case.

    My questions are: (1) Is our petition pending or do we have to restart the whole petition process? (2) After the previous petition gets withdrawn, how long will it take before we can resume the embassy process or reapply if needed?

    I hope you can assist with these questions. It will be a great help. Thank you

  26. Hello ,
    My visa case is 1R1 Spouse .
    My interview was on 5 September 2017 I give the consular officer all the paper and I answered all the questions .but after that he return back my passport and then said he said your case will be review again and will be under administrative processing I insist to give him my pictures with my lovely wife .MY wife 55 and I am 30 he didn’t see how much she beautiful .
    What do you think they will do .what do you think the best think to do in this time .

  27. hi visa coach,my interview is last nov 7, 2017 and after my interview they didnt told me if im approved or denied,but they give me a (221g) and they emailed me ,they told me that i will send them a cenomar..then after that i send my cen0mar nov.8 2017..can i ask how long it will take will i received my visa? thank u and Godbless:)

  28. My case in USCIS since December 2016 and we still didn't hear anything , every time my wife call they give her different time ,

  29. I got 221g for F1 visa ( student visa) , the visa officer said my case has to undergo administrative processing and gave 221g green slip. i was not asked any documents nor received any email regarding it. is my visa denied or what? the officer took my passport and said it may take time dont know how much.

  30. Hi sir our visa is in administrative processing by section 221 (g) they also asked us few question on the very next day through email and from 19 jully 2018 our visa is still in processing they also told us to mail them after 2 months to get to know about visa status . Can we get our visa two months are near to complete in 19 september our cousins got their visa but they forgot some of there documents and then send them later but our case is different from them .plz reply me

  31. Dear sir I was interview US embassy in Islamabad (CR1)they refused my visa intrvew and they give me my passport back and they and 221g paper. When I was checking case status online is refused what happened in future

  32. Hey Visa Couch, what if the CO said that Beneficuary and Petitioner have a 20 year gap in age and handed over the white 221g saying the case is refused, but goes into AP and was recently updated and still in AP. Whats the chance of approval, especially when the Petitioner's 2 former husbands were younger as well

  33. My visa petition was READY case for interview but the consulate returned it to NVC for review and reconsideration. What does it meant? I haven't start anything. I hope you can advice me. Thank you.

  34. hi i have to attend a conference on nov 19. the CO took my passport and handed a 221g green slip asking information which did the next day now only 4 working days are left and i have no information I told them about my coference they said we will take care of that

  35. Hallo sir,
    I had an interview at the American embassy in Casablanca marocco yesterday. At the embassy before I was interviewed, I signed the military service paper, because I'm not 26 years old. After the interview, they returned for me back the passport, the original certificate of baccalaureate and they gave me a paper that is written on:" your case has been refused under section 221 (g).
    The reason for the refusal is that your immigrant visa application requires necessary administrative processing. Due to volume and case complexity, administrative processing may take 6 to 9 months from the day of interview. Once we have completed this process, we will reconsider you application and notify you by phone once the final decision is made.
    Could you please tell me , what is the problem?
    Have I a chance to get US visa?

  36. hey visa coach I wanna know about my case sir I was refused in 2018 14 march in my interview for spouse immigrant visa 6 month my case was in administrative review then finally I got letter and they said I didn't have him right answers about our relationship but that is totally wrong I gave all information about my wife is 100% true well they said send us more evidence about ur marriage bona fida wants more evidence to prove ur relationship plz help me sir how long it will take for decision and and is there any change to get visa we provide all documents about marriage and our relationship

  37. Hi sir
    I had my visa I-130 interview and the consular said everything seems ok. He gave me a paper and he put marks on the documents I need to send with my passport to the embassy. Which it was the sponsor and my husband electronic federal tax. We did send it to them as they asked . Now I have been waiting for over two months and ever time I emailed the consular they send me an email saying the officer have my file to check . And I’m here don’t understand what’s going on. Now my questions are is this Normal or is there anything me and my husband can do to know what exactly is going on . Thank you sir

  38. Hi Sir, Good day. Im from philippines.I've done my interview Nov 14 2018. Then the consul ask me to send additional documents. After they got my additional documents. They sent me a letter that my petition returned to uscis. But in CEAC my status is still AP. They returned my petition to USCIS without giving any comment.

    Thank you for your answer in advance.

  39. My interview was on 17 dec 2018 they said my visa is approved but after a weak they sended me a passport back with 221g green slip..then when I checked the last update of my case it's showing 19dec 2018..They asked me to mail my personal info n I sended them after that they created the case..on 24 they said my passport is ready to pickup but I found a 221g letter in it..I email them n checked it's saying ur under administrative process.. so why does that mean it approved?

  40. hello after my k1 visa interview the consulate collected my passport and sed i will get back after 2 weeksdoes it mean i am approved

  41. Hi my sisters familyhas applied for shenghai visa to visit at my place in sweden for 15 they saw on said Your visa application has been dispatched from delhi to mumbai on 26/2/2019.Please collect the same from the centre where it was submitted after 2 working days.We wanted to know whether visa is approved or rejected or in reply.

  42. Hi sir
    I had immigrant visa my husband sponsored to me n i went for interview 5 months ago the consulate said to me for upload some more documents on provided link n they kept my pasport so next day i had uploaded n i had received msg that time from them that they received my documents but they didn't any contect to me n didn't returned my passport yet since from 5 months what should i do ? Plzz reply . Thnkx

  43. Hi mr Fred Coach my cr1 visa back USCIS at 17 junary I’m waiting for almost three years now . USCIS replay my wife sending her letter ( intent to revoke notice was sent ) it’s request for evidence do I have chance for the sigen. Approvel cause already USCIS approve my case but at the interview they put me in administrative processing without reason just saying if u don’t hear from us withing 30 days call then after 20 days they calling me they say ur case sent back to USCIS for more review now again after three years reviewing my case they said my case intent to revoke notice was sent it’s that bad or good sir I really I have no missing document I’m 1000 % the officer I anser him correct wth his separate me with my wife really so sad 😕😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞 I’m waiting for ur response thank u sir ur Chanel and ur information are very good ur good person.

  44. hello visa coach ! My son is waiting in AP. Interview was in Oct 2018,after interview CO gave a papar 221(g) but did not ask me for any documents .They put the case on Administrative Processing.After couple of days they want DNA test match me to my son. We did it too.Even after DNA result of 99.9999% the status has not been changed .Everyday I check the visa status and I get Administrative Processing .I inquiry by emailing to CO 5 times till now but nothing change.I am being hopeless day by day. My son is waiting at back home . Can you suggest me, please?

  45. Hi sir, my father submitted all documents what they asked them. But they gave to my father yellow paper 221g now after one month visa status is administrative processing we submit again some tax papers can you tell us how many time is required for visa approved

  46. i am from Bangladeshi applied B1/B2 visa second time I submitted our file in drop box 8th august my child visa was issued but unfortunately mine and my wife file was going to be long time in administrative processing last 9th month. In my interview that time gives me a questionnaire but it was my big mistake that questionnaire answer I was not in profile mail address. In 8th December I was call in visa information than i come to know you did not get mail. 9th December you conformed received mail. Anyway after that it’s going 5 month. what should I do now ?

  47. hello sir Good morning I am umadevi my case returned the NVC . what is the forthar information. please send me msg sir

  48. Hello Visa Coach, I filed a k1 visa for my fiancé. After interview, got a 221g refusal for file incomplete. But didn't tell file to submit. I called and emailed embassy and they said no need to submit file, just have to wait. After 2 week case website said "Returned to NVC". Is this mean visa is denied? Please advice.

  49. Hi visa coach, after my interview I was given a paper of legal rights and a paper which I was asked to get a joint sponsor and send it through courier service and she gave me back my passport and kept the other documents, does it mean that I have been denied or is it undergoing administrative processing?

  50. Hello visa coach,I was given a 221g yellow form requesting for form I-134,and sponsor's tax returns of which I sent them through DHL immediately and they received the missing documents.From that time my dv visa case is under administrative processing for now 160days.Does this mean this delay is just a denial or otherwise? Please help.

  51. Hello Sir, I have submitted the documents according to 221g for my K1 visa ,they asked to submit my passport, my case is under Administrative processing, is there any chance of denial of my k1 after passport submission?

    Please reply to me as soon as possible

  52. Hello sir my husband applied visitor visa of Canada but they send him passport without any stamp within 14 days what can we do

  53. hi sir visa coach , am from india , my interview was on 6th of september for k1 , after approval from embassy mumbai india , they didnt send me my passport and visa packet yet , its been over 3 weeks and Case visa status showing Application received , no AP or something, Am confused , please help me if you know something about application received .

  54. Can you tell that what does this mean that ( we are updating & indicating our records that visa applicant has deceased) as our visa is family immigration visa & my father had passed away

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