Visualization Techniques: Making Right Decisions Guided Meditation Technique

Visualization Technique – Making Correct Decisions
Made Easy This visualization technique is actually taught
in certain modern psychology and NLP classes. It will help you make correct decisions in
your life, and guide you on your road to success. This technique is quite simple. All you have
to do is use your ability to visualize, trust your feelings as well as your subconscious
mind. This visualization technique is based on the laws of Nature and has been tested
in practice. We urge you to try it and let us know about the results.
First, find a place where you can relax without being disturbed at least for a few minutes.
You can sit or stand, the main thing is for you to be comfortable. Some people find it
easier to conduct this visualization technique with their eyes closed, it is not required
however. Whenever you are ready and relaxed you can
visualize a white field around you. Imagine that you are standing in the middle of a white
sheet of paper. Think of something like “the construct program” in the Matrix.
Now, think of a time in your life when you made a decision that led to very positive
results. Visualize this process and allow yourself to feel the same emotions that you
felt when making that decision. If you can’t think of such a case, then think of yourself
buying a winning lottery ticket and concentrate on how you feel when making that decision.
Now, visualize a screen about 1 meter above you. This screen is showing the process of
you making the decision and the positive events that followed. Just think of watching a short
film about this great choice you made in your life. Now visualize this screen transforming
into a sphere and you are letting this sphere slowly land on the sheet of paper with you
in the middle. Try to relax and let your subconscious mind guide the sphere to the place where it
will land. Pin point in your mind the place on the field where the sphere has landed.
It can be on your left, right, behind or in front of you. For now, just remember in your
mind where the correct decision sphere has landed.
Now you need to do the same with the worst decision you ever made in your life. Think
of your bad decision and the following events played out on the screen above you. Then,
the screen turns into a sphere and begins to slowly land in a certain place somewhere
around you. By now you should have three points: you in the middle, the landing point of the
sphere with bad decision and the landing point of the sphere with good decision. Usually,
good decisions tend to land somewhere in front or to the right of where you are in the field
and bad decision often land behind you. If it is the other way around, you might have
a tendency of making bad decisions in your life.
So, now we are all set and you can start testing the decisions that you would like to make.
Visualize yourself making a certain decision and allow the screen above to play the events
that would follow. Now, visualize the screen turning into a sphere and let your subconscious
mind slowly land that sphere onto the field. As you might have already guessed, the closer
the decision sphere you are testing to the point where your best correct decision sphere
landed, the better. If the sphere lands behind you closer to the point where bad decision
sphere landed, then you should not follow that pass and change your mind about making
that decision. You are basically asking your subconscious mind (or your higher self) to
map out the decision process for you. As we all know, there is a lot more information
in our subconscious mind and this visualization technique can really help you get the valuable
advice from your higher self. If you are very good with visualization techniques
you can skip the screen part and visualize the spheres that represent your decision and
the events that follow. Another way to do it is to think of a crystal ball instead of
s sphere that is showing you the decision process and the outcome.
One thing is for sure, you will never know if this technique really works until you try
it. For more visualization techniques & energy informational model of our surrounding world
that can help you in your everyday life, please visit
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15 thoughts on “Visualization Techniques: Making Right Decisions Guided Meditation Technique

  1. This is a wonderful technique, very interesting. What I would like to know is what does it mean when the sphere lands by the side, as in not at front or behind but at the side? ThanksΒ 

  2. Hi, thank you for the video, I really need it, but the question I have is how the crystal ball visualization works? Thanks

  3. What I'm beginning to learn now in visualiazation manifestation is.. you need to put yourself in the visualazation in order for effective manifestation and get what you want. But what bothers me is no one and I mean no one can give a clear answer to the question: do I need to put myself in the 1st or 3rd person in my visualizations?
    All the info that I can find is so contradictory to eachother: one study says 3rd person is the most effective, one other person/s on another forum say No 1st person is the only effective way to get what you want. This is so tiresome and it let me with more frustration then before.

  4. it really works and so easy, i subscribed and shared to all my social media accounts. i had the best decision sphere land in front to the right. i originally misunderstood and thought by the drawing that good choices should go to the left. even when i tried to force the sphere to move it got brighter and more determined to stay front right of me. then i heard you say good decisions usually land on the right. i was impressed. so simple. if only i had known this year's ago. very empowering and will be a tool i use before any choice i make. thanks so much! !

  5. My first (watching this video )decision landed to the left of me the bad one landed on the right of me an the winning the lottery landed in the middle what does this mean any idea. ????

  6. They all landed just in front of me 1 st one landed on my left the bad one landed in front of me to my right an the lottery one landed in front of me in the middle? Is that bad?

  7. my good and bad decisions landed it front of me. and my idea of my goals landed farther ahesd of me, not in grasping range but walking range. what's that supposed to mean?

  8. I can imagine but i cannot see any thing after closing my eyes i can imagine but i can't see any objects or any thing pls help me

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