Volvo Trucks – Successful pilot test with electric truck

The first time I drove it,
I was a little bit nervous. I have never driven an electric truck,
not even a car that’s electric. -Jörgen here.
-Hi, this is Henke. I just wanted to check that everything is
OK and if I can take a dock in here? No problem. I deliver groceries to food stores
in Gothenburg and today I have five deliveries. I feel a lot more calm
when I drive this truck. There’s no noise, like disturbance,
there’s no vibrations, and I feel better after a day’s work. This truck is installed
with three batteries and with 50 kilowatt hours per battery, and that gives me a range
of about 80 to 120 kilometers, and that’s with cooling in the trailer. Usually the battery lasts a whole day,
but if needed, on a long day, you have the possibility
to go to the charging station and you can fast-charge it. You can get about 70%
in maybe 30, 40 minutes. My colleagues have actually
had the chance to drive this truck and they are as blown away as I am
as to how quiet it is. You can hear squeaking on the trailer and you can hear your foot
when you twist on the accelerator, and if you have driven a truck,
you know that’s really weird. The biggest limitation
is the range, of course. I mean, a diesel truck,
you can just fill it up and you can go really, really far. But, I mean,
the technology is pretty new, so in future
I think they’re gonna catch up. We already have 35% of our transport
as electric, mostly trains. What we need is the last step
from the trains to the shops to be 100% electrified. At the end of the day,
you are so refreshed and relaxed. You have no noise from the engine
and you have no vibrations. Just try it and you won’t want
to go back, I can promise you that.

25 thoughts on “Volvo Trucks – Successful pilot test with electric truck

  1. Kenapa volvo tidak menciptakan dinamo yang ikut bekerja menciptakan tenaga listrik saat roda atapun komponen pada truk sedang berputar, agar truk bisa bekerja terus tanpa harus mengisi daya listrik? Semoga bisa menjadi masukan terima kasih

  2. 49 to 62 miles on a single charge? No thank you. I want a Volvo FH 16 or better but not if it's only going to get me a few miles down the road before it needs a recharge. I'm addicted to my 700 miles per day.

  3. Code forbidden AE styles group in automobile market are failure with Europe standard Automotive Engineering law and become the worst products all parts which can't use speed hyper on all circuits.

  4. Hahaha. 80-120km. Make that 60 to max 100. In cold weather even less. I bet more then 1 hour charge time. No this isnt going to work. Maybe nice for inner city delivery but not for long distances.
    Stop climate madness! Vote smart at next elections!

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