Wagan Power Inverter with a 210 Watt USB Port Review – etrailer.com

Alright, today we are going to review part
number WC2295-6 from Wagan Tech. What this is is a Smart AC 210 watt power
inverter. What this does is it plugs into your 12 volt
outlet in your vehicle and that converts that to 110 voltage. This does supply a constant wattage of 210. You can install two different 110 devices
in here. It could be something like a small TV, video
game console, or maybe if you are a contractor you could use this for charging batteries
for your power tools. 0:31
It is a pretty simple device. You just plug it into your truck and then
you go ahead and plug in your other accessories into it. And one neat little detail is here, is that
when you install it into a 12 volt power supply, sometimes that outlet is a little bit larger
than others. You actually push this slide here and it actually
makes the contacts spread a little more apart so you get a little more tighter fit inside
there. And there you have it for our review of part
number WC2295-6 from Wagan Tech.

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