Walkthrough of the WES Canadian ECA Application for IRCC

Welcome to our tour of the Canadian WES Application. To start an application, visit www.wes.org/ca
and click Get Started. This will provide an overview of the process. First, fill out the application and receive
a reference number. Then, send us your documents according to our
document requirements. Include your reference number on all envelopes
and correspondence you send us. When your evaluation is complete, we will
send your report to you and any recipients. In this video, we will show you how to complete
the first step of this process: our application. Click Apply Now to start the application. First choose your equivalency country. This is the country where you will use your
report. We will show Canada as our example here. Once you select Canada, you will then be asked
whether you need a Standard evaluation or an ECA for IRCC. If you are pursuing immigration to Canada,
choose the ECA option. We will go through the ECA application. Next, you will need to create your account. This will allow you to save your progress
and return to the application at any time. If you already started an evaluation you can
login from this screen. Type in your name and other personal information. If you applied for a WES evaluation in the
past, you can click yes and provide your WES reference number to link your account. Then, type in your email address and password. You also need to select a security question
and enter an answer to complete this step. You also have the option of receiving emails
from WES about our ongoing events and resources. We offer additional information on many fields
to help you understand what is required. We also have a help tool you can type questions
into to receive instant answers. Next, complete your personal information. Most of this page is already filled in from
the information you provided earlier. You can click Save & Exit at any time during
the application to save your progress and return to the application later. Now it is time to add your education credentials, like a bachelor’s degree, to your order. Click “Add Credential” to get started. In the popup that opens, add all the information
about each credential. Some fields will autocomplete, but you can
type in your information if it is not already in the system. Be sure to enter your full name as it appears
on each credential. Fill in the date your credential was awarded
and click save. Repeat this process for all of the credentials
you want to have evaluated by clicking the Add Another Credential button. You can Edit or Delete each entry by clicking
the links to the right of the name of the credential. Next, tell us who you want your report sent
to. You will always receive a copy of your report
and IRCC is automatically added as well. There is a select list of additional immigration-related
recipients you can add if needed. Now that you have provided the information
for your evaluation, it is time to confirm your evaluation package. Click Next. Next, select the delivery option for your
report. IRCC will automatically receive your report
electronically. Finally, we provide you with the personalized
document requirements for your report. These are all the documents you will need
to submit and instructions for doing so. You will be able to access this later through
My Account. Now all that is left is to review your order,
Select the Acknowledgement boxes, and click Next. This will bring you to the payment page. It includes a summary of all your charges
for your evaluation, including Harmonized Sales Tax as required by the Canadian government. You can make a credit card or Western Union
payment now, or select Check or Money Order to receive instructions for submitting payment. Choose your payment method and click Submit. Once you submit your application, we will
provide you with your WES reference number, and a link to My Account where you can check the status of your application. Be sure to save your reference number. You will need it when submitting documents and if you need to contact our customer service team for assistance. Thank you for joining us. We look forward to serving your credential evaluation needs.

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