Welcome & Introduction to the Doctor of Engineering Program at Johns Hopkins University

Hello and welcome to Johns Hopkins University. My name is Ed Scheinerman. I’m a professor in the Department of Applied
Mathematics and Statistics, and I serve as the Vice Dean for Graduate Education. It’s my pleasure to spend a few minutes with
you, explaining about the Doctor of Engineering program. The Doctor of Engineering program is designed
for the mid-career professional who is interested in advancing their career to the highest level,
who’s interested in learning about research, and applying the fruits of their research
to problems that are important for their company and for society. Students choose the Doctor of Engineering
program at Johns Hopkins University because we offer a unique program that allows them
to pursue the highest level of engineering education while remaining actively engaged
in their place of employment and being able to do their studies nonresidentially. You see, our program is meant to be a research
collaboration between the faculty here at Johns Hopkins University and the working professionals
of the company where the Doctor of Engineering student is situated. And by forming this collaboration, we’re doing
two wonderful things: one, we’re not only advancing the students’ knowledge and ability,
but we’re also helping to solve the thorny problems that these companies are facing. Indeed, the whole idea of impact is central
to engineering. Engineers are excited by the technology they
create but the purpose of creating that technology specifically is for the impact that we have
on solving society’s problems. In the same way, we have created this Doctor
of Engineering program to have impact throughout the engineering profession and help raise
the level of engineering throughout the world to the highest level. The experience of doctoral education has many
benefits to our students. The most obvious, which is they become more
highly educated, creative and original thinkers. But in addition, because of the close mentorship
relationship they have with their faculty advisor, they establish lifelong friendships
and partnerships that will be a benefit to them for their entire careers.

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  1. Started exploring the engineering school of JHU. It seems very futuristic and ambitious (in a positive way) in terms of research. It is a lot different than other schools. Wow!

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