Westinghouse 56.04073.011 Power Supply / Backlight Inverter Boards Replacement Guide LCD TV Repair

TV Repair Made Easy: The highest quality,
lowest priced TV parts and a mission to make you happy! Westinghouse 56.04073.011 Power Supply / Backlight
Inverter Boards Replacement Guide LCD TV Repair Welcome to TV Repair Made Easy, brought to
you by ShopJimmy.com. Visit www.shopjimmy.com to search the hundreds
of thousands of TV parts in our inventory. WARNING! Please make sure that your TV is unplugged,
and that you are protected from static electricity. There are various ways to eliminate static
electricity, but the most common way is to use a grounding
wrist strap. Take photos and notes often to help remember
the location and orientation of the parts and wires. And feel free to pause and backtrack through
this tutorial as much as needed. To be best prepared to replace the Power Supply
/ Backlight Inverter Board inside of your TV, you will need the following materials:
A pair of latex gloves. Your ShopJimmy.com replacement Power Supply
/ Backlight Inverter Board. A pair of needle-nose pliers. Both a flat-head and phillips screwdriver. And a cup to hold all screws, clips, and any
other small items. So let’s get to it shall we? Locate your TVs identification label and take
note of the brand name model number, serial number and model code if present. Unscrew and remove the back cover. The LIPS Board contains the Power Supply Unit
and Backlight Inverters. For this TV, the LIPS Board is located on
the left side of the chassis. Carefully unplug all wires and ribbon cables
by hand. Unlock the wire connectors by squeezing the
tab or tabs and gently remove the wires. Be sure to keep a firm grip with both hands. Unscrew and remove your bad Power Supply / Backlight
Inverter Board from the chassis. The part number for this item can be found
printed on a barcode label. Search your part number on http://www.shopjimmy.com
to find a compatible replacement. Click on the search results to view important
product specifications. Verify that your original board matches all
requirements noted in the product description prior
to purchase. Insert all screws to secure your ShopJimmy
New Power Supply / Backlight Inverter Board to the chassis. Reconnect all cable and ribbon connections. Return the back cover to its original position
and secure all screws. This ShopJimmy replacement Power Supply / Backlight
Inverter Board does not require any manual configurations in order to function. Simply plug in and power on and your TV will
function as if new. Thank you for watching one of many tutorials
here at ShopJimmy.com! If you have any further questions regarding
your repair, simply post a question in the comments section
below, or call our award-winning customer service
team at the number on your screen! We strive to learn and share new TV Repair
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us spread the savings! And don’t forget to hit that Like button! Free Technical Support: Call 1(877)881-6492 The Power Supply / Backlight Inverter Board
shown in this video is a replacement for the following LCD TV models:
WESTINGHOUSE SK-32H240S WESTINGHOUSE SK-32H540S Top Common LCD TV problems for bad Power Supply
/ Backlight Inverter Boards: No Power (Dead TV), Red or No Standby Lights
Bad Capacitors, Blown Caps Power Surges
Low Voltage Readings No Backlight
Has Audio But No Video Dim Video (Back Light)
TV Turns On, Backlight Inverter Immediately Turns Off
Buzzing Sound From Backlight Inverter Transformers Smoke / Burnt Components On Backlight Inverter

22 thoughts on “Westinghouse 56.04073.011 Power Supply / Backlight Inverter Boards Replacement Guide LCD TV Repair

  1. Hi. I have a Westinghouse SK-32H590D LCD TV. I was wondering how to fine out what the PSU output voltages are suppose to be.Thanks,Bill

  2. Hi Bill! Search our site using your part number. It should be 4900253180, or a number similar to that. Take a look at the second image on the listing to see details of the bottom side of the board.

    Check out the pin outs for the main board connector screen printed on the board. The other connector is split into 2 parts. Gnd and 24V's for the inverter i believe. If this doesn't help you, give us a call and ask for Rich in the Repair Dept for tech support!

  3. I have a Westinghouse 32 inch tv f/s there is only a little blue light nothing else no sound no screen nothing just a small humming noise from the upper left hand corner where the capacitors are mounted ???? !TV! like I said does not turn on ?? even pushing the on/off button nothing?

  4. It's a SK-32H240S. The board mounted to the left connects the same way 6 little screws and unplugs the same way same amount of plug ins 6 on the left 1 on top 1 at the bottom ?

  5. @haileyzworld1 – I would suspect there is a problem with the back light inverter. There are a number of possible board configurations used in this model. Go to the Shop Jimmy website and search SK-32H240S. Match the inverter or power/inverter board used in the set to be able to order the correct board.

  6. @haileyzworld1 – I would suspect there is a problem with the back light inverter. There are a number of possible board configurations used in this model. Go to the Shop Jimmy website and search SK-32H240S.  Match the inverter or power/inverter board used in the set to be able to order the correct board.

  7. @Glen Fawcett – It could also be the Power Supply that is causing this. It can be tough to determine without having more details. Thanks and please let us know if you need any other help! (877) 881-6492

    If you need help repairing your TV please comment below the ShopJimmy video or feel free to send us a YouTube message. Please include your TV model number and the symptoms or issues your TV is displaying. The more details you can include the faster and more accurate our response will be! You may also call our customer service at (877) 881-6492!

  9. Hi, I have a westinghouse ew73s5kw, a couple of weeks ago the directv tech came to hook upa new room genie, after he did the video went out on the set. No matter which input I use there is a stripe of green lines that run vertically across the t.v. audio still works on the set. target/westinghouse are being pain in the butts about fixing the set even though it should be under warranty. Anyway, I watched the lips board replacement video, is the problem or could it be something else?

  10. @Rory Carroll – This problem would most likely be caused by the t-con board or a bad panel. The panel can be very difficult and expensive to replace, typically we recommend replacing the TV if you have to replace the panel. You could try replacing the t-con board on the TV, as that may fix the problem. The part number for your t-con is Westinghouse HV365WXC200. I will send you a youtube message with further instructions on how to purchase your replacement t-con. Thanks!

  11. Have a 32" SK-32H240S.  Just replaced the power supply board and when the main board connector is plugged in I get the hum from the center transformer on the board, when unplugging the main board the hum goes away.  This is the same issue I had prior to changing the power supply.  Still have no voltage on the main board connector going to the main board with it unplugged.  Any thoughts?

  12. I have a 42'' westinghouse model num is tx-42f430s.
    It powers up with backlight and sound. No Video,no menu access.

    Bad inverter boards?????    

  13. I have a Westinghouse VR4025 and the power stopped coming on after power outage. The light under the TV stays on, but the TV doesn't actually turn on; no video, no sound, even though electricity is still reaching the light under the TV. I've replaced the power supply, and nothing has changed. If the problem is the inverter, wouldn't there be more happening?

  14. I have a westinghouse tv sk-32h510s that doesn't power on at all! No clicks no sound seems completely powerless. What board to change? Main or pwr/inverter. Since was given I don't want to put a lot of money in it. Worth a try for one board

  15. I have a Westinghouse 32h240s which is behaving strangely. When I hit the power button, the screen lights up for about 3 seconds, then goes dark again. Once it goes black, pressing none of the buttons makes it light up again. When I press the source button, then power off and back on, it shows the source changes before going black again. Could this be the ribbon cables shorting out to the backlight?  

  16. I have a LTV-32W3 HD, how do you remove the plastic cover that goes over the inverter board? Dumb question, but I don't want to just rip it off.

  17. I have a westinghouse model #tx-42f970z will not turn on, I changed the power supply board but it still will not turn on can you please help me

  18. I have a element flat screen model # elcfw328 sn # 12200227540056547 I've replaced the power supply / backlight board and I still have only sound can see menu with flashlight

  19. Hey I hope someone can help me.
    I have a 55 inch 4K Westinghouse WD55UX4530…The TV powers on and even displays the Westinghouse brand when turning on. After that, there is no display on the TV but sound. I can see moving images in the back. I took off the back panel everything looks good but I'm pretty sure something is wrong. Would I need an invertor board or would I need to replace my backlights.

    I really appreciate any thoughts on this

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