What Does It Take to Power the Aputure 300d? – Batteries and AC Power Stats

(energetic rock music) – Hey guys, it’s Bart Johnson here, and today I am here with
Aputure’s latest and greatest in their LED Light Storm light lineup. This is the Aputure 300d. Now this is an extremely
powerful LED light, but what comes with a lot
of power and light output is the need for a lot of
power to run this puppy. So in this video, I wanna talk to you guys about what you’re going to need, and what you should expect
when powering up the 300d. So like I said, guys,
the 300d is, right now, the top of the Aputure Light Storm lineup, and it is an extremely powerful light, equivalent to roughly a 2K tungsten, and even possibly some HMIs. If you wanna see exactly
where this light stacks up, I actually have a video where
we did some extensive testing against some industry-standard lights, and I’ll put a link up there for you guys, so that you guys can go check that out, but in this video I wanna talk to you guys about specifically how to power the 300d. So like most lights, obviously you can run it
off of AC or mains power, and you’re just fine, but like most of the other
Aputure, and a lot of LED lights, you also have the
flexibility to go portable, to take this thing to locations where you might not
have power to plug into, and can run it off of big
V-Mount or Anton Bauer batteries, but there are some things
that you need to keep in mind, because this sucker has
some serious power draw, and is gonna require
some serious batteries in order to push it. So I went ahead and first connected the 300d to my wall power, and I went ahead and put
a watt meter on it there, and wanted to see exactly how much this light
is drawing from the wall, and when I turned it on to 100%, I found out that it’s pulling just below, or around 330 watts from the wall, so that’s probably why it
has its name, 300 here, but so it is pulling quite a bit. Now granted, that’s nothing
like plugging in a 1K tungsten, where it’s pulling 1,000
watts from the wall, or a 2K tungsten pulling 2,000 watts, but it is still a hefty load, and so if you’re gonna be
plugging in a bunch of these, you’re gonna wanna make
sure that your circuitry in your house, or your location,
or wherever you’re doing it is rated to handle that, and you don’t end up putting
too many on one circuit and tripping some breakers. I also just went ahead
and switched the modes on my watt meter, and found out that it’s drawing it’s drawing just under
three amps at 100% output. So now that you know the numbers that this sucker is actually pulling, we wanna see what it’s gonna take to run this on battery power, to be able to go mobile with it. So the 300d has this
excessively large control box, where you can mount either V-Mounts or, if you opt to get Anton Bauer
Gold Mount-style batteries, you can do those as well, and so you’re gonna need
these pro-level batteries, which are usually fairly expensive, but the caveat on top of that is that you’re gonna need some high-end and high-power
batteries to run this. If you look on the Aputure website, they actually say that a 12-amp battery is minimum, and you need two of them
simultaneously to run this. Now what that means for 12 amps is that is the amount of draw that that battery can safely sustain. So you can get V-Mount
batteries fairly cheap, but you’ll end up getting ones that maybe only have like
five or eight-amp draws, and so if you try and run
this light with those, especially at 100% or up
towards the higher range, they’re gonna have a safety
switch that’s gonna kick in, the light actually has a
safety mechanism as well that knows the battery can’t handle it, and it’s gonna cut off: you’re not gonna get full
output and full power. So you need to look for batteries that are rated for 12-amp draws. Now they also recommend
that you’re gonna wanna get some batteries that are at
least 190 watt-hour rated, so these are some huge, huge batteries, and so you’re gonna be
spending a lot of money to run this guy portably. So what I did is I wanted
to see if my Switronix, now branded as Core SWX
Hypercore PRIME batteries, would run this light. So I have two of these
190-watt-hour batteries, but I looked it up, and apparently they’re only
rated for 10-amp draws, so I wanted to go ahead and push my luck, and see if I could run it anyway. So I went ahead and I
attached those two batteries. I went ahead and kicked
the light on at 100%, and I was indeed able to run this light off of those batteries. In fact, I have two of
them connected right now, and if I kick it on, we are at 100%, the light is not cutting off, the batteries are not having an issue. Now I have a suspicion
that maybe these batteries are a little bit more
powerful than advertised. Maybe they can handle a 12-amp, but maybe Switronix just went safe and said try not to go over 10 amps. So there are safety mechanisms built in to both the batteries and the light to prevent any damage from happening to the fixture or to the
batteries themselves, but I’m not saying that
every 10-amp battery works, I’m just saying that for me, these guys have been working just fine. Now in terms of run time,
two 190-watt-hour batteries, you would think, should
last you all day long. Not the case. On this light, it’ll actually only run
this light at full power for about an hour and 26 minutes. So that is a good chunk of time. It is impressive to be able to
run this light at full power off of batteries for over an hour, but if you’re going to need full power for an all-night shoot
or something like that, you’re gonna either
wanna plug into the wall, or you’re gonna need a whole
bunch of these batteries, and the problem there is
that those two batteries, collectively, actually cost more money
than this light does itself, so you gotta do some
kind of cost comparisons, and sit there, and try and figure out if
that’s really worth it for you. Now I would be really
interested in hearing if you guys have found any
other batteries out there that are maybe cheaper
and are 12-amp rated, or if you found any batteries that maybe aren’t 12-amp rated, but seem to working just fine for you. Please go ahead and pop that
down into the comments below. I’m really interested in seeing what kind of solutions
everybody is using for this, but just so you know, the official word is 12-amp batteries, 190-watt-hour or over, obviously, for the best run time
and best performance. If you do put something lower on there, you risk not being able to go up to 100%. You also run the risk
of the battery or lights just cutting out because
of their safety mechanisms, and who knows, it could happen
in the middle of the shot and ruin the shot for you, but for me guys, the Switronix ones are
doing it just fine for me, and hopefully you guys are
able to find a solution to power this beast of a light when you are out working in the field. So I hope this was helpful for you guys. If it was, please go ahead
and give this video a like, and make sure you go ahead and subscribe, and click that notification
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34 thoughts on “What Does It Take to Power the Aputure 300d? – Batteries and AC Power Stats

  1. IDX is coming out with 191wh 14a vmount battery at 350$ USD. It hasn't released yet but I would assume they would work perfectly at a more "budget friendly" price

  2. These are the cheapest batteries I have found that are over 190wh & 13amps.


  3. Bart, a couple of these cost only $344.


  4. Time to explore other options. Yes, it would be great to stick with video industry suppliers, but these kinds of power draws are the extreme fringe of the industry. I need portability along with the output of this light, but not necessarily the ability to backpack the batteries. It would be great to have more options, lead acid or whatever. Another possibility would be mass market batteries, where you would think a battery that can pull a self-propelled lawn mower rated to mow an acre would be able to pull this light for an hour or two. It wouldn’t bother me a bit to buy a ECO lawn mower, where the battery is over half the cost of an expensive mower, if I could use the battery for this light also.

  5. I am using those unbranded dead cheap 10400mah one ( rating 160WH) model that cost less than $100 and they work at full power. They originally came with my RX-18T LED roll. Just duration is like say more 45-60min not at full power all the time though. I believe is just weight and duration issues more than anything else. They are just 18650 batteries inside put together in a casing. Is not likely they will blow up in my face haha. 
    my suggestion will be to use what ever v-mount batteries you own now and put it on no need to buy anything special for it. The 300D is not a very delicate piece of equipment that need very good quality batteries.

  6. As mentioned: either lug around an (ie marine) 150 $ but 30 pound heavy lead acid battery. or a LiFePO deep cycle 35AH 12V for 450 $ – an at only 10 pounds…

  7. How about these:


    Does 13,400mAh mean 13.4A?

  8. Try these Comer batteries @ only $169.00 have to buy the dual charger for $100 more. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N58RGW2/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=AZGAQWOFAS2J7

  9. Thanks for the numbers. Would this work? Load up the station with four 9AH batteries and plug the AC adapter into it.
    It can power a table saw or 15 amp miter saw.

  10. Would it be easier to rent a generator to power the light if we're filming at a location far from an electric plug? If so, what kind of wattage do you think I should look for in a generator?

  11. What are your thoughts on trying a portable AC power source? (If ease of transport isn't an issue)

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M260BAN/ref=psdc_348967011_t1_B017WCOKGII've seen all sorts of appliances and power tools run successfully of these as an alternative to generators. Just a matter on finding on that meets the required specs.

  12. Hey Bart! Thanks for the great comparison! I'm hoping you might be able to help me… I work at a toy company and I am a 1 man video department. We are in the process of building a studio and I'm currently in the process for selecting lights. Do you think 3 of these be sufficient and versatile to light a 30*30 ft studio? Im a total novice when it comes to lighting gear so I'm not sure If im going about selecting the correct way. Would you recommend other lights in conjunction? I am currently shooting retail videos for web retailers but once the studio is built we will also be shooting commercials in the space. Currently using 3 Dracast led panels and 3 flo light florescent light banks that can be used supplementary.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. I have found that D&O Lighting has 190WH V Lock that can power this light. (only 190WH) They have been redesigned to handle the power draw of the Aputure 300D. (I have some older ones that do not work) I confirmed this and used the new 190WH in the field (on a feature) to successfully power the light. You get about 1 hour and 20 minutes of run time from two 190WH and they are much more economical compared to say a HyperCore. https://www.dandolighting.com/products/sony-v-mount-190wh-battery

  14. If you have a car nearby on a location shoot, and can run an extension cord, CarGenerator (and your car) should be able to run two of those lights simultaneously. Full disclosure, I help this company with marketing www.cargenerator.com

  15. if i have a car near location do you think i can use an inverter like this one? https://www.amazon.com/BESTEK-300W-Power-Inverter-Adapter/dp/B004MDXS0U

  16. I sent Aputure a harsh support request asking them to actually specify name, brand and model numbers of batteries what work with either the 300d or 120d. They really leave the customer twisting in the wind if you go to their support page for the 120:

    Link: https://aputure.com/pages/ls-c120d-ii

    1.What kind of power can be used ?

    1. AC Power.

    2. Removable Battery.V-mount or A-mount(Gold mount) battery. (We do not provide battery.) We suggest you use the capacity of battery is more than 190Wh and can output 10A current.

    And for the 300d:
    Link: https://aputure.com/pages/ls-c300d-support

    2.Battery requires.

    a, Please use the output current 12A and capacity is more than 190Wh battery.

    That is like making a car that uses gas, and saying well, just go out there and find something that burns.

  17. We are using swit 126Wh 14.4V S-8110S and it seams to be working.
    I just tried a combination with one 126 and one 95 but it just worked for a few seconds.
    So better two 126Wh and you should be fine.
    One are around 240,-

  18. I’m looking at (2) of these 190Wh but I don’t see where is data 12 amps? $164 each…


  19. I first made my own v-mount batts for this light. They are 4s4p 150 Wh made with Samsung 25r 18650s and a 40 amp balancing BMS. They cost about a hundred bucks each to make. These run for about 45 minutes on 100% power. Once I tested that they worked fine I scaled up to a 4s13p dual pack that I put into an ammo box. This worked out to two 25 Ah cells in a single box and will drive the light well over two hours at 100%. AliExpress and Amazon had all the parts.

  20. I got four Power-U 150Wh battery that work with my 300d, but I have tried them only full.. No idea of the run time. Costed me 133$ each and include a charger on ebay new. I got 4 of them. I also have two Rolux RL-230S 230Wh that work (haven't tested runtime) that cost 300$each.

  21. I had a long thought about this and understood the cost of these v-lock batteries to run this for extended time, we have in our filming SUV a 120 amp / 1600w deep cycle camping battery inside a special box with a built in 600w mains inverter converting the battery to 240v (for Australia) and can run this light at full power for around 5 hours !!! This battery is totally portable so can be taken on location, but our filming SUV has two huge solar panels on the roof pumping 40a during the day into the battery, so if not to far from the car we can rig extension cables to the light and run it all day without even affecting the battery. These lighting systems sometimes require cost effective alternatives which are different to simply going out with 8 expensive 200w Vlocks. Cons of system, heavy around 30kg /60lb battery Pros cheap around the price of 2 Vlock batteries, lasts 4-5 hours, can be used for charging all other batteries and cameras etc! Great source of mains portable power for laptops and Non- Vlock lighting systems ALSO silent power …no generators . Just how I approached this issue

  22. Question – do you consume MORE power by turning OFF and turning ON the D300 just to save battery life??? ie if you turn it On/Off/On several times… do you actually run LESS than an Hour and a Half because the Start Up consumes MORE power than the actual run?

  23. How about using 4 NP-F970 with a NP-F to V-Mount adapter? It gives only 8A but therfore 40.000mAh and about 150WH. Could that run the 300D at 50%?

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