What is CEC? (Consumer Electronics Control)

Welcome back to HowToAV.tv as we pull out
our big book of AV acronyms again to decipher ‘CEC’ or ‘HDMI CEC’ – what does it stand for
and what’s its role in an AV system? Join the HowToAV team as we find out… Did you know that your BluRay player can turn
on your TV and that your Playstation can automatically change your screen’s selected media input?
Devices controlling devices is commonly known as CEC (or HDMI CEC) and stands for Consumer
Electronics Control. CEC is a feature of the HDMI standard which
is supported by a wide range of consumer and professional audio visual devices such as
televisions, display screens and media sources, such as BluRay players, digital media streamers
and games consoles. Now although CEC is commonly supported, it’s
worth knowing that this function is usually switched off as a default on AV devices new
out of the box. And just to make life that little bit more
confusing the manufacturers have all decided to take ownership of the function and given
it their own-brand names! (same function with a multitude of different names!) so for example,
Sony call it ‘BraviaSync’, Philips calls it ‘Easylink’, LG – ‘Simplink’, Samsung – ‘Anynet+’
and Toshiba call it ‘CE-link’ or ‘Regza Link’. But despite the range of names, it’s all CEC
or Consumer Electronics Control. (oh, by the way, top marks to Hitachi and
Vizio who call it HDMI CEC!) It’s also worth noting that not all of these
manufacturer-specific CEC interfaces are fully compatible, so don’t expect devices from different
brands to always work with one another. So with all that confusion out of the way,
what does it do and how does it work? HDMI-CEC allows AV devices, connected via
HDMI, to communicate between one another, allowing a limited amount of control from
device to device. Therefore, a TV or display screen can provide
levels of control over source devices, and source devices can have limited control over
a display. For instance, when powering-up your PS4, your
games console can automatically switch the HDMI input on your television. Or vice versa,
by switching your television to the HDMI input of your console can automatically power on
your Playstation. And this is done without having to change
HDMI or source input via your remote control. Similarly, if you have a CEC-enabled TV and
a CEC-enabled BluRay player which are connected via HDMI, then you may be able to control
your BluRay player functionality using your TV remote (reducing the number of remote controls
for you to lose down the back of the sofa!). Now CEC is certainly not the answer-to-everything
in AV integration and control from a single remote, as not all devices support CEC and
there are huge inconsistencies between its functionality between manufacturers and devices.
In fact, CEC control can often cause problems in multi-screen distribution systems where
AV splitters or matrices are used, as conflicts such as turning off one screen can also turn
off another screen on the system, for instance. (The fix to this, by the way, is simply to
turn the CEC off in the device settings). But to add some simple automation to a small
AV or home entertainment system – and perhaps cut down on the number of remote controllers
you will need simply to change one device to another – then enabling CEC on your AV system’s
devices is an easy option to implement. So that’s CEC (or Consumer Electronics Control)
– just one of the many subjects covered by the HowToAV Team.
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