What is reverse thrust? Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

Dear friends and followers today, we’re going to be talking about what is reverse thrust and when do we use it. Okay, I’m going to break it down into the absolute basics. Reverse thrust is used to slow down the aircraft on the runway after touchdown. There are three main components which slow down the airplane on the runway. Primary is braking with disk or carbon brakes; which are similar to your car. Secondary is reverse thrust what we’re going to talk about today. Third is with aerodynamical braking, with the ground spoilers. So we have two words in reverse thrust It’s “reverse” because the turbines output is being guided into the reverse direction and as you might not know we apply thrust in order to increase the braking action. So let’s look at this video to see what happens at touchdown Here you can see engine number one of an Airbus A320 At touchdown, these flaps open up, so called reverser doors they act as guiding veins in the midsection of the bypass channel of the turbine and force the accelerated air of the fan in the opposite direction. Now, these reverser doors don’t open automatically at touchdown No, you’re gonna have to lift up these little levers which activate the hydraulic system to apply pressure to the actuator which then opens the reverser doors. Keeping the levers in this position will only give you idle reverse, but as soon as you move the first levers to the aft position, the engine will spool up creating more thrust, increasing reverse output. The engines will increase thrust up to 70% Which then resembles in full reverse thrust I know it sounds a bit odd that we actually apply thrust again, just after touchdown, but you can definitely hear the difference between idle and full reverse thrust, trust me. Using the reverser significantly decreases the landing distance; varying between aircraft weight and environmental factors. If you look at this great video here showing a Boeing 747 touching down and applying full reverse thrust, you can clearly see how the water on the runway actually gets blown forwards; sort of to the aircraft. I actually experienced that myself landing on a snow-covered runway. We applied full reverse thrust and you can literally see the snow blowing in front of the aircraft. So when do we use for reverse thrust? Using idle reverse at touchdown is mandatory by many aircraft manufacturers and airlines. First and foremost, it immediately decrease the aircraft’s speed and To stabilize the aircraft’s rollout plus to reduce to brake usage. Landing on the wet or snow contaminated runways, using reverse thrust is absolutely vital to decelerate the aircraft and preventing it from skidding and keeping it in a straight line. Full reverse thrust is not permitted at some airports due to noise abatement procedures, or at least are restricted in between hours from then to then. Nevertheless, pilots can use full reverse thrust when deemed necessary, but might have to state that in their decision in a report. Airplanes with wind mounted engines may only use full reverse thrust until slowing down to specified speed, because using the reverses below that speed could blow up loose gravel on the runway; which could get sucked into the engine and damage the turbine. For example on an Airbus A320 you would have to reduce full reverse thrust to idle reverse at 70 knots and retract the reverse at the speed below 40 knots. There are many different reverser types out there, but all work after the basic principle by forcing the air, or even actually exhaust into the opposite direction. So I hope I’ve answered another aviation related question for you. If you have a question that’s been on your mind don’t hesitate to write me, therefore subscribe [to] my channel, check out my website, and spread the word! Farewell – Your Captain Joe ;D ♪ Fairly often you see executive jets using reverse thrust during taxi to reduce brake usage whilst rolling down a sloping taxiway. Because of their high mounted engines pilots don’t need to worry about damaging the turbine due to the gravel on the asphalt and the well-known MD80 with her rear mounted engines used to have a power back procedure, where they used reverse thrust to back out of the gate position. I’m not hundred percent sure that procedure is still out there, maybe you know. To me, it looks really dangerous because you have no clue where you’re actually rolling. So… I’ll be that Pssss… Subscribe to Captain Joe, he is amazing! -Mr. Captions

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  2. Captain Jeo I'm only 15 and I want to be a Captain for a plane so what happens if you want to brake and you put reveverse thrust and the actual brakes at the same time????

  3. why cant they make the turbo fan in the engine spin in the opposite direction for reverse thrust. There is a lot of thrust wasted by using the side actuators.

  4. How to listen to a reverse thrust idle->full
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glWx2fndZC0 {Watch the whole video}

  5. captain joe could you do a video on power back because most of the youtube videos dont show anything much and how the ramp agent guide the plain

  6. I haven't been on a plane in 30 years and my wife wants me to go to Peru with her to visit her family. I'm not scared of flying at all. I love planes, I love watching them, but I'm terrified of not landing safely. I seriously wish it was safe to drive to Peru, but I suppose I'll have to go at some point. I told her "direct-flight only". One take off, one landing both ways, and maybe a seat on the aisle in the middle away from windows, away from the wings, closer to the front if possible, away from doors, and with lots of movies on my tablet.

  7. Can a pilot use wheel breaks just after the TouchDown? or there's any specific speed limitation to use the wheel breaks, if there's any, then what's the speed limit?

  8. Thank u soo much brother I was just looking for this information since long time ….thank u soo much

  9. My wife's plane was diverted to Denver upon the loss of hydraulic control of flaps and reverse thrust. Denver has a three mile long runway and it was hoped that would provide enough distance to drop speed with only the landing gear brakes. It worked.

  10. Nice, very similar to down gears when slowing down your vehicle to a stop with the help of your engine.

  11. HEY I WANT TO DO LİTTLE PLANE CAN I PROVİDE THRUST WİTH ALTERNATİVE CURRENT??? Please answer ı want to do this thank you :))

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  13. interesting. the md-80 reversing setup is exactly the way reverse on a jet drive boat works. ..big and small, from little jetski's to river boats and fishing boats, to massive passenger ferries.

  14. Would it be possible to make the airplane go backwards if you reversed the thrust when the airplane is still?

  15. Hi sir , basically i am fond of flight simulator. I do play x plane 11. 🙂

    I want to know how the ground spoiler works while touchdown automatically .

  16. At 3:30 the warning on the airport information sheet literally says "Don't not land at Airbus factory instead of Hamburg Airport" 😅

  17. Captain Joe this may sound odd but can you fly a plane in reverse using reverse thrust? 😊😊

  18. The Wheelbrakes get the Aircraft to Slow the Aircraft and get it to Stop

    In 90% of the Cases the Wheelbrakes on the Landing Gear are the !!!!!MAIN!!!!! Function to get the Plane to Stop

    They have Direct Connection to the Ground

    Reverse Thrust Slows the Plane Down after Touchdown

    The Groundspoiler assure that the Plane is Forced down👇 on the Runway

    To assure that the Complete Wheight of the Aircraft is that forced down onto the Ground

    Assisting the Wheelbrakes

    & Destroying the Lift

  19. Captain Joe when you talked about how does the wheels tern when the landing gear is down when landing u use the tail thing to move the plane does the wheel tern in the air

  20. Here's how ground spoilers work.

    Ground crew walks up to the runway and yells "YO AIRPLANE, ground ahead"

  21. How do the wide body aircrafts measure various flight parameters like speed, pressure, temp(outside),etc….

  22. How does it slowly the plane down more than with no thrust atall because they would “suck” the plane forward and push it backwards at the same tim

  23. Do modern reversers only use bypass air, as opposed to the old 'clamshell' type where all thrust could be reversed, and are therefore less efficient? I hope that makes sense.

  24. Nice videos sir… I am a aviation fire fighter….kindly make a video on aircraft construction kn concerned in fire fighting

  25. Could you make a video explaining How does the cool by-pass air (turbo-fan) help with the thrust , how does mixing it with the hot jet air strengthen the thrust?
    If you already have a video, I'd love if you could point me in the right direction towards finding it.

    Thank you.

  26. Hi Captain Joe, very nicely explained.
    I m not a Pilot, but after hearing all the necessary and compulsory steps how it works ?
    I m a PILOT…..😂😂

  27. Hey Captain Joe I've a cuestion I'm carrying bit longer with me, where you from 'cause in your videos I always see Airberlin Planes but I also hear your really great English

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