Which Pro Tools is right for you?

top artists producers and engineers have relied on avid pro tools to create some of the most inspirational and emotional songs feature films and shows of our time today avid offers powerful creative tools for artists and professionals at every stage of their careers the artists just beginning to build careers the avid first series includes all the features and capabilities needed to tell captivating stories and music absolutely free with a more expansive and customizable solution for any kind of project Pro Tools provides independent artists with the tools to maximize creative talent and stay ahead of the competition all at a price more affordable than ever [Music] ProTools ultimate the world’s most powerful doll provides the industry’s best dolby atmos integration with the native object panning and support for avid control surfaces and with support for avid Nexus storage systems your team can increase productivity whether you’re an up-and-coming artist or creative team delivering content seen the world over with Abbott’s new lineup of creative tools everyone has access to the right solution at a price you can afford you

4 thoughts on “Which Pro Tools is right for you?

  1. Hey Avid, how do I activate an overview of EQ and dynamics such as your video shows at 0:39 (black bit) in Pro Tools?

  2. අනේ මේ… උඹලා උඹලගෙ මාකට් එක හදාගන්ඩ ලයින් ගැහුව..

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