Wireless Multi-Point Bluetooth Hands-Free Speakerphone with Visor Clip (AM-BT-GC-81811-1)

Hello. Welcome to Gadget Guide USA. Thanks
for tuning in. I’m Stephen Kowalski and I’ll be your gadget guide today as we explore
Wireless Multi-Point Bluetooth Hands-Free car kit speakerphone with visor clip. Let’s
go ahead and get started. As you can see I’ve already pulled it out
of the retail packaging which pretty much consisted of this box and you know it gives
you some information. You know the general stuff you find on a box and nothing crazy.
It tells you it can connect to multiple phones which is true. It auto connects which I’m
pretty sure all Bluetooth devices do. It has an audio enhancing soft mic. The audio
on this was good. I’m not really sure what an audio enhancing soft mic really does but
in the end result the sound quality really was good, both the voice that you hear and
people hearing me. Let’s go ahead and grab this. What came
inside the box, inside this plastic sleeve was of course the multi point speakerphone
here. As you can see it’s a pretty small device. Check the end of my video for the
exact dimensions and specifications for that. A visor clip that connects magnetically. I
did like this. It doesn’t matter which side you connect it to. It has a pretty strong
magnet and it has some tracks there as you see. Once you get it on, once you get it in
the middle of the tracks the magnet is really strong. You can clip this to your visor and
it’s not going to fall off. I mean maybe if you were in the middle of an earthquake
or doing some insane off-roading it might come off but you can see the magnet here is
pretty stout. I did get it to fall of there which of course we don’t like that. But
I’m pretty much shaking it as hard as I can in order to get it to do that and I’m
also shaking it up and down, left and right and it can take quite a bit more. So that
magnet is definitely on par with what I would expect as far as for clipping to your visor.
Once you clip that to your visor it’s not going to go anywhere.
It included your micro USB charger so we’ll go ahead and plug that in and make sure everything
fits well. Of course this is probably familiar. It’s just a standard USB port. You can plug
it directly into your vehicle if you have a USB port. You can chare it in a computer
or your phone power brick or whatever else but it also included this cigarette lighter
adapter (CLA) so we plug that right in and now you can either charge this through a cigarette
lighter adapter through a cigarette lighter or through USB or of course you can plug that
into a power brick. Most people do have a USB to 120 volts to make that into a wall
plug. That’s a pretty standard plug these days. So it does give you a variety of charging
options and of course we like that. So I’m going to go ahead and unplug that.
Like I said before the sound quality was really good. It does everything you would expect
of a Bluetooth speaker. It can pair to multiple devices. You basically just pair it to your
main device. I have it paired to this one and then you turn this phone off and then
pair it to a second device. It’s pretty simple. It all goes through it in these instructions.
The instructions were relatively smooth and straight forward. As long as you follow them
you’ll get to where you need to go. It goes over all the basic features. Multiple pairing,
how to use the speaker phone, how to switch between call waiting if you do have 2 phones
connected you do have to switch back and forth if you’re getting calls on both of them
at the same time and there is a little bit of learning curve there but once you figure
it out it’s very simple. Everything that you can do with your phone pretty much you
can do with this Bluetooth speaker. The buttons feel good. You see you can turn the volume
up and down. It does have a pleasant voice that goes over it. This is the pairing button
and the on and off button as well. Basically you hold this for 5 seconds and then it will
turn off. It has some beeps to let you know and it will say power off here in a second.
And then when you want to turn it on you hold on for a few seconds. If you continue to hold
this down and just wait it will eventually try to pair. See it will go ahead and ready
to pair again. I don’t want to pair it right now. So I really don’t want to go through
the whole set up since I already have it paired to 2 devices I don’t want to have to mess
with again so I’m just going to go ahead and turn it off and turn it back on so we
can go ahead and continue on. It does sound like there’s an earthquake
going on. Sorry about that but we’re going to go ahead and continue. One of the other
handy things about this is that it does have multiple language support. It supports English,
Chinese and Spanish and if you want to switch languages you just hold this down for a few
seconds. So we don’t want to do English so let’s go ahead and click it again and
it will say something in Spanish. I don’t understand Chinese but I assume that it just
asked me if that language is ok. Push it again. If you’d like to continue in Spanish please
press the call button and but my Spanish is barely touristy so I prefer English. Click
the call button and we’re going to go ahead and keep it English. But I suppose with the
rising amount of Spanish speakers around here that it would be very convenient to have it
in Spanish and also I guess it would cover your Chinese speakers as well so flexibility
is never a bad thing. But if you want to keep it in English that’s great.
It has the multiple pairing options. It has multiple languages and you could even use
the auto dial feature if you just press this button it will automatically, and you’re
not in a phone call, it will automatically bring up your Samsung menu or your talk to
speech menu so I’m going to go ahead and click that just to give you an example. Call
Angie. So you know it will go ahead, I don’t actually want to make that call. Hold on.
Wait. Stop. I don’t want to actually call anybody but I just wanted to show you that
it does in fact work and it works well. I was able to…I said order pizza and it will
bring up websites. I mean I was able to do quite a few things with it. I was impressed.
It did understand me very well so the microphone quality, the microphone is located right there
so the microphone quality was good. It took about 2 hours and 40 minutes to charge
it completely from dead to full. So that’s pretty on par with what you’d expect for
those devices. Overall I definitely give this device a thumbs up. It was worth every penny
I paid for it. I do hope you enjoyed my product review today.
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50 thoughts on “Wireless Multi-Point Bluetooth Hands-Free Speakerphone with Visor Clip (AM-BT-GC-81811-1)

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  3. When I press the green call button it connects to S Voice but when I give it a command it just times out or doesn't do anything. It looks like it should be working–it is paired correctly and shows that it hears my command but it doesn't actually do anything I tell it to do. It's not a network connection issue because I can press the S Voice button on my phone directly and say the same command and it works just fine. Any ideas? I have a Samsung Galaxy S7.

  4. Can you share the manual of the device?
    How can I turn off the load voice message: turn on, turn off, connected, disconnected.

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