Wireless screen mirroring Android to TV with Miracast

hi everyone welcome to this session of
screen mirroring tutorial where we’ll help you share your Android phone screen
to an HDTV with miracast by following the instructions shown here
you will be able to screen mirror to your TV in under three minutes your
enjoyment of your Android phone will not be restricted by the phone screen
anymore because you will be able to surf the Internet watch videos and play
games on the big screens in your living room to get you started you will need
your Android smartphone an HDTV and most importantly an EZCast angle which
acts as a wireless Miracast receiver the first step is to connect the EZCast
dongle to an HDMI port on the TV important with an external USB power
supply we strongly recommend using an external USB power supply not the USB
port from the TV to deliver a stable power to EZCast dongle select the HDMI
source connected to your EZCast dongle then you will see the home screen of EZCast you can see the EZ cast Wi-Fi network SSID shown on the home screen in
the top left corner so use your Android phone to connect to it by choosing the
Wi-Fi network and enter the password when you see the top right corner of
home screen shows one device has connected to the EZCast network you are
ready to stream mirror from your smartphone to the HD TV open the quick
settings and select Miracast to start sharing your smartphone screen
to the big screen now everything you play on the Android phone is instantly
mirrored on the HD TV you can watch your photos in portrait and in landscape mode
also watch your favorite movies and play games
if you want to learn more tips about screen mirroring Android phones to your
TV please subscribe to our channel for the latest news and tips police comment
below whether you prefer to play games or watch videos on the big screen

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