Your First Day of Work as a Software Engineer

Tomorrow. It’s my first day of the job! A
brand new step towards my brand new career. There’s so much opportunity,
there’s so much possibility! I worked so hard for this. Four years of being
trapped in the basement of the labs, two internships, studying for so many job
interviews! It all amounts to this. I wonder what tomorrow is gonna be like! Ugh, you’re so full of optimism. You think you’re gonna be able to use your knowledge from four years of school? Gimme a break. But all of our friends said
that getting internships are gonna prepare you for the job, so there’s no
way you’re gonna fail! Fail? Of course you’re gonna fail. Do you even know what you’re gonna be doing?! Of course not! Gosh, you’re so negative and I just wish you would stop. Well I’m only trying to be realistic, since they only told us so much and you can only learn so much from four years of school. OOOOOKAY, let’s back up
here and slow down. So tomorrow’s your first day of work huh? The big number one! So this conversation was what was going on in my head the day before my first
day as a professional software engineer and I’m here to ease your worries and
tell you: it’s going to be okay. Everyone has a first-day. First day of work, first day of school, first day of your life, and first day of any relationship. Everybody
starts somewhere. You’re going to have lots of firsts in your career, but this
in and of itself is a big first so you might be feeling nervous or stressed.
Well, if you’re in this tight spot right now, rest easy; Today I’m going to be
taking you through a guide of my tips and tricks to ease your mind and make
you feel super prepared for your first day of work. These tips will also help
you on other firsts and on other tough days too so feel free to use these tips
in any way that’s useful to you. We’ll be talking about two topics today: easing
those first-day jitters and also setting some expectations on what your first day
is going to be like. Ready? Let’s go.

41 thoughts on “Your First Day of Work as a Software Engineer

  1. accurate! I learned so little in school that was actually code! This brought back memories of 15 years ago. Way to encourage Mayuko!

  2. This is so helpful thanx. I’ve been following u since u started just decided to leave a comment now though 😂

  3. Hey mayuko, i have written this comment down-there on your video " I asked TECH STUDENTS on their opinions about the tech industry " ,
    but i suppose you didn't see it, please answer it, thank you.

    " I want to apply for university to study software engineering, but I've found this program in several branches which are not really related to computing or computer science, so, I've found it in the (art branch) and (IT&communications branch) and (Engineering branch), the question is; is there any difference between the provided program of software engineering in each one of these branches?

    I really need your help, please! "

    And here is the link of the program that provides the Software engineering in IT & communication branch, I hope you check it out

  4. I had this internship, 4 weeks, I have learned everything I was asked to learn, more than that, I was the most involved in the work person in your intern team.

    We had to develop a website, Spring Boot + Angular 7 + PostgreSQL. In the end of the internship the website was ready, with a few days late, but ready. It was stylish, functional, and so much work and stress was put into it. We presented the final product in front of the software engineer team and management. We were handed diplomas for going through the internship. We were proposed to send our CVs (again) after the internship to schedule a technical interview. And when the presentation was over, one of our mentors called me and repeatedly suggested to send the CV, with a promising smile. On my way home I was happy and pretty sure that I will get the job. Why wouldn't I? I have dedicated myself 150% on this project. But I didn't) Nobody in my team was invited to work in that place, because "we were suitable for the team, but we did not have enough technical skills".

  5. mayuko! your videos are awesome! but I think you're not getting the right attention and credit because you're posting a series at a time… I think you should post like 1 episode everyday or every 2 days… to give room for each video to get sufficient views 😉

  6. This is really awesome! Not only informative but also very entertaining to watch. Thanks for making this and I hope these videos get millions of views as they are amazing.

  7. THIS SERIES IS SO HELPFUL! I hope you continue sharing your wisdom and experiences with everyone! Kudos to you!

  8. Really nice videos, I subscribed already. Working as an Infrastructure Engineer but software Engineering has always been my first love. hoping to switch soon

  9. She gives nothing but kindergarden advice. My first day as a software engineer I was told to go to the store and buy the computer parts and build my computer. Notice she barely ever talks about anything that really goes on in a company. I guarantee she is one of these low output affirmative action hires. She probably is a lousy engineer. Do you really think a top quality important engineer has time to make stupid "first day" videos? Of course not

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